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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Got My Gausewitz, Original Recipe, Today.
The UOJ Fraud Is Beginning To Unravel

Students at The Sausage Factory are forbidden to read this post. They are forgidden to read the justification by faith quotations, in their slug list for dog class, because the orthodox quotations are "misleading," according to the faculty there. 
Mequon students, you are paying these clowns to teach you such garbage?

My Gausewitz catechism, 1943, came in the mail today. It cost me about $10 and had 10cents marked on the cover. Nice mark-up!

The volume is compact, easy to read, and still in excellent condition. Nothing is said about Gausewitz. The emphasis is upon the Small Catechism of Luther, upon Biblical quotations in the second part to support each section.

WELS had not laid their corrupting hands on the text yet, although I hear that the "improved" version is not bad. I have one of those ordered too.

I will do a more detailed discussion later. I can find no hint of UOJ in this edition.

Readers may recall my pilgrimage to Kokomo, Indiana, where I talked to the two families kicked out of WELS for believing in justification by faith and rejecting UOJ.

Pastor Papenfuss admitted to his members that he had never heard of UOJ until he reached the seminary at Mequon (aka The Sausage Factory). That testimony is consistent with the Gausewitz catechism teaching everyone justification by faith until the David Kuske UOJ catechism replaced it in 1982. Nice switcheroo and fraud, Mequonites. The members who remained faithful to Luther and the Bible were kicked out, while the Shrinker UOJ Enthusiasts were promoted, praised, and protected.

I have posted his class photo below, so people can see the vast amount of UOJ propaganda forced upon the innocent in those days. Look at the faculty members - UOJ Stormtrooper generals! The dregs of the Shrinkers came from the same class - no shock at all.

Mark in Yellow and Avoid

Students Papenfuss, Manthey, and Curia have been UOJ advocates, 
along with David, Kuske, Sig Becker and A. Panning as faculty cheerleaders for UOJ. 
Joel Gerlach was an early CG Enthusiast, studying at Fuller Seminary, but writing about fellowship principles in the parochial school. 
Students Mark Jeske, Elton Stroh, Robert Schumann (now an atheist), Richard Starr, Mark Braun, and James Wittt are all  known Shrinkers.