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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Age of Management by Lying, by Silence, by Theft and Deception

Historic St. John Lutheran Church, on 8th and Vliet in Milwaukee,
was stolen by WELS and Jeske pals.
No one answered how they justified this theft of property and endowment,
and now WELS is running the so-called congregation they kicked out.

When St. John Lutheran Church, independent of any synod, was going to put their services on the Internet, a law firm and two members locked out the pastor, took over the parsonage, grabbed the endowment fund, and shut down the congregation. Here are the details of the theft of St. John Lutheran Church.

This was not some country parish, but the mother church of WELS and an important one for the Synodical Conference. Suddenly, the church is open for business again, with an ex-pastor of WELS in charge, all the resources links on its web page pointing to WELS. No explanation. No apology. When I posted a link to a Facebook page, the FB friend removed it (typical WELS) and the celebration of St. John the Newly Reopened continued.

I heard the thieves recently gave back boxes and boxes of Pastor Kevin Hastings' personal effects. Why do church leaders support theft?

My previous post on a St. John's group went like this:

I read a post that St. John's will be open for a few hours on a Saturday. Anybody know anything?

The answer was - the church would be open a few hours for a Milwaukee event - Open Doors Milwaukee. Heavy irony indeed, since the doors were locked and the church was darkened, thanks to the work of the Jeske Mob.

They closed the St. John Lutheran Church for Holy Week and Easter in 2013, keeping it closed until - voila! - everything resumed under new management, two years later.

Who is Pastor Roger Drews? Who called him to take over the congregation? We all know WELS is a lawless, abusive sect, but this really sets a record.


Since SP Mark Schroeder does not even respond to a certified letter, after signing the receipt, I am not going to write a letter. Nor should anyone else bother.

WELS-ELS-LCMS leaders.

LCMS Started with Lies, Abuse, and Theft
There is a precedent, the beginning of the Synodical Conference. After serving as Bishop Martin Stephan's hatchet man, CFW Walther organized a riot that came down from St. Louis to  Perryville, threatened the bishop, stole his land, books, and gold, and forced him by gunpoint to leave Missouri for Illinois.

The Synodical Conference cut their teeth on lying by replaying this series of felonies as a noble Reformer (Walther) suddenly finding out Stephan was an adulterer (ha!) and giving the horrid man several options. They still tell those lies in Perryville at the various Walther shrines -and people believe it. 

There was no Saxon Migration until Stephan was suspended, his career over in Germany, for immorality and misuse of funds. See Zion on the Mississippi for details. His lawyers were Marbach and Vehse, the principal lay leaders of the sect when they sailed to America. Nobody knew? When Sephan took long walks in the woods in the middle of the night - with young women - nobody knew?

Why is everyone laughing?
I know - you keep paying for this.

Management by Lying, by Silence, by Theft and Deception
Our society has followed the ecclesiastics in Don't Ask, Don't Tell management. 

The Stalinism found in so many corporations can easily be found in denominations. Do you have a question? You're fired. You are not a team player. You are not loyal. You are the reason we are falling apart. Shun the evildoer. Shun. Shun.

How else can anyone explain the descent of all the mainline denominations--especially the Lutherans--from basic Biblical beliefs to widespread apostasy, endowed seminaries teaching rationalism, and the routine theft of church properties?

I often post Episcopalian articles because the abuse is out in the open with Presiding Bishop Schori and the tranquil traditionalists are in full rebellion against her. Active bishops took their diocese out of the denomination and fought the thieves in court, often losing, but recently winning - South Carolina.

The mainlines have marched back into the Rationalism of the 18th Century - the Enlightenment. If it cannot be explained by human reason, forget it. Anyone who believes the Bible is a crackpot and not to be trusted.

According to studies...

"Have you done a self-study of your congregation? Gather all the statistics and we will use your metrics to revitalize your congregation." Metrics are instruments, but some of us remember when the only instruments were the Instruments of Grace, the Means of Grace, the Word and Sacraments.

As the chairman of the board of Seminex, the first gay Lutheran seminary,
Jungkuntz called himself Old School. He prospered, moving from WELS
to LCMS, from LCMS to AELC and the ALC.