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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Write a Letter? Ha!

Play Whack-a-Mole. Write a letter!
Get whacked!

I think letter writing in WELS is a joke. The letters either get shredded or put in the local recycle trash bin.
Either way they are ignored and worse yet the folks writing the letters are put on the hit list, if you will.
Maybe the only thing left is someone standing up at a district or better yet the national convention. If that person is told to sit down then we will see if anyone else in attendance has a spine to stand up also. Just a thought.

I like the pictures on Ichabod. The animals you show are so funny. It does remind one of how people act.

[This source is so deep undercover that his code name is in hexadecimal - 29a.]


twissted_sisster has left a new comment on your post "WELS To Ask Jeske - "Is You Is or Is You Ain't?"":

The Time of Grace logo says 'Straight Talk. Real Hope.'
My real hope is that just once we'd get some straight talk from our synod officials on exactly what is going on synod-wide. There are so many issues that need to be addressed. No more behind the scenes actions. No more 'so and so is looking into it'. No more waiting.

The time has come for some pastors or teachers to be confronted publicly. But what is the delay? These matters should be urgent! Sound the alarm and wake up! We're losing ground with every day that goes by. Our church is slipping away from us right before our eyes. The leadership is lax, many pastors are unwilling to do their jobs, and the laypeople are getting restless.

I, for one, as lifelong member of WELS, am ready to jump ship. What can we do? To whom should we take our concerns? My real hope is that this Synod will be led back to a truly conservative and confessional Lutheran church body and the rascals in opposition to it will marked and avoided, not elevated and promoted. Unfortunately my real hope is waning.


GJ - I was told, "Write a letter!" about Columbus, and I also spoke directly to everyone involved, only to hear a bunch of lies. My letters to DP Robert Mueller were not even acknowledged - until I copied everyone in Creation and the ELS President, George Orvick.

I wrote and spoke about the false doctrine of Church Growth and the Michigan District's support of an adulterous fake pastor. That was 20+ years ago. Church Growth has morphed into New Age Emergent Church plagiarism. The fake pastor is still in Columbus, because WELS and the ELS supported him and got him a new call.

As 29a said, letter writing will only put someone on the WELS hit list. Perhaps that was misspelled. No, not that word. The hate list. WELS really knows how to hate on anyone who tells the truth.

I recently sent a registered letter to three WELS pastors. All three were signed for, including the one I sent SP Schroeder. He finally admitted he received the letter, months later. He did not respond to the letter itself. Neither did the two WELS pastors.

So write a letter. Join the hit list.

This letter saw no definitive action in one whole year, except Pastor Ski taught Satan's Sex Ed (Groeschel again) to the whole community in pan-denominational effort.