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Thursday, April 11, 2019

All Time Top Views on Ichabod - Plus Links to Each List of Top Views

Top All-Time Views, April 10, 2019 - 
On Ichabod

Above 5,000 Views

The Holy Spirit Teaches Better Than Man - 122,000+ views

Dr. Lito Cruz Suggested Using PayPal - Over 88,000 views

Rev. Anonymouse Hates These Luther Sayings - Over 22,000 views

List of Hyles Related Clergy Sex Abuse Cases - over 17,600 views

WELS Discussions on Facebook - Over 17,000 views

WELS Discussions on Facebook II - Above 13,000 views

48 Detroit Parishes May Close - Over 13,000 views

Book of Concord Selections, Luther Resources - over 12,000 views

Famous Lutherans - over 10,600 views

The Pileated Woodpecker Sighted Again - almost 10,000 views

Craig Groeschel Facts Page - over 8,700 views

LCMS Seminary Cost Scandal - Tuition and Loans Support Prof Salaries - over 7,600 views

Lutheran Seminary Fraud - 7,000 views

Chesterton's Donkey Poem - 7,000 views

Navigation Page - Luther's Sermons, Lenker, 8 Volumes - Over 6,700 views

Luther's Sermons - Quinquagesima, 1 Corinthian 13 - 6,700 views

Otten Accuses Harrison of Sexual Harassment Settlement - Over 6600 views

UOJ Study Would Threaten the Rat Temple - 6,000 views

Top Ten Crimes in WELS - 5,000 views

Project Gutenberg - Apology, Love and Fulfilling the Law - 5,000 views

5,000 Views and Below

Reasons To Boycott UOJ Emmaus Conference - almost 5,000 views

WELS DP Bullies Council into Rehiring Fired Pastor - 4,500 views

When Dr. Lito Cruz Was a Calvinist - over 3,600 views

Barth-Kirschbaum the Same Theology as WELS, Webber, Buchholz - over 3,400 views

Murders Most Foul - WELS - over 3,000 views

Ski Will Be Declared a Saint by WELS over 3,000 views

WELS Pastor Ski's Scrotum Sermon - 3,000 views

Klemet Preus and Missouri's OJ Jugendbund - 3000 views

Secret Church and Change Discussion - Exposed! - almost 3,000 views

SUI - Studying Under the Influence - WELS - 2,800+ views

Rydecki Letter to Jon-Boy Buchholz, etc - Justification by Faith - over 2,400 views

Rydecki Suspended for Teaching Justification by Faith - over 2,400 views

I Dast Not Step on Tender WELS Toes - over 1600 views, hahaha

All Views Over 1,000 - 
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Installment I   - Ending at the Ides of March, 2015

Installment II  - Ending at May 14, 2013

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