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Friday, September 18, 2015

The Sausage Factory - Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary - Is the New Seminex.
Follow the New Grads with Big Subsidies To See Where WELS Is Going

These brave Concordia seminary students walked out,
and came back for lunch at the seminary.
Is that a walk out, or a morning stroll?
Seminexers radicalized ELCA and the Chicago ELCA seminary,
leading to the 2009 resolution and a REAL walkout - 25% of the members
and six retired bishops.
Seminex was a vast media photo-op and stunt,
for the adoration of the media.
"The biggest liars left," as one LCMS leader observed.

The backbone of Missouri's Seminex movement - where the radical faculty members took over Concordia Seminary St. Louis and left to form a new school and sect - is WELS. Few people realize this because the LCMS is more of a melting pot where old alliances are overlooked by most.

One friend told me about the alumni meetings for Nortwestern College in Watertown, where there were so many Seminex bumper stickers. How did so many future pastors become radicalized at that tiny college?

Two of the Northwestern College professors were Richard Jungkuntz and Ralph Gerke, both destined to become holy martyrs in Missouri, where they abode for a time before landing at Pacific Lutheran University, ELCA.

Ralph David Gehrke was born on October 4, 1919 In New London, Wisconsin and died on January 4, 2011 in Tacoma, Washington. He was preceded in death by his parents, Rudolph and Alma, and his brother, Howard. He is survived by 'his sister, Lois Mae Hannewald (Norman), his sister-in-law, Ruth Gehrke and nieces, Betty Geiger (Roger) and Irene Hintz (Darwin). 

Ralph earned a B. A. from Northwestern College (Wisconsin) in 1941, a B. D. from Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Theological Seminary in 1944 and Ph.D. from the University of Chicago in 1959. As a graduate student at the University of Chicago, he was awarded the prestigious Shorey Fellowship in Classics. Ralph was ordained as a Lutheran Pastor in 1944 and recently celebrated the 65th Anniversary of his ordination. 

He served in the 
  1. Wisconsin Synod, 
  2. Lutheran Church---Missouri Synod and 
  3. the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
Dr. Gehrke came to PLU in 1975 after teaching for 24 years at Northwestern College in Wisconsin and Concordia Teachers College in Illinois. At PLU, he was as a professor in the Religion Department until his retirement in 1990. - See more at:

Here is Richard's obituary - He married a Kowalke but was kicked out for his radicalism (historical critical method).

Richard Paul Jungkuntz 

October 1, 1918~June 22, 2003.
Richard P. Jungkuntz, Provost Emeritus of Pacific Lutheran University, died on Sunday evening, June 22, 2003 of prostate cancer. Born October 1, 1918 in Cleveland, OH, Dick grew up in Wisconsin. He met his wife-to-be, Grace Kowalke, at Northwestern College in Watertown, WI, and they were married in 1943 after his ordination as a Lutheran pastor.

He served Wisconsin Lutheran congregations in Janesville and Ft. Atkinson, and became a professor at his alma mater in 1949, teaching Classics and Ancient History until earning his Ph.D. in Classics at the University of Wisconsin in 1961. His teaching career continued at Concordia Seminary in Springfield, IL, and he became Executive Secretary for the Commission on Theology for the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod in 1965. 

Dick came to Pacific Lutheran University [ELCA] in 1970, serving as Provost for 18 years. Additional professional service included chairing the Board of Directors for Christ Seminary-Seminex from 1974-1980, and participating as a Faith and Order commissioner with the World Council of Church- es from 1968 to1977. His book, The Gospel of Baptism, was published in 1968. [Seminex was the first gay Lutheran Seminary, the official school for the homosexual Metropolitan Community Churches.]

We wish to thank the entire Oncology Department of Good Samaritan Hospital and their Home Health/Hospice Team as well as the extended PLU community for their support and care. Dick is survived by his wife of 60 years, Grace, and six of their seven children: Gay Osborn of Ferguson, MO; Paula (Tom) Warren of The Woodlands, TX; Richard W.D. (Ann) Jungkuntz of Falls Church, VA; 
Lisa Darling of Yuma, AZ; Andrea Jungkuntz of Lacey, WA; Laura (Tom) Karlin of Tacoma, WA. A sister, Doris, and two brothers, Ted and Dan, also survive him.

He was preceded in death by his son Will in 1985. The memorial service will be held Saturday, June 28, 2:00 p.m. at Trinity Lutheran Church, 12115 Park Avenue South, Tacoma. Memorials can be made to Trinity Lutheran Church, or to Pacific Lutheran University, or to Tacoma Rescue Mission. Pub Date: 6/25/2003 

Tacoma News Tribune


I am quite sure the Wauwatosa Gospel of WELS had everything to do with the past radicalism of WELS and its rapidly devolving downfall. John Brug is retiring from the seminary, and some adoring alumni said, "He is the spirit of Wauwatosa." Certainly, he solemnly declared women's ordination to be wonderful 20 years ago, noting that WELS was not quite ready for it yet. 

They are now.

Wauwatosa begins with its intoxication with itself and tossing away all hindrances from the past - like Luther and the Book of Concord. That same spirit prevails today, with the DPs, Mark Schroeder, and the semi-literate pastors all dumber than a bag of rocks about the Confessions and Lutheran doctrine. There is no use talking about the Book of Concord with them - they dismiss it as boring and irrelevant.

They cannot teach the Confessions because they know more about craft beers nad the court system than they do about Lutheran doctrine.

UOJ Comes from Radicalism and Enables More Radicalism
The only dogma of WELS is Universal Objective Justification. If people think Babtists are shallow, they are in for a schock - WELS makes  the Babtists look profound in comparison.

UOJ = "The entire world is forgiven and saved."

After that, nothing really matters, which is why WELS does such nutso stuff in worship. 
  • Communion without consecration? No problem. 
  • Women consecrating Holy Communion? - maybe they should not do it for now - WELS is not ready for it yet.
  • No altar, no baptismal font, no pulpit? Adiaphora.
  • "Pretty much everything is adiapora in worship." Patterson's Wauwatosite lay leader.
  • Lutheran name for a parish? Nah. Church mentioned in the name? Bah. Ask Illumine or The CORE. 
Oddly enough, a Praise Band is now considered mandatory in WELS. 

Readers will find that all the new graduates of The Sausage Factory have been drilled in 
  • UOJ, 
  • Worship adiaphora, 
  • Praise Band Fundamentalism, and 
  • New NIV Enthusiasm. 
Treating the congregation like little children, they will have them "repeat after me" - Everyone is forgiven and saved. 

Back to their radical roots -
Jungkuntz would be proud.

Witty WELS pastors call the mandatory NNIV -
The HIV Translation.