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Friday, January 17, 2020

Save This Luther Quotation - and Check Out - The Modular Book of Concord

Long ago, I sent this Luther quotation, above, to Patsy Leppien, who was working on ways to show what the LCA/ALC synods - now ELCA - were teaching. The author was extremely careful in showing what was taught in the ALC/LCA and how those articles of faith were revealed in the Scriptures.

ELCA's birth was midwifed by Seminex, the Missouri contingent led by Richard Jungkuntz, the UOJ fanatic and future Seminex chairman of the board. Seminex became the official seminary for the rainbow Metropolitan Community Church.

Difficulties did not come from the ELCA corner of the Lutherverse, but from the conservatives imagined rejoicing at Leppien's efforts to clarify the differences. But no, the conservatives raved at her. I called that the highest compliment and a true honor.

 Catholic, Lutheran, Protestant, print version at Amazon.

The last Beatitude certainly came true when WELS put Catholic, Lutheran, Protestant on its printing schedule, only to withdraw that "until your attitude changes." Valleskey was on the board and I was supposed to lie weeping, prostrate before the Fuller alumni of WELS, begging forgiveness and hoping the terms of absolution would not be too severe.

Blessing? Yes, that catapulted me into independent book publishing.  Catholic, Lutheran, Protestant was the first of over 30 titles - now in print. Likewise, being kicked out of Free Republic caused me to start this blog, now approaching 8 million views. Various irritations moved me to make all titles non-profit and pubic domain.

Lutheran Synodical Publishing - rainbow, anti-Justification by Faith,
anti-Biblical text.

Monopolies Crumble, Screaming as They Crash to the Ground

Not long ago, the book publishing industry was a powerful business, and that included the nodes in each denomination. A few people could decide to publish a few titles within their areas of interest. Who else would publish

  1. The Wonders of WELS or 
  2. Isn't WELS Fabulous! or 
  3. WELS and Church Growth: Perfect Bedfellows?
Those were just the initial titles - the language had to be toned down to keep people from laughing out loud.

Now anyone can publish anything at a very low cost and distribute it through channels already set up for that purpose.

The Lost Dutchman's Goldmine

The Modular Book of Concord

The Lutheran Librarian, Alec Satin, began publishing long-lost and hard-to-find Lutheran classics through the Lutheran Library Publishing Ministry, with over 150 titles listed already, free ebooks, portable, easy to quote from.

Once attracted to The Lost Dutchman's Goldmine, Satin could not stop. He began publishing in print - on Amazon - those titles he had already prepared as ebooks.

Many of us know the Triglotta, a library - or museum - in one, very heavy and tiny-print volume. It uses three languages, though most seminarians barely know English and hardly know Lutheran doctrine - plus Bente's Historical Introductions.

 Lutheran Librarian print books pages.
Nota bene - pages.

The Lutheran Librarian has put together separate titles from the Book of Concord, very useful for people who want to ready and underline the printed material.

 Bente's Historical Introductions are great background reading for the development of the Book of Concords, heroes and villains.
 The Augsburg Confession, 1530, Jacobs edition, with the Saxon Visitation articles.

 Luther's Small Catechism

Luther's Large Catechism is based upon his sermons and includes essential teaching for pastors and laity.

 The Formula of Concord summarizes the Biblical teaching of Luther and Melanchthon, from the Reformation scholars of that era.
 Every time you click a link, an angel sings "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God."