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Monday, December 13, 2010

Introduction - The Church of the Lutheran Confession - On UOJ

"I blush because you blush at justification by faith alone."

The Church of the Lutheran Confession (sic) is even worse than WELS in its doctrinal discernment. Proof comes from the following essay.

The opening salvo on Romans 5:12ff. takes issue with Luther--see this post--without bothering to identify the conflict. Stranger than that, Blank uses clear justification by faith passages to defend his initial assertion about universal forgiveness without faith.

The underlying theme, popping up like a muskrat in a creek, diminishes faith. Blank finds faith as number three on a list, so the Book of Concord is another UOJ document.

Fulminating UOJ advocates concede three essentials:
  1. Justification in the New Testament means justification by faith - exclusively.
  2. The Book of Concord only teaches justification by faith.
  3. General Justification, Objective Justification, and Universal Objective Justification are terms that came up late in the life of Lutheranism.

The Blank essay is nonsense, from beginning to end, revealing no grasp of the Holy Spirit working through the Word to convey God's grace to us.

CLC UOJ Essay - Pages 1-4.