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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Jerry's Kids: From Penn State to the State Pen.
Institutional Cover-Ups in the SynConference and Catholicism:

Penn State
Most people realize that Penn State knew all about Defensive Coach Jerry Sandusky using his boys' charity to find, befriend, and rape boys. Penn State knew for at least 20 years. One account said that Sandusky still had an office in the athletic building until he was arrested. Here are some notables in the scandal, including a prosecutor who completely disappeared from the face of the earth. And so did his hard drive.

Many think Sandusky's predation was only part of a child prostitution ring. A similar one was broken up in New Haven, Connecticut, in 1973. The ring-leader was a Disciples of Christ staffer at their Ecumenical Continuing Education Center.

Where do the photos and videos come from, the ones that WELS staffer Joel Hochmuth was swapping with like-minded friends all over the Net? They come from boys being raped by predators like Sandusky.

Here is an article about Penn State's liability.

The cardinal sins before dying.
Bevilacqua shredded evidence of his priests' abuse of children.

Roman Catholics World-wide
The Church of Rome was known for moving predator priests around in 1987. The headlines began, but nothing much was done, except for punishing those who opposed it. The survivors began networking and putting together the facts. Enormous lawsuits were settled, and yet the same stories continue.

Clearly the Roman attitude is - a priest can do no wrong, and and a bishop is just plain infallible. Stories have erupted about Roman Catholic churches and institutions where children were preyed upon without ceasing. Any attempt to stop the criminal behavior is met with denial, silence. That continues to be Roman Catholic policy.

The Catholic bishops have engaged in some face-saving tactics, but the lawsuits and criminal trials continue. The latest to be convicted is a monsignor. The Very Reverend Monsignor Lynn was in charge of clergy appointments, so he was very much like a WELS or LCMS District Pope. His cardinal shredded incriminating documents, which is the policy of Missouri Synod District Popes. Some might call that felony obstruction of justice, but the prelates--whether Lutheran or Catholic--consider it good business.

When the Boston situation erupted, the man in charge of covering up for predatory priests, Cardinal Law, was promoted to Rome. Some say that vast numbers of clergy records are now stored in the Vatican, a sovereign state immune to subpoena from the US.

Father Maciel, Legion of Christ founder, never lost his popularity with Pope John Paul II, because his order was so lucrative in raking in the dough - $20 billion in assets. Maciel molested boys in the charity that he began (like Sandusky), fathered two children with one lady, and also abused one of his sons. He abused drugs, too.

Sandusky is preparing for a busman's holiday in prison.
Paterno met his Maker already.

SynConference Lutherans
The LCMS and WELS are as dishonest and abusive as the Roman Catholics, without the excuse of celibacy vows. Of course, the ELS follows behind, no different but statistically irrelevant.

When I made that point in Christian News, WELS SP Mark Schroeder immediately forced an apology from Herman Otten. The occasion was my review of Randy Engel's Rite of Sodomy, volume I, about Roman Catholic predators.

After the forced apology, the Joel Hochmuth scandal erupted, with the Director of Communications arrested by the FBI for file-swapping the most vile, disgusting graphics anyone could imagine. The Love Shack might well be compared to the Vatican during the reign of the Borgia popes.

SNAP said:

TMJ4 reports that Waukesha police arrested Joel Hochmuth, Director of Communications for the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod, for reports of child pornography. The FBI cyber crime task force determined that child pornography was being downloaded by someone inside of Hochmuth’s residence.

Hochmuth is expected to appear in court today as Waukesha detectives continue to search the hard drives of his computers for additional evidence of child pornography.  We applaud the efforts of the FBI and the Waukesha Police Department in their efforts to keep our children safe.

The President of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod, Mark Schroeder, told TMJ4 that “this is not in keeping with the Joel Hochmuth he knows.  And he is praying it is all some kind of misunderstanding”.

Although this sentiment may be understandable because the Synod President appears to be a friend and colleague of Hochmuth, it is important to keep in mind, as we are again learning from the recent developments at Penn State University, that those who prey on children are often respected members of the community.  Friends, neighbors, and colleagues often find it impossible to believe that someone they know and respect could be capable of causing harm to a child.  It is important to remember that most child predators are not lurking in the bushes; they are people who have often gained the trust and admiration of parents and their children.

If the charges against Hochmuth turn out to be credible it is important to know what steps the Synod President, Mark Schroeder, is going to implement to protect children.  Schroeder should immediately notify the congregations of the Synod of the charges that have been made against Hochmuth.  He should explain to his members and to the community how reports of sexual misconduct are handled by the Synod.  In addition Schroeder should reach out to his members and encourage them to report any suspicions they have of possible misconduct by Hochmuth to law enforcement officials.

Missouri Synod leaders encouraged Darwin Schauer - a known, convicted sex predator to enter its alternative (drive-by) pastor program and take a small parish, where he molested again. When the facts came out, SP Harrison ordered silence and its ovine pastors silenced themselves. The Steadfast Lutherans care more about Holy Mother Missouri than they do the children in their own denomination. Silence and forgetting makes it go away.

SNAP wrote:

SNAP blasts LCMS officials, calls for criminal investigation

It is deplorable that Darwin Schauer was hired as a pastor when officials knew that he had abused children in the past. Charges of negligence should be brought against these officials for placing this predator in a situation where he easily could – and did – abuse another child. We hope that justice will be served for the newest victim of this predator. 

We applaud Rev. Don Kirchner for taking the fight to the LCMS church and district officials and getting to the truth of this situation. Yet Kirchner should not be acting alone; law enforcement officials should be investigating to see what laws, if any, were broken when these officials hired a known sex offender and put him around children. We hope that anyone – whether involved with the LCMS church or not – who may have any knowledge of Schauer’s crimes or the complicity of LCMS church and district officials (such as District President Don Fondow) to immediately report what they have seen, suspected, or suffered to police.

Read the story here:

Darwin Schauer is still in LCMS worker directory on 24 June 2012: 

Here are two articles about Schauer:

Schauer story: part 1 of 2

Schauer story: part 2 of 2:

Places mentioned in above article:

         from: Blackduck, MN to: Lake George, MN

David Scaer, Concordia Seminary, Ft.  Wayne

Paul Scaer, once a Missouri pastor, is  named in a lawsuit that was sent to me.
Paul has met his maker, too. He died of AIDS as an ELCA member.

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