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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Now in Full Color - The Faith of Jesus: Against the Faithless Lutherans.
Kindle Edition Is Portable and Only $6

Kindle Online Book Ordering

The Kindle Edition of The Faith of Jesus: Against the Faithless Lutherans can be purchased here for $6.

For the next few months -

Those with Kindle Unlimited can download The Faith of Jesus: Against the Faithless Lutherans


The Holy Trinity Revealed in Scriptures for free. Kindle Unlimited costs $10 a month. They charge me too, so I will give that offer a try.

Ordering the Print Version

Ordering the Print Version of The Faith of Jesus, Illustrated in Color by Norma Boeckler

The retail price of the color edition is $28.03 but my cost is only $11.00. Note that most of the difference is kept by Amazon. If you want multiple copies of the book, contact me and I will send it at the author's discount.

Brett Meyer constantly encouraged me to
write about justification by faith and against UOJ.
Since then others have joined the effort to restore
the Biblical doctrines and study of the Reformation leaders.

The purpose of all this publishing is not to make money. Prices are kept as low as possible, and every title is given away as a free PDF.

The purpose is to broadcast the Word of God and energize the study of Luther's doctrine. If he is indeed the greatest expositor of the Scriptures, we should all be the most attentive students of his work.

The Reformation was God's response to centuries of abuse and corruption in the Church of Rome. They added works to faith and then told everyone, "You are still going to suffer for centuries in a mini-Hell we borrowed from the pagans and called Purgatory. But Mary will visit your suffering order her Son to give you a little grace, earned by your friends and family on earth. We know this is true, because the infallible Pope revealed it to us."

Luther's circle included a group of genius-level workers who supported and enlarged the work of the Reformation. After Luther's death, Roman Catholic persecution and doctrinal uncertainties caused divisions. God raised up another genius group to unite the Evangelicals, as they were called then, in one common confession - The Formula of Concord and The Book of Concord, 1580. Martin Chemnitz, Andreae, Chytraeus, and several others fashioned this wonderful book of spiritual wisdom to show their confession of faith was true to the Scriptures and the Apostolic Era.

Given these undisputed facts, shouldn't we be keen to apply ourselves to Luther's sermons and the Book of Concord, forsaking the bilge and Dreck of the Pietists?