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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Lutherdom's Major Crime List

Not a joke - DP Ed Werner went to state prison,
but somehow WELS did not consider that news
for the membership and pastors.

How To Recognize an Abusive Cult

The first Lutheran Crime Watch list got too long, so this second one will help fill in the gaps.

Murders by Church Workers

Al Just
Arizona WELS High School teacher Al Just was convicted of murdering his wife with a steak knife in their conjugal bed. The president of Martin Luther College (WELS) was a character witness for Al Just. A busload of loyal WELSbots arrived to support Al at his trial in Phoenix. He confessed his crime to a relative, but his pals overlook that fact.

Al married his children's baby-sitter, suggesting a motive. Later his second wife divorced Al when he scared her half to death.  Al served a few years in prison and was later seen with a WELS youth group. Many WELS clergy continue to claim Al was totally innocent, and besides, he served his time.

Pastor William Tabor
Tabor was serving Salem in Milwaukee when his mistress shot his wife - in the parsonage. In spite of these damning facts, Tabor never served a day in prison. The Milwaukee Police Chief was very sorry, upon retiring, that Tabor got away. According to WELS apologists, Tabor already had a call to Escanaba when his wife was murdered. He went to Escanaba anyway and served there for a period of time - as pastor. Tabor was already known for messing around in Cape Girardeau, where he was the pastor of Scriptural Lutheran Church (LCR, but now ELS) and then at a WELS congregation he started when things got hot for him at Scriptural. WELS received plenty of mail from Scriptural about not taking Tabor into the ministerium, but they did not care. Update - he now living in Texas.

Carl Mischke's long-time friend and NW Lutheran editor said, "The police came and asked for Tabor's file. And it was empty!" I wonder who destroyed the evidence in a murder investigation - obstruction of justice is a felony, even among "guilt-free saints."

WELS High School Principal Molested a Minor Girl, Exposed Himself
Derek Vanderheyden admitted the crime.
Principal arrested for molesting and exposing himself to student in Citrus County. 2008

Valerie Boey, Beverly Hills, Florida
 -- According to deputies, former principal Derek Vanderheyden is accused of molesting and exposing himself to one of his students. 

Citrus County sheriff's spokesperson Gail Tierney says it happened on several occasions, “She's a 15-year-old girl and he's a 38-year-old man and given the relationship between school and students this obviously is a criminal offense.”

Grand Theft - Church Property and Endowment - St. John Milwaukee

One has to hand it to Mark Jeske, Mark Schroeder, and Kevin Hastings (ex-WELS). The first two let a series of illegal moves take the property away, lock out the pastor, and steal the endowment fund. Hastings gets credit for doing absolutely nothing, though warned early and urged to get legal help.

Now the two members who did this with the help of Mark Jeske's pals are petitioning to join WELS.
Has Scott Barefoot been alerted? Richard Starr? Sam Birner?

Going back a few years, the WELS DP Rutschow tossed Pastor Kevin Hastings out of the WELS ministerium and then removed the congregation as well. How ironic that an ex-WELS pastor showed up to take over, someone I believe is now ELCA. The guy even stole my Photoshops of St. John - does the thievery ever stop?

How About a Gang Rape by a WELS Pastor and His Friends?

WELS Pastor Dave Wendt threatened
a young woman with gang rape.
A Lutheran pastor in Wisconsin reportedly resigned Tuesday after an email threatening to gang-rape an anti-police blogger was linked to his personal account.
The Rev. David Wendt of First Evangelical Lutheran Church in La Crosse submitted his resignation to the church council, a day after blogger Claire Van Fossen posted the email on social media, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.
Lee Hitter, a spokesman for the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod, said Mr. Wendt told synod President Mark Schroeder that he didn’t send the threatening email but admitted the email address the message was sent from did belong to him, the Journal Sentinel reported.
Mr. Hitter said the reverend asked the Onalaska Police Department’s cyber crimes unit to investigate, the newspaper said.
Ms. Van Fossen, a liberal Milwaukee blogger, said she received a wave of threatening emails following a blog post on JSOnline that claimed police departments do “more harm than good.”
Wendt is gone from the main websty but still in the posted newsletters.

Annual income at First Lutheran? One million dollars.

One particular email, sent to Ms. Van Fossen from a Dave Wendt on March 27, called her “the dumbest [expletive] liberal [expletive] I’ve heard yet,” the Journal Sentinel reported.
“Get off the drugs, [expletive], and go check yourself into rehab,” the email continues. “Or better yet, you’re pretty hot. So how about if I come over and rape you with a few of my friends. WHEW! At least I won’t have to worry about you calling the police.”
Ms. Van Fossen traced the Internet Protocol address to La Crosse and posted the email on Facebook, the Journal Sentinel reported.

Police Chief Jeff Trotnic said Mr. Wendt called the department Monday and was invited to bring in his computer for analysis.
Herman Otten Spiked This Story 

        Natalie Pratt published WELS Documented and some other blogs that she subsequently erased.

Stealing $300,000 from the Synod - But What about the Missing $8 Million?

Relax - Lightfingers Leon has a faculty position now.

Piepenbrink made $300,000 disappear.
Who made $8 million go away?
One WELS District President was arrested for driving drunk. When WELS pastor was in a drunken wreck, WELS covered for him and sent him on a foreign mission.

One Mequon professor was arrested for a very dangerous DUI but a good lawyer made the evidence go away and the charges with it. So he no longer directs the choir with conviction. Get it?

Ski, famous for posing with a porn model and teaching sex education to the kiddies at the WELS high school, left some appearance bond behind in Milwaukee. Did he have to appear in court for a DUI? There is precious little evidence that he was ever sober, so maybe...

The only program more ironic would be
Glende and Ski talking about drying out
and enjoying sobriety. Nevah!