Tuesday, December 5, 2023

What the New Physician Said


My first birthday was celebrated with my own cake. 

I signed up for a new doctor since the previous doctor started his own private practice. I got the usual checkup and then he went over the previous lab results, which recorded my change in various categories. 

My taste for desserts gave me diabetic level blood sugar, but after Joel Fuhrman's Eat To Live book (which I had - unread - in my own library) my A1C plummeted and then some more. He grinned, saying, "What did you do!?" I gave credit to beans, greens, vegetables, fresh fruits, nuts and seeds, with small meat proportions. That dropped my weight 30 pounds, and now I am aiming at 15 pounds more, or rather, less.

Going to the gym helped, but now I am going to be more frequent each week. I gave the exercise bicycle to someone because the bike got me going to the gym, where I earned the coveted Platinum Silver Sneaker award.

The new doctor was stunned at the cholesterol level being perfect for so long, which began with Zach sending me walnuts to reduce cholesterol. Using walnuts on Schwan's ice cream proved that one item (walnuts) could change my blood chemistry. The fabled ice cream freezer was changed into one for beans, greens, and vegetables. I still eat and enjoy one handful of walnuts each day.

The doctor was very hip about me switching from processed foods and desserts to plant-based food. We were a duet, denouncing together the awful chemistry of processed food - salty enough to melt snow, sugar by the pound, tons of unnecessary fat. No more colas, cheese, juices, and milk.

Desserts for me are Crisp apples, bananas, blueberries, pineapple, and citrus. I have replaced high calorie suppers with just two apples, late night snacks with two bananas. Breakfast is eggs with unbuttered, tiny, whole wheat bread. Charlie Sue loves my nutritious meals, adding Science Diet.

I drifted up again (as the charts whispered), due to the convenience of fast food and frozen pizza, but I left those behind for good. It takes some time to make the plain food delicious and fruits the best kind of dessert. There are too many benefits in God's created medicine than in the grocery stores' very expensive prepared foods.

I found an improvement over milk, at Dairy Queen.

I helped my father in improving donuts and bread.