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John Colet (1467-1519) defied the English King to read the Scriptures in English to the crowds. - "People were so hungry to hear the Word of God in a language they could understand that within six months there were 20,000 people packed in the church to hear him, and at least that many outside trying to get in."
C. P. Hallihan, The Authorised Version, p. 37.

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

How Do I Know Trump Won by a Landslide?

Someone thought I was relying on Q, but Q is Delphic in sending out signals. "Delphic" is Greek for incomprehensible. Besides, Q has been silent since Election Day.

Why did I know so much before Q started? I was reading all the sources I could find and weighing factual claims. There are many independent sources, and they are not necessarily those who pretend to be loyal, patriotic, etc. I have seen many PAYtriots come and go. My gimlet eye remains gimlety. I was born that was - Gregory means watchman.

Q started later, in 2017 and had the effect of getting millions to do their own research. journalism has always been a slave to access. Q uses gamification - making up a game to get people to do their own research. 

I will stick to the 2020 election. Some basic facts:
  • Trump had overwhelming crowds with lots of enthusiasm; Biden nothing.
  • Money does not buy an election.
  • Biden's nomination was rigged, but everyone seemed calm about the outcome.
  • Statistics show enormous vote increases, and for Biden alone, where there was no population growth to speak of.
  • When there are more votes than registered voters, something is crooked. When the vote count is higher than the adults in the county, something is wrong.
  • Why did Fox News ratings collapse the moment there were all in for Biden? That could be a sign of support for the President. They are CNN to me, though I never thought they were that good or consistent. They were like asking Rolf Preus to teach Justification by Faith.
The question is - how do their prove fake ballots?

If you Google the topic, the top responses (like Snopes) deny the watermark.

There are many witnesses to criminals acts, and they are turning in evidence now.

This link has many ways to show what is going on right now.

Do you read this? If not, you are ignoring the landscape.

Before the election I predicted 47 states (to Christina's oncologist) would vote for Trump. See if that comes true when the dust settles. Why did I predict Clinton would eventually fill a bookstore with volumes about his corruption? A CPA/lawyer kept saying in the years following, "Greg, how did you know?" It was already going on in small potatoes Arkansas, and I read about it all, from Mena to White Water. 

Reading widely reduces the probability of the future being a surprise.

The American Thinker

The tide is already turning for President Trump

Attorney General Barr just mobilized the Department of Justice to engage as appropriate to investigate election fraud throughout America. He is on very solid legal grounds.  ​It is a very simple means of addressing the greatest attempted political theft in American history and I would rather be us, Trump Nation, than them, the Democrat party's illegal operatives.

This is because President Trump and his team laid the legal ground work for identifying and prosecuting such criminal behavior in 2017:

Federal Prosecution of Election Offensives

Eight Edition 2017

“Our constitutional system of representative government only works when the worth of honest ballots is not diluted by invalid ballots procured by corruption.

The actual fact that AG late last night triggered the use of the DOJ legal handbook bodes very ill for those who are involved in electoral cheating.

For them, when the men and women in suits arrive on their doorstep to politely inquire "can you explain this," with “this” being one of many the many felonies listed above, the campaign operative is likely to immediately have a life-altering moment. As often is said: you can go easy or you can go hard, but make no mistake, you are going to address your behavior. And as the joke goes, never steal anything small and the Democrat team certainly took that to heart.