The Glory Has Departed

Monday, January 14, 2008

L P Cruz Got It Right

UOJ Stormtrooper Shopping for a New Taser

Cruz wanted me to correct him where he was wrong - or wondering.

I hope my blog doesn't turn into a sedes doctrinae. One typo could ruin a whole continent.

Christ died for the sins of the entire world, for all time. That Biblical truth is affirmed by all the Lutheran confessions. The alternate, wrong view is that Christ only for the elect. That view is called Five Point Calvinism, defined by TULIP. Most non-Lutheran Protestants are not true Calvinists but Arminians, like the Methodists. Very few direct heirs of Calvin are Calvinists. They are Arminians, like the late James Kennedy or Billy Graham.

The Gospel Promises move people to faith and this faith receives the forgiveness won by Christ. Preaching and teaching distribute the treasure which is the Atonement. I dislike adding words to Biblical terms. It reminds me of "my personal friend," as if a friend could not be personal, or a "very physical football team" as if some are intellectual.

Notice how the false doctrine promoted by Walther, Pieper, Valleskey, Bivens, and Pope John the Malefactor must take on different names. Thus we have General Justification, Objective Justification, and finally Universal Objective Justification. Even the UOJ Stormtroopers have confessed in writing that the Scriptures and Confessions only know justification by faith.

The clearer the passage, the more opaque the UOJ discussion becomes. 2 Corinthians 5 means simply that the Atonement has reconciled God for all time because there is only one efficacious sacrifice. Christ took on all our sins but His righteousness comes to us only through the Means of Grace - not by thinking, inward preparation, or the independent operation of the Holy Spirit.