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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Essential Links to The CORE Scandal,
Plus Plagiarism at St. Peter (WELS) in Freedom

 The latest post on the Ski-Glende court case can be found here.

Note to Mequon graduates - you only need to left-click on the titles to find the post. That is called an embedded link. They teach embedded links in Web 101.

Write a letter about Ski getting back into the ministry, as Engelbrecht and Schroeder promised.

Team Glende's epic humiliation - all lawsuits dropped on Friday the 13th.

Friday the 13th - Three St. Peter Freedom pillars still suing.

Three from St. Peter are still suing, including Sexpert Ski.

Tim Glende's Lawsuit against His Own Member - Thrown Out of Court. Denied.

Hitler just found out.

Glende's First Congregation Will Close Soon.

More Hoo-Hah from Fox Valley WELS.

Four from St. Peter in Freedom are suing the husband of Ski's victim, hauling him to court to silence him.

Ski will return to The CORE as the pastor, as DP Engelbrecht promised and SP Schroeder agreed.

Ski's Scrotum Sermon - Which They Were Proud To Post.

All St. Peter Freedom (which includes The CORE) posts labeled on Ichabod.

DP Engelbrecht's email supports Ski's CRM status, implying a return to The CORE.

August 13th meeting - this was held to get Ski's CRM status going.

Budget for St. Peter is $1.4 million, so why did they get a $500,000 plus grant to buy a bar?

Remove the 12 WELS Apostates - Starting with Deputy Doug Engelbrecht

DP Engelbrecht Approved Plagiarism of False Doctrine

All posts labeled The CORE

Ski - so bad, he was canned twice. This is the second, official canning, April of 2013.

Bishop Katie cannot spell either, not even on her own web page.

DP Engelbrecht had two different stories about Ski leaving.

Church and Change.

All posts labeled Church and Change.

All posts labeled Tim Glende.

All posts labeled Fox Valley WELS.

Intrepids on Time of Grace.

Glende, Ski, and Engelbrecht kicked out Rick Techlin - for being correct about plagiarism of  false doctrine, and Glende lied about his plagiarism.

Meeting with the DP's sock puppets.

"This will solve our PR problems."

Ski turned down for CRM Status.

Photos of all the main players can be found here.