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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wendland - TELL Begun To Promote the Cause of Church Growth

"The publication TELL ('The Evangelism Life Line') has been inaugurated to promote the cause of church growth."
Ernst H. Wendland, "Church Growth Theology," Wisconsin Lutheran Quarterly, April, 1981, 78, p. 105.


GJ - The graduates of the 1980s are the WELS leaders of today. They have kept their silence about Church Growth. As a body, they love Universal Objective Justification, because it opens the door to everything. Moreover, UOJ is so complicated and self-contradictory that its own advocates do not understand it.

Joel Gerlach and Ernest Wendland were probably the first Mequon professors of Church Growth. Gerlach admitted in a letter to Herman Otten that he studied at Fuller Seminary.