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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Few Missouri Synod Officials Would Have Lowered Themselves To Stop by a Mere Stable

"Let us learn more and more to look upon the Lutheran Church with the right kind of spiritual eyes: it is the most beautiful and glorious Church; for it is adorned with God's pure Word. This adornment is so precious, that even though an orthodox congregation were to consist of very poor people - let us say nothing but woodchoppers - and met in a barn (as the Lord Christ also lay here on earth in a barn, on hay and straw), every Christian should much, much rather prefer to affiliate himself with this outwardly so insignificant congregation, rather than with a heterodox congregation, even if its members were all bank presidents and assembled in a church built of pure marble. Let us be sure that our flesh, and the talk of others does not darken the glory of the orthodox Church, or crowd it out of our sight."
Francis Pieper, The Difference between Orthodox and Heterodox Churches, and Supplement, Coos Bay, Oregon: St. Paul's Lutheran Church, 1981, p. 47.


29A wrote:

I forgot that the Augsburg confession was given June 25. I knew it was in 1530.
It is quite evident from all the Lutheran confessors and the post-Lutherans of the 1600's that we are justified by faith. Melanchthon was was clear about that.
Paul McCain should join Joel Osteen's church seeing he is so big on size of building and numbers. He should really watch what he says about sects and cults. He belongs to one called the LCMS.

Have a blessed Sunday and we will remember that event that took place back in 1530.