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Friday, August 5, 2016

Murders Most Foul - WELS Cover-Ups Even Worse.
JP Meyer's Saints in the Wisconsin Synod

An Internet Sleuth Found More Information on the Wives Murdered in the Homes of
Two WELS Church Workers - Tabor and Just.

Mrs. Janice Tabor was murdered  October 8, 1976, at the parsonage of Salem Lutheran Church, 2400 N. Cramer, Milwaukee. Pastor William D. Tabor never spent a day in prison - Oscar Naumann, WELS Synod President, 1953-1979.

Naumann Hagiography

Tabor's mistress, Janet Goodall, was found guilty of the murder, but Tabor skated. Janet was not a good witness against him, because she protected him at first, then told various stories. She also had a record of deception at work.

The basic story is the Janice Tabor caught her husband, Pastor William Tabor, in bed with Janet Goodall. She threatened to expose him, though everyone already knew he was an adulterer, and a fight followed. Janice was shot in the back and twice in the head with a 45.

The mistress changed her story when the police told her that Tabor was cheating on her and his wife with a third woman. The prosecutor was not able to gather enough credible evidence to charge Tabor, who refused to answer any questions. According to WELS, he was already forgiven for everything past, present, future.

Tabor's real history is not told in the newspaper accounts and WELS was certain stingy with the truth. He was trained at Concordia Seminary, LCMS, in Springfield (now at Ft. Wayne). Tabor joined the Lutheran Churches of the Reformation at some point and served an LCR congregation (now ELS) in Cape Girardeau in Missouri, Scriptural Lutheran, Jay Webber's first call. We were there and ended up knowing a lot more because of that and some LCR connections, such as Pastor William Bischoff, an Otten friend, Trinity, Bridgeton, LCMS.

What I know at this point -

  • Concordia Seminary, LCMS.
  • Scriptural Lutheran, LCR. Tabor was known for adultery in Cape and suddenly discovered WELS was the True Church. WELS Pastor Roger Zehms was the circuit pastor, and he knew all about Tabor's adultery. When Scriptural members protested that Tabor could not be a pastor, Zehms told them, "Write a letter." Zehms said he baptized a woman's baby who was "the spitting image of Tabor." When Miscke pal and NWL editor Jeb Schaefer had lunch with us in Milwaukee, he said the police came to synod headquarters and "Tabor's file was completely empty." So - where did those LCR letters go, WELS?
  • Pastor Bischoff also told me about Tabor's adultery being well known.
  • Tabor still began a WELS mission with a bunch of people he took out of Scriptural. Perhaps this is where Zehms baptized the Tabor look-alike. The mission faded away.
  • WELS gave Tabor a call to Salem in Milwaukee. After all, Zehms said "Tabor was a great preacher." Tabor had at least two mistresses in Milwaukee, and he was undoubtedly present with his mistress when his wife was murdered.
  • WELS gave Tabor a new call to Escanaba, Michigan, but that ended with another mistress. The WELS excuse is that he already had a call when he murdered his wife, so he was not given a call just to get him out of the state. But with two mistresses, that is the normal WELS method - move the man to another state and claim no knowledge of the scandal. The same is true of clergy and leaders with DUIs.

Tabor seems to be in Texas now.

Here is one newspaper account of the Tabor murder. By Googling the names involved, more stories will show up.

Here is a second account of the Tabor murder.

Sharon Ruth Just was murdered - July, 21,1980 - Arizona Lutheran Academy, Phoenix, Arizona.

Teacher Al Just was convicted but only spent a few years in prison. He married his children's babysitter, but she divorced him, supposedly when she saw a glimpse of the real Al Just. Carl Mischke, WELS Synod President, 1979-1993.

Carl Mischke - Hagiogrraphy

Although WELS organized a big white-wash for Al Just. Loyalists came from New Ulm to support him - even the president of Dr. Martin Luther College - who testified for Just at the trial.

His son, a Fuller alumnus, is now First VP of WELS.
Sonny boy had no trouble with an adulterer serving as an
"evangelism consultant" in Columbus.

I can get a number of links about William Tabor - see above - but only this one about Al Just. 

Legal Description of Al Just Appeal for Murdering His Wife 

Appellant [WELS Teacher Al Just] and his wife dozed off, and appellant later woke up and went to the kitchen.

Appellant told Klettlinger that while he was in the kitchen he heard his wife screaming, and he ran into the bedroom. He stated that he observed her lying on the floor next to the bed, and that he attempted to lift her body. As he did so, he dropped her and discovered the knife, and removed it. He told Klettlinger that she was struggling with him, that he reached in her mouth to keep her from swallowing her tongue, and that when he did so, she bit his thumb. He took pillows and sheets and pressed them between himself and Sharon in an effort to stop the bleeding. He also stated that he put his hands over her mouth so that her screams would not wake the children. He told Klettlinger that when Jana entered the bedroom and turned the light on, he told her to turn off the light and go back to bed.

There is more, but it is sickening. The jury did not buy his pathetic lies and sentenced him, but somehow that became a very light sentence.

Pastor Steve Spencer, WELS, ordered me to never mention the case again, because the Phoenix WELS clergy were very touchy about it.

A relative of Al Just wrote me that Just was completely innocent. He must not have heard that Just confessed his crime to another relative.

One of my friends saw Al Just with a WELS youth group after leaving prison. The excuse was, "He served his time."

How does someone measure the damage done to congregations and family members by these concerted efforts to deny church workers engaged in adultery and then murder to cover up their infidelities?

I cannot imagine being a child having a father who murdered my mother or even worse - who denies the obvious while church leaders do everything possible to hide, confuse, or obscure the truth.

WELS accepted Tabor so they could have a bonus congregation from the Scriptural Lutheran Church split. The bonus congregation no longer exists.

WELS's Meditations, March-May 2014, for Monday, March 17, 2014.  

"No matter what you did yesterday -- or failed to do -- and no matter what you will do tomorrow, God has forgiven you."

Adultery and alcoholism among the WELS/ELS church workers is justified - so to speak - by their false dogma of UOJ. How ironic that Jay Webber saw the damage first-hand at Scriptural, then took funds from the adulterous Marvin Schwan to go to the Ukraine and play the role of a big shot. He completed his destructive work by ignorantly and deceptively installing UOJ in Luther's Works at the Emmaus Conference.

Luther himself refuted Jay Webber's ridiculous claims.

Clergy adultery is no sin in WELS or the ELS,
if the fringe benefit of money is offered in abundance.