Friday, April 8, 2011

Missouri Is Still Selling Their Old Catechism - Not Gausewitz, but JBFA, and KJV

KJV  Luther's Small Catechism - 1943 Translation
look inside

KJV Luther's Small Catechism - 1943 Translation

by Luther
Item #: 221207WEB / 1968 / Hardback / 221 Pages
Availability: In Stock

A handbook of Christian doctrine, this edition of the catechism includes the Six Chief Parts and a short explanation of Martin Luther's Small Catechism with chapters on the Bible and Law and Gospel. Uses the King James Version of the Bible.


GJ - I have ordered this catechism, so I will describe it when it comes. One reader says that no editor is listed for it. Only justification by faith is mentioned.

But I thought UOJ was taught ever since Adam ate the apple!