Wednesday, September 27, 2023

1972 Graduation - Waterloo Lutheran Seminary, Ontario.
WLS Is Now Martin Lutheran University College

Waterloo Lutheran Seminary graduates and faculty members in the Seminary chapel. Left to right, back row: Delton Glebe (d. 2011), Eric Howes, Dr. David Granskou (d. 2016), Dr. Ragnar Teigen, Dr. Eduard Riegert (d. 2022) and Richard Crossman. Centre row: Greg Jackson and Gil Scharf (d. 2004). Front row: Guenter Dahle, Laurie Van Kleek, Paul Schweitzer, Bill Wade, Ronald Mulberger (d. 2011) and Dave Hardy. Dr. Aarne Siirala is not in this photo (d. 1991).

ELCA in Canada broke off in 1986 to become ELCiC. Susan Johnson attended WLS and became a staffer for the Eastern Canada Synod. She was voted in as ELCiC bishop in 2007. 

The WLS Chapel is used for Doggy Drop-In