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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Letter to the UOJ Fanatics in WELS, Missouri, the Little Sect, and the Micro-Mini Sects

Brett Meyer has left a new comment on your post "Letter to the UOJ Fanatics in WELS, Missouri, the ...":

WELS, ELS and LCMS Pastor Mark Jeske from the Time of Grace money sponge speaks for the (W)ELS, carrying the UOJ banner high with:

On the other hand, Schuller does have an important message for all public proclaimers of God’s Word. If we are not careful, our law-messages can be presented so forcefully that they stick in hearers’ minds more than our gospel-messages. We don’t want Christians’ dominant phrase of self-description to be “I am a poor, miserable sinner.” The truth is that forgiveness trumps sin, resurrection trumps death, hope trumps fear, and Christ rules. If you believe the Christian gospel, you automatically become an optimist. We can indeed do all things through him who gives us strength.

Jeske is following his Satanic Mentor Leonard Sweet in elevating man and perverting Christianity.


Dear UOJ Fanatics,

Many of you complain loudly--behind closed doors and in secret emails--about the disgusting, embarrassing, and anti-Christian antics of your group. I just want to mention that you are just as much at fault as they are, for supporting false doctrine that naturally leads to what they are doing:
  1. Hiding the name Lutheran.
  2. Hiding the sacraments.
  3. Removing the liturgy and Creeds.
  4. Plagiarizing Groeschel's sermons.
  5. Imitating the worst of the Emergent Church fads.
  6. Adulterating the Word to attract more people.
  7. Offering bad music as a replacement for sacred music.
  8. Yardwork clothes worn on the stage, which was once the chancel.
  9. Giving treats, sodas, and coffee to consume during the service.
  10. Mocking worship by dancing in front of the altar in a preaching gown.
  11. Baiting the hook, offering soccer and head-banger music if youth will pretend to engage in Bible study of some type, always imported from false teachers.
  12. Working with ELCA on religious projects.
  13. Raising money from different sects that apparently do not agree on doctrine, although they do agree on false doctrine.
  14. Funding the Salvation Army! (for the babies)
  15. Women's ordination and crypto-women's ordination...women usurping authority, teaching men, and leading worship.

You think they are the bad guys, but they are only carrying out the implications of Universal Objective Justification, which is your only doctrine and their foundational belief.

You are conservative Pietists, you complainers, while they are the liberal Pietists.

This is why. most of you in the fragments and diaspora of the Synodical Conference bow to the strange opinion of Halle professor Georg Christian Knapp. Pietism borrowed this concept from Calvinism, and Knapp wrote it into his lectures. Woods translated the golden sentences which are the core of your doctrine and practice, and that book is still in print.

I will reprint it from the copy I own. This book was already in circulation in English and German before C. F. W. Walther landed in New Orleans. And it is still in print today. UOJ is the doctrine of ELCA and the Universalists.

This is very conveniently expressed by the terms objective and subjective justification. Objective justification is the act of God, by which he proffers pardon to all through Christ; subjective, is the act of man, by which he accepts the pardon freely offered in the Gospel. The former is universal, the latter not.

Double-justification (UOJ) merges the Atonement with justification by faith, yielding a sterile mulish doctrine for mules to follow. And you do follow it. You talk fellowship, but you ignore it. You talk closed communion and wink at open communion. You condemn ELCA's gaity, but you tolerate your own college (in WELS) promoting a plagiarized gay video. You are so superior to ELCA but you work with them on religious projects and teach the same sterile mulish doctrine.

Mulish is too polite for your pursuit of forgiveness without faith. But let's go over what you love so dearly:
  1. UOJ omits the Means of Grace completely.
  2. UOJ denies original sin, with the bizarre claim that babies are born already justified, without Holy Baptism, already forgiven, without the Word.
  3. UOJ separates the Holy Spirit from the Word, making all of you adherents Enthusiasts, false teachers condemned by the Book of Concord you ignore so famously.
  4. UOJ confuses Atonement and justification by faith, pronouncing it a sin to distinguish between the two.
  5. UOJ lies about its origins, because it cannot be found before Pietism, whether in Luther, the Book of Concord, or the post-Concordists. The honest scholars admit that, but you do not.
  6. UOJ denigrates faith and often describes the order of salvation in terms of decision theology.
  7. UOJ is so derogatory toward faith that its most consistent followers, like Schleiermacher, simply drop faith and teach Universalism.
  8. UOJ uses the terms "all are saved" in many different documents, so the Universalism is already there, though hidden behind the fig-leaf of you gotta believe it.
  9. UOJ is Antinomian, teaching that the Law no longer exists, but you adherents are especially legalistic, making up more rules than the famous rabbis of old - not that the rules ever apply to you.
I know from many communications that your groups are not united in this ridiculous doctrine, perhaps because it was not made "official" until fairly recently - the Brief Statement of 1932 and the Kuske Catechism. Missouri and WELS both taught justification by faith, even though Walther and Pieper were all mixed up about it. The ELS may have true to its Norwegian Pietism and stayed where they started, in Enthusiasm. Your laity see through in the insane contradictions of UOJ, but you clergy do not. You chatter on about it, superficially repeating the talking points drilled into you. You really need to have synod-wide studies of the Book of Concord, setting aside the Roman Catholic doctrine of Holy Mother Church. Your sect is not infallible. Your leaders are not infallible. It's time:
  1. To tremble at the Word of God, instead of the footsteps of the DP.
  2. To make Luther the most copied preacher in Lutherdom - instead of Groeschel.
  3. To apologize to the laity for misleading them, exploiting them, and abusing them.
  4. To rebuke, convert, or excommunicate the false teachers.