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Thursday, March 21, 2019

ELDONA - Home of the Whopper. Heiser Graduated from Concordia Seminary,
Ft. Wayne, Without ever Hearing Objective Justification?
Fellow Alumnus Verified David Scaer Taught OJ in Dogmatics

 The Right Reverend James Rodham Heiser, STM, has no credibility when it comes to Justification by Faith.
ELDONA has a strange passion for beards.

Mars Society Presentation

Note on the video above -

  1. Rydecki knew there were pastors who actually taught the Chief Article 16:50;
  2. ELDONA certainly had pastors who were loudly UOJ and ones like Heiser who knew the difference, but gladly worked with Rolf Preus;
  3. Bishop Heiser gulped (17:03) when he lied about "not being cognizant of this heresy"  UNTIL Pastor Rydecki was booted from WELS, 2012. Heiser was quite aware in 2000. He refused to deal with the issue for 12 years, so ELDONA was not a swarm of OJ deniers, as he claims. An alumnus of Ft. Wayne verified that Scaer taught OJ in Dogmatics class. Scaer mentioned OJ twelve times in his autobiography.
  4. The video at 5.20 is fun, all kinds of excuses for not knowing OJ was wrong in seminary. Nobody mentions who troubled the waters of OJ while they were still comatose - moi.

 "Bishop Jim Rodham Heiser - what did we teach you at Concordia, Ft. Wayne? Bob Preus and I hammered OJ into you. You were upset at the Norfolk conference that someone "denied OJ", your words. Have you forgotten so soon?"

First, Pastor Paul Rydecki (formerly WELS) speaks about DP Buchholz lying to his congregation. All the WELS DPs are liars - Buchholz is just especially inept.

Rydecki was in the WELS Intrepid Lutherans (sic), a blog I suggested for group discussion of doctrine. They argued and were divided over Justification. At first, Rydecki argued for Objective Justification. My blog posts got them debating the origin of OJ, and Doug Lindee on that blog and now in ELDONA, I think agreed that OJ came from Halle Pietism.

Note this post on Pietism and OJ in particular - and the date - 2011.

Heiser's claim, 16.44 on the tape - that he "first became aware" of OJ during the Rydecki-Buchholz battle - is a blatant lie. He became aware when he read and sold copies of Thy Strong Word in 2000, which anyone can read for free here. He sold the first edition in 2000 and also told me he discovered how bad OJ was from my OJ quotations there. Before that, as a typical Ft. Wayne student, he thought OJ was fine. However, like many, he assumed OJ meant the Atonement - another deception by the OJists.

I challenged Heiser when he aligned with the Rolf Preus Synod and pretended nothing was wrong. He said, "We will get rid of Rolf later." I told him he would have to deal with Justification eventually, and that happened only with the prospect of Rydecki's congregation and property joining ELDONA and Kneprath's group also joining.

I gave up on Heiser when he decided to link up with the Rolf Synod, but I was encouraged when he was motivated to teach the Chief Article, even if a decade later. They did get rid of Rolf, as planned, but the rest of the tiny group ran back to the Little Sect on the Prairie, sobbing on Pope John the Malefactor's shoulder, hoping the terms of reconciliation would not be too harsh (Krauth reference). Rolf was not alone in his OJ fanaticism. His group agreed with him completely.

Rydecki conveniently skips the fact that he and I were in contact about Justification by Faith. Through a WELS friend, I put him in contact with the Latin works of Hunnius, which he translated.

 Most ELDONUTs are from Concordia Seminary, Ft. Wayne.
That may explain their attitudes and poor education.

Unfortunately, the OJ seminaries of WELS-LCMS-ELS teach their students to play political games and venerate their immaculate sect. OJ is the fuel that energizes deception - a habit that is hard to break.

How does one leave the greatest seminary ever - Bethany or Mordor or the Concordias - and not know what the Chief Article is? Please someone explain that to me.

 Fuller Seminary alumnus, Mordor President, destroyer of congregations.