Monday, March 4, 2024

Cravings Turn to Enjoyment - People Raised on a Farm Know That


Charlie Sue loves her outdoor dog friends, but comes in for a home cooked meal.

The so-called diet plans are a way to spend a lot of money on almost nothing. Each major fad has major downfalls. Many of our ailments come from poor choices and also some dangerous medicines. I nixxed the use of statins, supposedly for lowering cholesterol, but the solution was - walnuts, a handful a day. That is because a member got that from a doctor and passed the news along - with a bag of walnuts (no sugar, no salt). 

As I wrote before, I put them on a large bowl of vanilla ice cream. My cholesterol registered perfect, but my blood sugar continued its upward climb. 

These are expensive but worthless foods that I had to remove from my habits:

  1. Ice cream - sugar, fat, and baby food for growing calves.
  2. Pizza - bread, grease, salt, and cheese made from baby food for growing calves.
  3. McDonalds - guaranteed to be worthless, loaded with white bread, cheese, salt, and grease.
  4. Large-sized bread enhanced with butter.
  5. All forms of cheese made with fat, salt, and baby food for growing calves.
  6. Snack foods - mostly salt and grease. Cookies - plenty of sugar and white flour.
  7. Eggs - plenty of fat, choline (boo!) enhanced with butter and bread.
  8. Healthy juices - hahahahahahahahahaha! Delicious, fattening, sugar syrup.
Notice that we spend an enormous amount of money on the manufactured foods above.

Below are the simple, nutritious foods, which replace our bad habits and heal many disorders (but not all). The only good test for health is the blood panel, which tests cholesterol, blood sugar, kidney function, etc. Blood pressure requires a cuff, which can be used at home. 

The medicinal value of these foods comes from the Lord of Creation Himself. Their values are just the opposite of our sugar-fat-salt habits.

Greens - 
Dirt Cheap, Low Calories, Low Fat, Loaded with Nutrition
Seven-day habit - I always use generous portions in our luncheon stew. The famous greens are Kale (beats all the rest), Collards (not just for athletes anymore), Turnip Greens, and Spinach. 

Protein, Fiber, Vitamins, Dirt Cheap
Beans are very satisfying, but the shopper must look for salt content on cans, ranging from very low to 1000 mg per serving. I like Cicero Beans (chick peas), without olive oil and salt (humus). Fiber is not a joke, but essential in slowing down and maximizing nutritional value. 

Vegetables and Mushrooms,
Frozen, Colorful, Satisfying, A Great Mix of Benefits.
Mushrooms have no fat, no salt, but are powerful with anti-cancer benefits. Mushrooms can also offer Vitamin D. My favorite and colorful frozen vegetables are onions/peppers, lima beans, peas, broccoli, cauliflower, and packets of varieties (California mix). I liked sliced carrots frozen but I seldom see them. But mixing these we obtain a wonderful combination of healing substances. Just use "nutritional value healthline - for summaries).

Fresh Fruits
All Day Desserts without the Sugar, Salt, Fat

No juices! Hunger cries out - I want energy now! The problem with sugar-based commodities is their instant jolt and later droop. The value is eating the whole fruit, which has countless ingredients, and their fiber slows down sugars and the rush to the exit. 

A solution for a dessert is to end a good meal with one large, perfect apple (compare it to a dessert from a restaurant, often a thawed out delivered sweet, costing $7 to $10). A regular meal can be replaced by two giant apples eaten slowly - good for the teeth, digestion, fiber, and hunger. I love apples, oranges, bananas, and blueberries. Charlie Sue loves them, all except oranges (so far).

Bananas are not exactly loaded with potassium, but prunes have the highest rating of all in potassium.

The nutrition experts aim at four - or more - fruits a day. Their overall claim is that a mix of good foods combine the best of what we need daily. Charlie and I share one sausage each day.

Nuts, Seeds, and Spices -

The Inexpensive Cook

Walnuts and almonds are heavily favored for cholesterol reduction. Flax seed (ground) is inexpensive and can be added to various foods. I use it for lunch and supper. Nuts and seeds seem to fill in a gap in our nutrition. Spices are sometimes listed (Anise seeds) for nutrition and taste.

Fast food and prepared food are salted up to make them taste better. Spices give us a chance to add small amounts of spices and seeds to what we are eating. I added ground mustard to improve the nutrition of kale and collards (Dr.Michael Greger). I provided too much and Charlie said "No way!" to the stew. I mailed it to a toxic waste facility. More on spices at a later time.