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The Wretched NIV Omits Verses

“Omission of material found in the Authorised Version (AV) is the main type of alteration found in the modern versions. The New Testament of one popular modern version, the New International Version (NIV), first published in 1973, omits seventeen complete verses found in the AV—a figure found applicable to most modern versions.”     David Blunt, Which Bible Version: Does It Really Matter? Trinitarian Bible Society, 2007, p. 3.

Monday, August 15, 2022

Remembering Tyndale, Luther, and the King James Version

Alexander McClure

“The first decided steps, however, toward giving to the English nation a Bible printed in their own tongue, were the translations of the Gospels of Matthew and Mark, made by William Tyndale, and by him printed at Hamburg [Germany], in the year 1524; -- and a translation of the whole of the New Testament, printed by him partly at Cologne, and partly at Worms, in 1525.”

Alexander McClure, The Translators Revived, Lutheran Library Publishing Ministry, p. 6.


GJ - I hasten to note what Lutherans realize - Tyndale's work was closely associated with Luther's Biblical translation team, not only geographically but also in time.

Tyndale was in Germany, in part, because he was under a death sentence in England. Just as Luther established the German language with his translation, so Tyndale established the English language with his genius work with the substance of the KJV. Tyndale was already killed for violating the King Henry's orders, but his clear and compelling translations became the heart of the Authorized Version.

PS - The other contributor to the English language was Shakespeare, the pen name of the Earl of Oxford. The translation of Shakespeare into German made that work a major contribution to the German language.