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Project Gutenberg - F. Bente.
Historical Introductions.
Table of Contents

The Project Gutenberg EBook of Historical Introductions to the Symbolical
Books of the Evangelical Lutheran Church, by Friedrich Bente

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Historical Introductions to the Symbolical Books
of the Evangelical Lutheran Church
by F. Bente
I. Introduction

II. The Ecumenical Creeds

III. The Augsburg Confession

IV. The Augsburg Variata - Changes in the Confession

V. The Papal Confutation

VI. Apology of the Augsburg Confession

VII. Smalcald Articles. Elector Imbued with Luther's Spirit

VIII. Luther's Efforts in Restoring Catechetical Instruction

Memorization. Various catechisms

IX. Small and Large Catechisms

Luther's Small Catechism

The Augsburg Interim

XI. Controversies Following the Interim, Settled by the Formula of Concord

XII. The Adiaphoristic Controversy.

XIII. The Majoristic Controversy

XIV. The Synergistic Controversy

The Father of Synergism

XV. The Flacian Controversy

XVI. The Osiandrian and Stancarian Controversies

XVII. The Antinomistic Controversy

Melanchthon's Public Attitude

XIX. Controversy on Christ's Descent into Hell

Summary of Luther's Views

Luther Never Retracted His Doctrine of Grace

Pacific Overtures of Flacius

The Bergic Book or the Formula of Concord


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