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Friday, January 14, 2022

Giving the Atheist an Assignment on the Bible

Harold Bloom, The Shadow of a Great Rock: A Literary Appreciation of the King James Bible.

I knew that Harold Bloom was famous at Yale, in the English department, so I ordered his book on the KJV, via Alibris used books, which usually means almost brand new condition.

The back cover made it sound positive, but the entire book is in praise of himself - Harold Bloom, atheist - no he likes the term "gnostic" better. Mild praise of the KJV is followed by superficial, snide remarks, as if he can look down his nose at the Bible because he is a famous critic, no longer chasing the skirts of his students, having met his Maker.

The Harvard book -  which reviews the precision and style of the KJV - is so much better. I will be using that for the second edition of The Bible Book: The KJV Reborn for Those Who Love the Word of God.

Bloom is an excellent example of someone who does not believe the Scriptures and therefore becomes blinded and hardened. The Spirit is always at work in the Word, so someone who uses that powerful and effective Word for mockery will pay a terrible price.

That mockery is standard for those tenured professors who teach the Scriptures and "world religion." My informant about world religion in the Phoenix community college network said, "They are all atheists and hate each other. I wish you could get the position but you would not be happy there."

What people sense, and also act upon, is the chill of apostasy among the Lutheran synod leaders and teachers. Those apostates are devoted to their perks and privileges, and mock the KJV. 

When offered the chance (for free) to teach Lutherans to use the Gospel Word about faith in Jesus Christ, the Wisconsin sect chose to buy the Unstuck Program. Most of the real work of evangelism is free or almost free. Unstuck is just an echo of Fuller, Willow Creek, Waldo Werning, and the gimmicks of Floyd Luther Stolzenburg.