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Monday, May 19, 2014

Printed Books and E-Books - From Norma Boeckler - On
Low-Cost Kindle E-Books

Norma Boeckler published a selection of her many expressions of art.

I've had the pleasure of following and purchasing Norma's artwork over the years for both myself and others. Her publication features some of the most beautiful pieces she's created yet truly only scratches the surface of her entire body of work. Norma is a gifted artist and illustrator, and this book is a treasure my family and I will enjoy for many years to come. Momisunami


'The Art of Norma Boeckler,' is a beautiful compilation of the paintings, pen and ink illustrations, and jewelry created by this talented artist. Her mastery of watercolor is clearly seen in her varied subject matters - flowers, butterflies, birds, abstracts, rugs, etc. The book is well-illustrated, capturing the vibrant colors in her original paintings. My favorite paintings are The Red Poppy (p. 3), Hummingbird (p. 27), Pears Delight (p. 41), and Pal (p. 65). I love the way Norma gives us a glimpse into the inspiration behind her artwork and the fun family facts woven throughout.

Although Norma specializes in watercolor paintings, her pen and ink drawings and hand-crafted jewelry allow you to see that her artistic abilities go far beyond the canvas. I appreciate the fact that Norma uses her artwork to honor and glorify the Lord. In the artist's own words, "The Lord has given each and every one of us a talent and we show our appreciation to Him, by using that talent to His glory." Maria Morgan


The Art of Norma Boeckler, by Norma Boeckler, glorifies God by using her talent and skills to show us God's Creation and His revelation of grace in the Sacred Scriptures. Bethany Lutheran Church and all those connected with us through the blog, Internet worship, and books enjoy her art in many forms.

Norma loves to create religious art, but she pursues many avenues of expression. She seems to have unlimited abilities. In Japan, she learned about enameled jeweled. She studied Photoshop and Dreamweaver. She made special paper for her artwork. One has to wonder what she has not done.

Every art lover should own this book, because this volume collects Norma's work and displays it in various categories. The contents include:
1. Flowers
2. Butterflies
3. Birds
4. Still life
5. Landscapes
6. Portraits
7. Abstracts
8. Marine life
9. Rug paintings
10. Jewelry
11. Religious Books Illustrated

I am happy to add that her artwork has enhanced many graphics I created to emphasize Biblical verses, doctrinal statements, and Lutheran hymns. Her creations are shared in blogs and on Facebook, so many people have had a chance to comment on the beauty and design of her work.

Therefore, this book is only a glimpse of Norma Boeckler's work, and she continues at a rapid pace. I suggest this as a gift for adults and children, for all ages, because there is so much to delight the senses.

Among my favorites are the bird paintings, which capture the movement and charm of God's choir. Every morning they sing Matins, not knowing where their next meal will come from, as Martin Luther observed.

Norma enjoyed developing this book, and we are all grateful she devoted so much time to it. Our copy is a keepsake. Gregory L. Jackson


Norma's book of her artwork is a direct reflection of her personality! The book is vibrant, versatile, and lovely... just like her!

We are glad to know her, and we Love the piece of her artwork that graces our home ... titled Dragonflies. Marian Bliss

Favorite quotations illustrated by Norma Boeckler's art.
Norma Boeckler is a delightful person with an endless supply of artistic talent. I encouraged her to try Photoshop, which is a dream for every artistic person. She took lessons and quickly became proficient, thanks to her energetic nature and artistic eye.

If readers wonder why my Photoshops have improved, her advice is the reason why. I cannot match her ability, but I am happy to take her advice.

The best part of her sharing is her ability to display the message of the Christian faith to people around the world, enjoying the painstaking labor and rejoicing in its spread. Some Lutherans should stop and think about how much Gospel has been spread for no additional cost when they believe than money is the Means of Grace, the sine qua non of effective evangelism.

A Treasury of Inspirational Quotations by Norma Boeckler

Midland, Michigan has already hosted a promotion for this new book, and Gibbs Garden in Atlanta is doing the same. Norma has won many awards for her art and traveled to Japan to show her work. She has been active in local artistic groups in Michigan, a vocation that began when she was a young girl.

This book features fourteen thematic sections:

Jesus is Our Savior.
Jesus is Our Lord.
Jesus is Love.
Jesus Forgives.
Jesus is Our Righteousness.
Jesus is Our Confidence.
Jesus Our Help When in Trouble.
Obedience to God.
Faith in God.
Holy Spirit.
Return of Christ.

Norma uses Scripture passages from the English Luther Bible - the King James Version. And she quotes from The Lutheran Hymnal, which has not been equaled in over 70 years - not that anyone has tried very hard.

The combination of Christian art and classic sources is a treasury, available in print and also as an e-book.

Since this is a visual book, I am going to post a number of examples on this page. They are some of my favorites.

Who would want to own this book?

This volume would be welcomed by young and old alike, because it honors Aristotle's dictum to edify and delight. Drawings and photographs dominate the space, but they are united with hymns and the Scriptures. I can picture grandparents and grandchildren enjoying the book equally. All ages, laity and pastors, will appreciate the spirit and design of this volume.

When someone wonders what kind of special gift to give someone, for a birthday, anniversary, or confirmation, this will work out well. If they have faith, they will welcome the message. If they are spiritually inert, they will be drawn to the beauty of the work and perhaps stay for the message of the efficacious Word. Gregory L. Jackson


I have come to realize over the years that my faith is expressed through the words of familiar hymns and Bible verses. In times of happiness, in times of sorrow, in times of stress, in times of peace lyrics and and long ago memorized Bible passages give me strength and hope. This book, A Treasury of Inspirational Quotes, is an amazing visual representation of my inner thoughts and religious faith. The combination of the photography and the detailed drawings paint an incredible guide and reference as a daily devotional. It can be read straight through or the table of contents helps to direct the reader to individual interests or needs. The book makes a great gift for a friend or an addition to your own library. Mary Parsons Caisley


This is one of the most beautiful and inspiring books I have read in ages. The pictures, art work and all the quotes are wonderful. I have Norma Boeckler's first book and enjoyed it just as much
Alicia Meyer


A beautiful compilation of Bible verses, photography, and hymns, A Treasury of Inspirational Quotes is a book that points the reader to the Creator. Norma Boeckler pairs inspiring scripture passages with lovely outdoor scenery that keeps the reader turning the pages. A wonderful addition to any library. Maria Morgan

My Lutheran Hymnal  - hymn texts arranged by era and by author.


The Augsburg Confession - illustrated by Norma Boeckler. In production now.

Catholic, Lutheran, Protestant - illustrated by Norma Boeckler. Editing new version.

Over the Horizon -

Metamorphosis: Murder in Millionaires Row (apologetic novel)

Luther Quotations - Collected but still to be finalized.

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