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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dr. Lito Cruz Was Saying This About Mary.
Infallible Doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church

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The zeal and love of the Blessed Virgin Mary have such influence in obtaining God’s help for us that, just as through her, God came down to earth, so through her, man mounts up to heaven. But just as man’s iniquity often calls down God’s indignation, God’s Mother is the rainbow of the eternal covenant for mankind’s salvation. For, while the prayers of those in heaven have certainly some claim on the watchful eye of God, Mary’s prayers place their assurance on the right of a mother. For that reason, when she approaches the throne of her Divine Son, she begs as an advocate, she prays as a handmaid, but she commands as mother.

Pope Pius X, Apost. Consti, Tanto studio, February 19, 1905. Mary, Mother of the Church, p. 9.