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Saturday, June 20, 2015

A Jesuit in the Vatican - Not a Franciscan.
Misdirection of the Eyes Has Worked Marvelously Well Among Lutherans

The Holy Spirit is saying to Francis, - "Be quiet!"

When people comment on Pope Francis' latest actions and words, they falsely assert he is a Franciscan. That is a good example of misdirection of the eyes, which magicians use successfully. If someone looks in the wrong direction for a moment, the sleight of hand is missed.

Francis is a Jesuit, and he is named after the founder of the Jesuits - Francis Xavier. But he said he chose the name Francis in honor of St. Francis, patron saint of the poor. Aww.

So when people complain about the Leftist radicalism of the pope, I simply say, "He is a Jesuit." That order has always gravitated toward power, secular power. No other order is more corrupt in every possible way. Like the secret hazing ritual at Mequon, the Jesuit order was banished and banned for a short time, only to be brought back.

All Lutherans should pay attention to the papacy, the most powerful crime family in the world. The Vatican approach is so successful that the American synods have adopted the same tactics. If a few key power centers are controlled, everything else falls in line.

I talk to Lutherans who wonder how they could be so out of sync with their own synods. I explain how their synods were stolen from them, issue by issue, while no one was looking. This works, because everyone will re-elect Mark Schroeder, Matt Harrison, and Pope John the Malefactor.

  • They took away the traditional text of the New Testament, but I said nothing, because I still had the King James Version.
  • They took away the KJV, but I said nothing, because everything seemed to be the same, and they told us how outdated the language was.
  • They took away justification by faith, but I said nothing, because they kept saying they still believed in justification by faith - they were "protecting the Gospel" with justification without faith.
  • They took away The Lutheran Hymnal, but I said nothing, because it used the outmoded KJV texts and old hymns - not a single Fanny Crosby song. Now the same groups have three hymnals instead of one.
  • They took away the liturgy, hymns, and creeds, but I said nothing, because they did this for better outreach.
  • They tore out the pipe organ, but I said nothing, because we had electronic keyboards that could reproduce the pipe organ sound, the Hawaiian guitar, and anything else, even the sound of a choir, which we longer could gather.
  • They took away the Lutheran name, but I said nothing, because they told me Luther did not like the name, and it was blocking our outreach to the unchurched
  • They took away "church," and I said nothing, because they told me The CORE, Illumine, and GracePoint were better marketing tools, so we could establish a brand and appeal to the unchurched who did not like the word "church."
  • Finally, they took me away, because I kept wondering what happened to church where I was baptized and confirmed, and married.
Step by Step - Just Like the Song - "And Now I Know We'll Always Be in Love"

Hint for Mequon graduates -
Ichabod means the glory has departed.