Friday, September 4, 2009

Wilken Out - Jeske In - KFUO

Jeske's Time of Generic Grace on KFUO Now

September 4, 2009

“Issues, Etc.” and “Time of Grace”

KFUO-AM is now airing “Time of Grace,” a weekly program featuring Pastor Mark Jeske, senior pastor at St. Marcus Lutheran Church in Milwaukee, Wis. If you go here on the LCMS Web site, you’ll see that the group that produces the broadcast is now a Recognized Service Organization of the LCMS.

What’s curious about that is that in order to be an LCMS RSO [Revered Service Organization], you have to have an LCMS clergyman on your board. Time of Grace doesn’t.

The Board for Communication Services lifted that requirement in a recent meeting:
M/S/C to remove the contingency of LCMS clergy presence on the board for LCMS RSO status for Time of Grace Ministry. [The operative assumption, however, is that the board will continue to have LCMS lay presence.]
But what has people talking is that the host of the program is THE leader of the “church growth” movement in the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod. Fighting some of the false doctrine in the movement is a major problem for the WELS and I’m sure they love that the LCMS is now supporting this program.

You can listen to the program for yourself. Not much Gospel proclamation, which won’t surprise anyone familiar with CGM.

But I can’t get over how odd it is that KFUO would ditch its flagship program — Issues, Etc. — and begin airing “Time of Grace.”


GJ - Most likely Jeske is going to lead the troops out of WELS into Missouri. Kieschnick's LCMS is CGM-friendly, nay CGM-ecstatic, while Schroeder's WELS is CGM allergic.

Note that Paul Calvin Kelm's brother and son both left WELS for Missouri a long time ago.

I cannot imagine the Chicanery crowd staying in WELS. The trouble is, they want to bug out when clergy positions are scarcer than hen's teeth.

They will want to take some of their sugar daddies with them. In a parish, the pillars often hold up the church in more ways than one. The exodus of people too good for a congregation is normally the best thing to happen to it.

Likewise, the pastors and laity who despise the Means of Grace and mock the efficacy of the Word should find a safe haven. As Mischke supposedly said at a WELS convention, "Paul Kelm would be welcome in any denomination." Amen to that.

The Chicanery exit from WELS will brighten up the entire Wisconsin Synod.