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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Consider Catholic, Lutheran, Protestant - To Celebrate the Reformation.
Ideal for Adult and Confirmation Classes,
And for Lutheran-Roman Catholic Marriages

Available from Amazon here, and also as a Kindle e-book here.
To get the printed copy at the author's cost, email me
When I was leaving the LCA, I attended
lectures by Kurt Marquart and Robert Preus.
My wife and son were also on the campus at that time.
I began rewriting Catholic, Lutheran, Protestant some time ago, mostly to improve the style and remove typos. The format and content are the same, except Norma Boeckler has added more of her artwork to the book. She designed the beautiful cover.

This is the third edition. One advantage of using Amazon is the lowered cost of the books, compared to Lulu (where people had to wait for discounts). The author's cost is only $6, which I charge when people want multiple copies sent to them to use as gifts or for church study. Since I am under the pan-Lutheran ban for being a Lutheran, I do not expect great sales, which depend on publishing house distribution and promotion. Instead, it is part of our congregation's evangelism and doctrinal study efforts.

The low author's cost makes it easy to send books to various libraries and individuals. The initials after my name stand for Every Day Low Prices, which I borrowed from Walmart.

The retail cost is much higher because Amazon keeps a chunk of it - only $5 is included for profit.

Catholic, Lutheran, Protestant has been used all over Lutherdom - for study, for adult classes, and for confirmation. Christian News (LCMS) and Northwestern Publishing House (WELS) have both promoted the book. Professor John Brug suggested it to his students.

Another reason for re-publishing the book is the Kindle edition. If people want to search a book and quote it with the citation, e-books are great. I use them all the time for gardening. Kindle books are portable for all devices.

I wrote the book to explain differences and agreements among Catholics, Lutherans, and Protestants. I used the vast resources of a Vatican owned seminary in Columbus, Ohio to verify Roman Catholic doctrine. My database of quotations was useful in documenting what denominations taught - in their words.

Our family has always sought out opportunities to learn from others, so this book is a bridge between the old days of Seminex and Vatican II in the old days and our current doctrinal situation.

Some figures I have known, met, heard speak, or studied under include:
Dr. Jack Preus +
Dr. Robert Preus +
Pastor Klemet Preus +
Dr. David Scaer +
Dr. Ralph Bohmann +
Pastor Herman Otten
Professor Kurt Marquart +
Professor David Scaer
LCA President Robert Marshall +
LCA President James Crumley +
ELCA President Herb Chilstrom
Cardinal Mindszenty +
Paul Y. Cho - now David Cho
Billy Graham
D. James Kennedy +
Rick Warren
Roland Bainton +
Paul L. Holmer +
Stanley Hauerwas
Nils Dahl +
Frank Fiorenza
Elisabeth Schussler-Fiorenza
John Howard Yoder +
Otto Heick +
Professor Friedrich

The + marks those who have passed into the next life, most of those on the list.

 Norma Boeckler was kind enough to provide more of her artwork
and new covers for the book.