Friday, May 6, 2011

Valleskey versus Luther

Valleskey graduated with James Radloff, who may have been even more fanatical about Church Growth than Valleskey, who bragged about studying at Fuller Seminary and also denied it. Key Valleskey co-dependents include Paul Calvin Kelm, Larry Olson (Fuller drive-by DMin), and Frosty Bivens.

Valleskey's classmate, DP Ed Werner, went to state prison for molesting members of his congregation. According to Valleskey, he was already forgiven.

Luther's statement clearly repudiate's Valleskey's, but WELS teaches Valleskey's opinion. Werner led an evil life as a pastor, but Valleskey did far more damage by teaching evil doctrine.

Jay Webber (ELS), Rydecki, and Lindee all support Valleskey's opinion.