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Saturday, November 5, 2011

C. F. W. Walther - The 200th Anniversary Deception.
WELS Member Asks for a Walther Icon.


Narrow-minded Lutheran has left a new comment on your post "C. F. W. Walther - The 200th Anniversary Deception...":

What is really confusing is the melding of two heresies. We were all forgiven at the cross(Universalism), yet we have to make a decision to accept it (Arminianism). What's wrong with Scripture and BOC? Christ atoned for the world's sin at the cross. The Holy Ghost gives the sinner Faith in the Gospel through Word and Sacrament. It's no wonder the Synodical Conference is imploding. They call themselves Lutherans, yet practice Crypto-Calvinism, Arminianism, and Anabaptism.


GJ - Narrow-minded, when someone understands the efficacy of the Word in the Means of Grace, these deviations stand out like a bug moving in a bowl of raspberries and cream.

This amalgamation of heresies shows that:
  • Basic education in Lutheran doctrine is missing, all the way up to the leadership levels.
  • The clergy are only being attracted to like-minded individuals - Pietists like Groeschel and Andy Stanley, Babtists like Rick Warren, Universalists like Leonard Sweet.
  • Those initiated in the UOJ cult are almost invulnerable to exegesis and the Confessions, since they always start with Huber/Knapp/Wallther assumptions. That seems to be the core of seminary training, except for "We are the greatest and most orthodox Lutheran synod ever. Repeat. We are the greatest and most orthodox Lutheran body ever. Repeat."

AC V has left a new comment on your post "C. F. W. Walther - The 200th Anniversary Deception...":

Regardless of which proof texts are used, the question is: "Do you have/own/possess the forgiveness of your sins without faith?" UOJ says, "Yes, but it doesn't do you any good unless you have faith" Scripture and the BoC says, "No, you do not have/own/possess the forgiveness of your sins except by faith alone through the gospel in Word and Sacrament."

The UOJ-er would say, "We have Subjective Justification, so what's the big deal?" The big deal is that when UOJ is emphasized over so-called Subjective Justification, which UOJ always does because it is considered in WELS to be THE gospel, then either you have confusion because of the terms or more likely - and this is what we're seeing - heretical practices that turn the sacraments into ordinances (i.e. "we're just remembering the forgiveness that Christ gave us on the cross 2,000 years ago") and the Ministry of the Keys into powerless words (i.e. "an unbeliever locks himself out of heaven" [Oct. 6, 2011 Meditations devotion] and "you must forgive your unrepentant, abusive husband because Jesus did a la UOJ.")


GJ - In every case - Richard Jungkuntz as the prime example - justification without faith becomes the Gospel, God's grace, and all things bright and beautiful.

Jungkuntz, who feared the loss of UOJ in WELS, dishonestly promoted the historical-critical method at Northwestern College, moved on to Springfield and the LCMS doctrinal board for the same mission, and chaired the first gay seminary in America - Seminex, the official seminary for the Metropolitan Community Church. They even had a homosexual professor - Deppe.

The Seminex professors moved to the Lutheran School of Theology (ELCA) in Chicago, making it even more radical.

People need to understand the beginnings of UOJ and also where it ends up.


LutherRocks has left a new comment on your post "C. F. W. Walther - The 200th Anniversary Deception...":

I was wondering if you guys felt the earthquake up your way. They said it was felt in Joplin.

Seems things are getting worse at HW too. A member who solos there frequently and who has not shunned me on FB posted a vid of what he will be singing today. The song is crocked full of works and decision theology.


 LPC said...
Quiet WELsian et. al.

The issue is not grammer etc. We are discussing my comment at the Real Icahabod. It will be to your advantage to skip the ad hominem on Dr. Jackson. That is, if you want to take the high moral ground for which you criticise him for having less.

I do not check my grammar most times because when I comment, a.) I am usually in a hurry b.) I only check my grammar if I am writing a paper for an international conference etc. There I have no choice but to waste time in that exercise.

The real issue is this God does not merely passively foreknow that he will create faith in us, but he makes a decision to predestine us from the foundation of the world as Ephesian says. He cannot have passive knowledge of something he will do, since he must actively decides to cause faith in the believer

Then you can answer my question , on what basis does God predestine a person, is it according to Decree?

A simple yes or no will do.

Personally, I believe that Walther and Waltherians made a serious blunder in engaging in predestinarian controversy that was present during Walther's era.

Also It is clear to me that you are not very familiar with his (Walther's)theology. I would encourage you to read the man on your own and not listen to Jackson on him or anything else for that matter

I have read and re-read his Law and Gospel and I have read his essays. I do not care if I have not read all of his work, I am satisfied that in what I have read I have compelling evidence that he was a.) responsible for the synodical fragmentation of Lutheranism in USA, b.) He was a Huberite and a quasi-Universalist, c.) He absolutely was not familiar that Calvinism is not only an ism - it is actually a rational paradigm in which he fell.

Walther and Waltherians are actually Calvinistic in paradigm. The Calvinism sneaked in through Pietism. That is my contention about you UOJers.

So let me cut to the chase that I might understand your position

What do you teach is the basis of predestination? Does God predestine people according to his decree?