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There Were Giants in the Earth - The Late Ulrich Leupold

 Ulrich Leupold earned his PhD in music at the age of 23,
at the University of Berlin. He was the head of Waterloo Lutheran Seminary
and an international authority on hymns and organ music.

Ironically, he moved from Berlin, Germany to Berlin, Ontario. But the Ontario city changed its name in WWI when people refused to buy any product stamped "Made in Berlin." The name was changed to Kitchener, leading them unwisely to brag the town was "clean as a kitchen." We loved the people there. I worked in the largest Lutheran church in Canada and visited people by walking and riding the bus. In only one generation that congregation was radicalized - St. Peter, Kitchener.

Dr. Leupold was highly respected as the head of the tiny seminary. He and Otto W. Heick (a WELS favorite author) had more brains than most seminary faculties put together.

Dr. Leupold died from neurological degeneration the same year I began studies at Waterloo Lutheran Seminary - 1970.

  • I knew him when he was teaching brilliantly and still playing the organ, 
  • helped him as he grew weaker, 
  • and visited him in the hospital before he died.

This linked article tells how much he endured in his too-brief life. I told him my brash plans at the hospital, and he moved his thumb rapidly in a handshake to show his approval. He could no longer speak, and we were all heart-broken.

 Waterloo Lutheran Seminary
in Waterloo, Ontario

People suspected Dr. Leupold of arranging jobs for people without telling them. My wife Chris got a neat library job just like that. She was worried, in his office, about getting work in Canada. Later, he grinned and said, "I toooold you not to worry."

He went through my transcript and skipped me out of all the introductory courses. That gave me time and opportunity to take the advanced courses and do independent study, including Hebrew classwork (not required and therefore not worthy of academic credit).

I graduated officially in 1972, receiving my diploma and stole in New Haven, Connecticut, where Martin was born in 1973. His mother and I both worked at the Yale Medical Center, where he and George W. Bush were born - but not the same year, of course.

 Yale School of Medicine is where Chris and I worked.
Martin and George W. Bush were born nearby.
In the Byzantine Empire, the fortunate were born to the purple.
In New Haven, they are born to the blue.

Publishing News - In Order of Appearance

I am working on The Lost Dutchman's Goldmine: Luther's Biblical Theology of the Word.

During the morning Sassy-walk I remembered something else for the list of characteristics of the Word - teaching faith in Jesus.

That booklet will be finished first, because there is work to be done in the Creation Garden, especially in taking and editing photos for the book. So Creation Gardening will follow The Lost Dutchman's Goldmine.

Several Lulu books are being republished:

  1. Liberalism: Its Cause and Cure.
  2. Jesus, Priceless Treasure.
  3. Angel Joy.

Books and software are never completed on schedule, but some scheduling is good. "Goals are easy to establish. They are even easier to ignore."

Most of the Lulu books will be added to Amazon/Kindle.

I was especially pleased that Catholic, Lutheran, Protestant came in at the author's price of $6. Martin Chemnitz Press does not need to prop up salaries of $300,000 and $200,000 for the staff, so low prices for printed books make group study affordable for congregations. One Lutheran congregation has already planned to use CLP in their future adult classes.

The Lost Dutchman's Goldmine - Second Installment

Two Authorities – The Word of God or Man
For all Christians, there are two authorities, either the Word of God or man. Only one can be the ultimate authority and judge of the other. The historic position of the Christian Church has been that the Scriptures are the first and the final authority concerning doctrine and practice. No claim or effort by man can replace this authority. But, in spite of pious and grand words about the Bible, people clearly cling to man’s authority, place it first, and interpret the Word of God through human traditions, loyalty to institutions, and sentimental feelings.

Many a pastor will defend false teaching by saying, “Professor Keinaugen was my favorite teacher, and he said…” to silence all objections.

Laity with misplaced loyalty will claim, “The synod says…” as if this politically driven, vote mongering human institution were a new and better form of the papacy.

Or someone will say with a glare than warns others about any contradiction, “My mother taught me…”

Entire denominations will recite their formal declarations while working against them, for this is clearly the Age of Apostasy, forewarned in the Scriptures. Even the Pope is viewed as a traitor and false teacher by his own clergy, as they do with Pope Francis, the Jesuit often imagined to be a Franciscan by virtue of his chosen name.[i]

In contrast, the Word of God must be the final and ultimate authority over all Christian teaching and practice. Otherwise, the Christian Church would break into thousands of factions, which is the case today, whether this happens in one big tent or many pup-tents, some as small as 17 mini-congregations. The solution is not another round of mergers where Biblical doctrine is tainted by material concerns, but an increased study of the Word and unity derived by acknowledging and practicing the unified and unifying Truth of the Scriptures.

This authority of the Word is asserted but seldom experienced, because the complete teaching of the Bible about the Word is lacking, distorted, sidelined, or forgotten altogether. These characteristics are:
1.    Authority
2.    Power
3.    Inerrancy
4.    Clarity or perspicuity
5.    Efficacy
6.    Word/Spirit

The authority of the Word is lost when claims are made and yet no one knows how to wield this terrible weapon, due to a lack of good education. The Word is a weapon against error, though seldom used that way, and a defense of sound doctrine. I asked the late Robert Preus and the late John (Slick) Brenner why pastors trained almost exclusively in their denomination were so much against Lutheran doctrine. Both of them said, “I supposed they were not trained correctly.”

That can be seen in case after case, where those raised up to offices of leadership, whether as teachers or denominational leaders, are in a state of rapture about Pentecostalism, Romanism, or Church Growth pseudo-business practices. Better Pentecostals can be found in the Assemblies of God. More astute Romanists can be found in the Church of Rome. Which successful business leader would be in awe of Church Growth, which has hollowed out and ruined all the Lutherans sects in America?

[i] This logic would presume that I am the master of the Gregorian chants, or even a composer of them.

Add your name to this very short list, buy and read Galatians.

GJ - I will be posting installments of this booklet as written. Feel free to add suggestions and corrections by email.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Poor Little David Becker - Logic Escapes Him.
Christian News Going Out with a Whimper

David Becker is offended that I use Marquart and Otten quotes on the back of the last two editions of
Catholic, Lutheran, Protestant.

He failed to mention that Otten orders CLP regularly - and has - ever since the book was published.

Becker reminds me of WELS calling me a "false teacher" and selling two of my books. Below is their current catalog online.

Books  :  Religious Resources  :  Other Religions  :  Catholic Lutheran Protestant

Catholic Lutheran Protestant 15-4450 9780615166353
Catholic Lutheran Protestant 15-4450 9780615166353

Catholic Lutheran Protestant

A Doctrinal Comparison of Three Christian

Author: Gregory Jackson

"The purpose of this book has been to provide a way for people to understand, study and discuss three distinctive Christian confessions." The book is divided into three sections: Part One, Areas of Agreement; Part Two, Areas of Partial Agreement; and Part Three, Complete Disagreement. Papercover. 299 pages.
Catalog Item Number: OL-154450
Price: $ 22.00

Otten was offended by the graphic, with him posing as the Pope. I was offended that he promoted a vicious, lying book against Martin Luther for one of his Reformation issues.

Otten, who always demands answers when he emails LCMS officials, would not answer why he was selling that garbage. I emailed him several times. No answer. Finally, he responded to someone else, "I sell to both sides of the issue."

Likewise, he promoted and sold Marquart's essay against Church Growth - and published many of mine, which were free. But Otten gave David Valleskey a rave review for We Believe - Therefore We Speak, and sold it as a doctrinal book. The Valleskey book is a tangle of Universal Objective Justification and Church Growth methods.

Jackson to Otten - "Did you read the last half of the Valleskey book?"

Otten, "No."

Walther's qualifications as the Great Prophet of All Christendom are this:

  • He graduated from a rationalistic university with a bachelor's degree.
  • He participated in Pietistic groups and followed two Pietistic gurus.
  • He became the enforcer for Bishop Martin Stephan, STD, his second Pietistic leader.
  • He looked the other way when Stephan pursued young girls and made them his sex slaves, preferring his main one at the spa to his wife, who walked there to help him with his disease.
  • He led the group that stole Stephan's gold, land, and books, and kidnapped the bishop at gunpoint, because the leader's syphilis became known among his female groupies.

Otten continues to repeat the Missouri Synod myths that have deceived so many, clinging to the dogmas of Walther rather than the Biblical teaching of Martin Luther.

Luther Days Anonymous Tip

Natalie Pratt on her Facebook page, now erased.
There is a lot of erasing in her life, like her blogs.


I wonder what would happen to Luther Days/Natalie if her involvement with WELS Documented and Shattered Pulpit blogs came to light.....

 What would Paul Kuske say?



GJ - Natalie erased her Shattered Pulpit and WELS Documented blogs. They had very high ratings because she bought services that phonied up the stats.

Some parts of those blogs are still copied in this one. Various people wonder how much can be believed from Natalie Pratt, including her "near death experiences" with cancer.

Funny how she met with SP Mark Schroeder and suddenly had  the Biggest Lutheran Festival in North America, an official link from - still there - and funding from the synod.

Schroeder's leadership has resulted in a surplus of weirdness, including the Ministry of the Odd Couple, who will be there at Luther Days to sell their books and listen to your secrets. Don't worry, Scott only talks about them on Facebook.

Beginning - The Lost Dutchman's Goldmine:
Luther's Biblical Doctrine of the Word

The Lost Dutchman’s Goldmine:
Luther’s Biblical Doctrine of the Word

Gregory L. Jackson, PhD

Martin Chemnitz Press
Text copyright, Gregory L. Jackson, 2016
Art copyright, Norma A. Boeckler, 2016

When I taught in Southeast Phoenix, I often drove toward the Superstition Mountains, which seemed especially beautiful and mysterious as the sun was setting behind me. Local papers and national TV remind everyone of the fabled Lost Dutchman’s Goldmine, located in the Superstitions, near Apache Junction, so rich in gold that some dreamers have spent decades looking for it.

The Dutchman, a nickname often used for Germans, is Dr. Jacob Waltz. He had a map and directions to a goldmine with the richest ore he had ever seen. In one published story, a sample of the ore proved that it was indeed the purest gold ever found.
This legend, based on fact and enlarged by many fanciful tales and deadly searches, reminds me of another German goldmine, almost entirely lost, almost a myth today.

When Lutherans celebrate the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation in 2017, they will be selling beer bottle openers that play “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God,” and other trinkets, supposedly in honor of Martin Luther. The gadgets demean a man so lost to history that Robert Wilken -  once a Lutheran doctoral advisor at Notre Dame – declared, “There is a new Luther for every generation.” Wilken is now a Roman Catholic layman and is a Distinguished Fellow of the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology
My research in the Scriptures and comparative dogmatics have uncovered the most basic concept of Biblical teaching, which Luther highlighted and the Reformed rejected. Although the papal theologians used the Scriptures to debate the Lutherans at first, they soon turned to denouncing the Word of God as unclear, incomplete, and in need of the ultimate judge and exegete – the Pope.

Decades ago, Lutherans taught this Biblical doctrine of the Word and normally used those expressions in discussing the Christian Faith, worship, doctrine, and practice. But the map to Luther’s goldmine has apparently been lost, so leaders veer into Pentecostal, Evangelical, business, occult, Eastern Orthodox, and Roman Catholic gulches, washes, and flash floods.

Cardboard Bonanza - Roses Make Everyone Happy

We were allowed to dumpster dive for cardboard at a fast food place. I lowered Chris in carefully. Just kidding.

Our helper jumped in, literally, and we loaded the Icha-boat with thick cardboard. He was worried about filling up the car. I said, "You can walk home. The cardboard is more important."

He reacted strongly and then laughed.

We have so much that we could finish all of our front yard areas and continue in the Wild Garden. We are also using our supply of rain-soaked newspapers to fill in the gaps.

Veterans Honor

Once free mulch becomes an agenda item in the garden, more and more will appear within reach.

Organic mulch is anything that has lived - within reason. Our favorites are wood products - shredded wood mulch, newspapers, packing paper, and cardboard. We also use pine needles to add some acid to the Blueberries - and that can help roses too. Leaves are abundant in our yards and all the others, so we save all of ours on top of the gardens and grab bags from others - light, pleasant to smell, - and ideal for beneficial insects, earthworms, and improving the soil.

Purple Splash

Our helper's yard:

  1. He has two roses from our collection. Purple Splash. They are pruned and mulched.
  2. He transplanted a pesky maple from our yard, mulched it, and now it is 10 feet tall.
  3. His neighbor gave him mint, and that is growing in abundance, as I warned.

Our almost next-door neighbor has Veterans Honor from our garden, and a good friend has a group of VH in memory of her late husband.

Roses inspire happiness. After our big rain, with a wait of a few days, the roses are in another bloom cycle, aided and abetted by extra rainwater from our barrels. I don't mind hauling water like a peasant when roses bloom as a result.

 California Dreamin

Patience, Water, and Mulch. Trumpet Vine Blooms

Many plants take longer to become established than we imagine. The famous one is Asparagus, because the roots build up energy for delicious spears several years before they are harvested. Between the delay - common to all perennials - and the Purgatorial labors assigned to simply planting a crown of roots, most people are scared to death of heart attacks while digging and qualifying for Social Security before getting a few spears.

Birds plant them in the wild by perching on fences. Readers may guess the rest of the planting operation.

"I'm just here for a drink, really."

The old asparagus planting guides had the poor gardeners digging and moving soil like they were creating another Panama Canal. I opened up holes in the earthwormed and mulched soil, dropped them in, and left them alone.

Year 1 - Plant asparagus crowns, let them fern out.
Year 2 - Let them fern out.
Year 3 - Harvest when spears come up that are as thick as a man's thumb.

Roses, Clethra, Beautyberry, Blueberries, Blackberries, Raspberries, Gooseberry, and many more became established last year and now are thriving - and when stoloniferous - spreading like rumors. Like grass, many plants spread through underground stolons, making gardeners say "My Blackberries are spreading like wild and cornering the house!" and soon - "Do you need any Blackberry starts? Bueller, Bueller, anyone? anyone?"

Norma Boeckler's Hummingbird.

Trumpet Vine is another slow mover. Three sticks arrived in the mail last year. I soaked them in rainwater for 24 hours, and they showed signs of life. They were planted thus -

  • The first on the sunny side of the Maple Tree, where roses were watered.
  • The second on the shady side of a backyard tree, mostly neglected.
  • The third next to Mrs. Wright's fence, where it would get more sun, plus water from the Jackson Aerial Aqueduct - soaker hose on top of the fence.
Little growth was showing in the first year, and I wondered if the most neglected vine would survive.
The fence vine did a little better, and the Maple Rose Garden vine definitely spread and climbed the tree a bit.

The second year of growth is almost done. The first two are doing well and do even better as they become more stoloniferous and established next year.

The fence Trumpet Vine is already the mother of all vines, above the fence, spreading along the chain link network, and - what's that? - blooming. I leaned over the fence and saw my first Trumpet Vine flower, thanklessly blooming on the other side, facing away from its guardian and protector  - me. Nevertheless, I was delighted.

Why bother with Trumpet Vine? They are the ideal Hummingbird flower. Instead of repeated purchases of Hummingbird food, I grow it for the future. They also like Bee Balm, a mint that can grow in clumps or spread

Most feeders for Hummingbirds are shaped and colored to look like Trumpet Vine flowers.

That Long Delay Before Flowering and Fruiting
Most will say, "The long term plants take so long because the roots have to become established," a vague sort of statement that makes anyone nod seriously.

That solemn declaration neglects the complex facts of establishment, all established by the Creating Word and engineered to perfection:
  • The soil needs to be left alone to allow the creatures to do their work.
  • Roots grow and root hairs add to the miles  of plant exposure to the soil. Yes, yes, we all know that.
  • The fungi establish the feeding system between the vine roots and sources of food and moisture. The vine offers carbon in exchange for needed nutrition.
  • Bacteria and other microbes form a food foundation for the higher level animals, like earthworms.
  • Earthworms tunnel and improve the soil, opening up channels for water to penetrate the soil in greater depth.
  • Pests attract pest eaters - beneficial creatures - so that level of food/feeder is begun.
  • The early growth of the vine - or any plant - creates a better soil environment for all other living things.
 Someone created this excellent summary of Calvinism and Roman Catholicism.
Calvinists deny the Sacraments are efficacious.
Roman Catholics neglect the Scriptures.

The Gospel takes time to be established too. Many have the start of faith but do not feed this beginning with more study of the Word and Means of Grace worship. Mega-churches are collapsing because they began on the shifting sand of entertainment fads and saw that wash away and undermine their lucrative business.

My neighbor wanted more tomatoes so she used chemical fertilizer. She said, "I have lots of  vines but no tomatoes." I said, "With nitrogen you get all green and no fruit."

The rah-rah rock churches were all about the green, the loot, and bore no fruit to perfection.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Another Book - Liberalism: Its Cause and Cure - To Be Re-Published Soon

I wrote a series of articles about how the mainline churches became apostate. After all, Yale University once taught the reality of Adam and Eve, the apostolic authority of the Gospel of John.

I aimed the essays at Christian News, but Pastor Otten suggested they be sent to Northwestern Publishing House (WELS). NPH accepted the manuscript for publication, but asked this - "You have the cause, but what is the cure?"

Shortly after that, I gave a paper on the Means of Grace and the differences with the Church Growth Movement. Wally Oelhafen, Fred Adrian (WELS District Mission Board) and Roger Kovaciny went nuts with rage. All three were WELS pastors at the time. Kovaciny went ELS to work in the Ukraine with Jar Jar Webber. Adrian left the ministry for a time and was welcomed back by DP John Seifert, another alleged conservative.

While Kovo was throwing my paper in the air and cursing, and the DMB roaring, I thought, "This is the cure chapter." And thus the book was finished, more or less. NPH took forever to finish the publishing, for reasons never disclosed to me. The moment the book came out, it sold like crazy, and WELS did everything possible to get rid of me.

The Church Growth faction in WELS, even more dominant now, kicked out the editor who backed my work. The bosses pushed their SHUN! buttons and lots of pastors stopped speaking to me, unless they wanted to vent their ignorance.

NPH accepted then refused to publish Catholic, Lutheran, Protestant. They made up for that lapse by promoting CLP in direct mailings and selling boxes of it that they bought via Christian News.

One of my friends in insurance said that Liberalism taught him about mainline Christianity and that I showed him what the Christian Faith meant.

The book is even more relevant today, because it tracks the origins and end game of apostasy - falling away from the Faith. That is the point of this blog, to show people what is happening and provide the cure - the efficacy of the Word in the Means of Grace.

I want people to read the apostate books, whether I have vetted them or not, because faithful Christian believers need to practice doctrinal discernment - rather than have selected works spoon-fed to them - the rest banned "to prevent harm."

Since this is a smaller book, the author's price should be even lower than Catholic, Lutheran, Protestant, so this book would also make a good adult class textbook.

Liberalism is in the finishing stages for Amazon and Kindle e-books. The  budget is:

$100 - proofing.
$100 - finishing editor.
$100 - free promotional copies.
$300 - TOTAL.

 Norma Boeckler designed the new covers
and provided illustrations for the interior.

Consider Catholic, Lutheran, Protestant - To Celebrate the Reformation.
Ideal for Adult and Confirmation Classes,
And for Lutheran-Roman Catholic Marriages

Available from Amazon here, and also as a Kindle e-book here.
To get the printed copy at the author's cost, email me
When I was leaving the LCA, I attended
lectures by Kurt Marquart and Robert Preus.
My wife and son were also on the campus at that time.
I began rewriting Catholic, Lutheran, Protestant some time ago, mostly to improve the style and remove typos. The format and content are the same, except Norma Boeckler has added more of her artwork to the book. She designed the beautiful cover.

This is the third edition. One advantage of using Amazon is the lowered cost of the books, compared to Lulu (where people had to wait for discounts). The author's cost is only $6, which I charge when people want multiple copies sent to them to use as gifts or for church study. Since I am under the pan-Lutheran ban for being a Lutheran, I do not expect great sales, which depend on publishing house distribution and promotion. Instead, it is part of our congregation's evangelism and doctrinal study efforts.

The low author's cost makes it easy to send books to various libraries and individuals. The initials after my name stand for Every Day Low Prices, which I borrowed from Walmart.

The retail cost is much higher because Amazon keeps a chunk of it - only $5 is included for profit.

Catholic, Lutheran, Protestant has been used all over Lutherdom - for study, for adult classes, and for confirmation. Christian News (LCMS) and Northwestern Publishing House (WELS) have both promoted the book. Professor John Brug suggested it to his students.

Another reason for re-publishing the book is the Kindle edition. If people want to search a book and quote it with the citation, e-books are great. I use them all the time for gardening. Kindle books are portable for all devices.

I wrote the book to explain differences and agreements among Catholics, Lutherans, and Protestants. I used the vast resources of a Vatican owned seminary in Columbus, Ohio to verify Roman Catholic doctrine. My database of quotations was useful in documenting what denominations taught - in their words.

Our family has always sought out opportunities to learn from others, so this book is a bridge between the old days of Seminex and Vatican II in the old days and our current doctrinal situation.

Some figures I have known, met, heard speak, or studied under include:
Dr. Jack Preus +
Dr. Robert Preus +
Pastor Klemet Preus +
Dr. David Scaer +
Dr. Ralph Bohmann +
Pastor Herman Otten
Professor Kurt Marquart +
Professor David Scaer
LCA President Robert Marshall +
LCA President James Crumley +
ELCA President Herb Chilstrom
Cardinal Mindszenty +
Paul Y. Cho - now David Cho
Billy Graham
D. James Kennedy +
Rick Warren
Roland Bainton +
Paul L. Holmer +
Stanley Hauerwas
Nils Dahl +
Frank Fiorenza
Elisabeth Schussler-Fiorenza
John Howard Yoder +
Otto Heick +
Professor Friedrich

The + marks those who have passed into the next life, most of those on the list.

 Norma Boeckler was kind enough to provide more of her artwork
and new covers for the book.

Concordia Publishing House Markets the Reformation to Alcoholics

Reformation 500 Musical Bottle Opener


This musical bottle opener is sure to delight as it plays a rousing organ clip of A Mighty Fortress.

The countdown is on to the celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation on October 31, 2017! Our collection of gifts will help you proudly pronounce the Lutheran confession of faith in your own, unique way!

Dear WELS Answer Person,
My problem is - Can a WELS member buy something from an LCMS business? I know we work together all the time with those really great lady pastors of ELCA, but this seems to cross the boundaries of church fellowship. I couldn't sleep after ordering 5 of these, thinking about what my DP might say or do.
WELS of Pure Doctrine

If only all our members were as keen about doctrinal fine points as you are. 
I escalated this to an actual person, and she said, "Although we are now open friends with the LCMS, we cannot cross the line of celebrating the Reformation with them. Some have denied Objective Justification. It's best you spend your money at Luther Days, which was organized by people with addiction problems for those with addiction problems. Frankly, we need a few more to become the "Largest Distinctly Lutheran Conference in North America."
Bishop Katie - Have a Successful Day!
"Let ush pray."

Monday, August 22, 2016

Updating Luther on False Teachers

Luther has a list of characteristic of false teachers, which I will try to find and repost below. The old post from Paul McCain and the ELDONUTs moved me to make a new list.

I. They are drama queens. They are not content to object to something. Everything they dislike has to be portrayed as the worst possible thing that will destroy the Lutheran Church (or anything else) as we know it.

II. Their accusations are never substantiated by facts. Item -  "quite another sort of total foolishness to allow your church body to be trashed in such reckless, and frankly, psychotic fashion, by Jackson..." Trashed? Exactly how? WELS has not changed a bit by years of blogging, except there is more of the same under Mark Schroeder and his boss Mark Jeske. What exactly is this psychotic fashion, other than identifying McCain's plagiarism and supporting Justification by Faith Alone? McCain's medical qualifications are even worse than his Catholic-Lutheran education. Perhaps he forgot that is the most common accusation lobbed by overpaid and under-worked church bureaucrats.

III. The false teachers constantly work behind everyone's backs while howling about public admonition. As McCain revealed in his tirade sent to the Intrepid Lutherans, he warned Rydecki about me, but Rydecki was mature enough to make his own decisions. Earlier, McCain sought me out at Ft. Wayne, wrote friendly letters to me, and asked me to review Marquart's book in CN (which sold like hotcakes after). And McCain reviewed Liberalism favorably in CN, which also sold very well. McCain invited me to the Purple Palace. 

IV. They describe good as horribly evil and unChristian. This tactic has been the favorite of Church Growth and Universal Objective Justification. Discussing sound doctrine is "Christian bashing." Those who teach St. Paul's Biblical Justification by Faith Alone are "OJ deniers!" - which sounds like "Global Warming Deniers." Listen to the Left-wing describe conservative Americans and the same drama queen language dominates.  

V. The false teachers must silence, shun, and exile everyone who disagrees with their agenda. They never stop their raging activity, going from entity to entity to carry out their ministry of suppression. In the age of social media, that does not work well. In the past we would not have known that McCain was kicked off three different websites:

  1. Intrepid Lutherans banned him.
  2. ALPB Online Forum put him in time-outs and finally banned him.
  3. LutherQuest stopped linking his Roman Catholic plagiarism.
VI. They destroy friendships rather than building relationships. Their influence is so toxic that disrupt many relationships. That makes no difference to them, as long as they retain their illusionary power.


Editor McCain,

Some of us here appreciate and wish to continue to hear Pr. Austin's reflections on the LWF assembly.This is your last chance. Here's the deal: I am asking you to STOP commenting on any of the threads related to the LWF. If you fail to do so, I will suspend your membership on the forum until after the LWF assembly is over. Are we clear?

Whatever you say, Moderator Johnson.

ALPB Online Forum

GJ - Note that McCain has 600 posts on a forum he quit because it was harming his mental health.

GJ - I continue to get communications from people who thank me about the synodical facts being reported on this blog. They have seen the same corruption of doctrine, the same evil behavior at a close range. Most Lutheran blogs want  to argue about individual cups for communion and other trivia.

Luther on False Teachers

False Teachers Use Work of Others


"Note the master hand wherewith Paul portrays the character of false teachers, showing how they betray their avarice and ambition. First, they permit true teachers to lay the foundation and perform the labor; then they come and desire to do the work over, to reap the honors and the benefits. They bring about that the name and the work of the true teachers receive no regard and credit; what they themselves have brought—that is the thing. They make the poor simple-minded people to stare open-mouthed while they win them with flowery words and seduce them with fair speeches, as mentioned in Romans 16:18. These are the idle drones that consume the honey they will not and cannot make." Sermons of Martin Luther, 8 vols., ed., John Nicholas Lenker, Grand Rapids: Baker Book House, 1983, VII, p. 110. Second Sunday in Lent. 2 Corinthians 11:19-33; 12:1-9; Romans 16:18.

False Doctrine Tolerated


"And such false teachers have the good fortune that all their folly is tolerated, even though the people realize how these act the fool, and rather rudely at that. They have success with it all, and people bear with them. But no patience is to be exercised toward true teachers! Their words and their works are watched with the intent of entrapping them, as complained of in Psalm 17:9 and elsewhere. When only apparently a mote is found, it is exaggerated to a very great beam. No toleration is granted. There is only judgment, condemnation and scorn. Hence the office of preaching is a grievous one. He who has not for his sole motive the benefit of his neighbor and the glory of God cannot continue therein. The true teacher must labor, and permit others to have the honor and profit of his efforts, while he receives injury and derision for his reward."
Sermons of Martin Luther, 8 vols., ed., John Nicholas Lenker, Grand Rapids: Baker Book House, 1983, VII, p. 110f. Second Sunday in Lent. 2 Corinthians 11:19-33; 12:1-9. Psalm 17:9.

God Punishes Ingratitude by Allowing False Teachers


"In the second place such teachers are disposed to bring the people into downright bondage and to bind their conscience by forcing laws upon them and teaching works-righteousness. The effect is that fear impels them to do what has been pounded into them, as if they were bondslaves, while their teachers command fear and attention. But the true teachers, they who give us freedom of conscience and create us lords, we soon forget, even despise. The dominion of false teachers is willingly tolerated and patiently endured; indeed, it is given high repute. All those conditions are punishments sent by God upon them who do not receive the Gospel with love and gratitude."
Sermons of Martin Luther, 8 vols., ed., John Nicholas Lenker, Grand Rapids: Baker Book House, 1983, VII, p. 111. Second Sunday in Lent. 2 Corinthians 11:19-33; 12:1-9. John 5:43.

False Teachers Flay Disciples to Bone


"In the third place, false teachers flay their disciples to the bone, and cut them out of house and home, but even this is taken and endured. Such, I opine, has been our experience under the Papacy. But true preachers are even denied their bread. Yet this all perfectly squares with justice! For, since men fail to give unto those from whom they receive the Word of God, and permit the latter to serve them at their own expense, it is but fair they should give the more unto preachers of lies, whose instruction redounds to their injury. What is withheld from Christ must be given in tenfold proportion to the devil. They who refuse to give the servant of truth a single thread, must be oppressed by liars." Sermons of Martin Luther, 8 vols., ed., John Nicholas Lenker, Grand Rapids: Baker Book House, 1983, VII, p. 111f. Second Sunday in Lent. 2 Corinthians 11:19-33; 12:1-9.

Avarice in False Teachers


"Fourth, false apostles forcibly take more than is given them. They seize whatever and whenever they can, thus enhancing their insatiable avarice. This, too, is excused in them."
Sermons of Martin Luther, 8 vols., ed., John Nicholas Lenker, Grand Rapids: Baker Book House, 1983, VII, p. 112. Second Sunday in Lent. 2 Corinthians 11:19-33; 12:1-9.

They Lord It Over Us


"Fifth, these deceitful teachers, not satisfied with having acquired our property, must exalt themselves above us and lord it over us...We bow our knees before them, worship them and kiss their feet. And we suffer it all, yes, with fearful reverence regard it as just and right. And it is just and right, for why did we not honor the Gospel by accepting and preserving it?"
Sermons of Martin Luther, 8 vols., ed., John Nicholas Lenker, Grand Rapids: Baker Book House, 1983, VII, p. 112. Second Sunday in Lent. 2 Corinthians 11:19-33; 12:1-9.

We Are Dogs and Foot-Rags


"Sixth, our false apostles justly reward us by smiting us in the face. That is, they consider us inferior to dogs; they abuse us, and treat us as foot-rags."
Sermons of Martin Luther, 8 vols., ed., John Nicholas Lenker, Grand Rapids: Baker Book House, 1983, VII, p. 112. Second Sunday in Lent. 2 Corinthians 11:19-33; 12:1-9.

False Teachers Are Peacocks


"The peacock is an image of heretics and fanatical spirits. For on the order of the peacock they, too, show themselves and strut about in their gifts, which never are outstanding. But if they could see their feet, that is the foundation of their doctrine, they would be stricken with terror, lower their crests, and humble themselves. To be sure, they, too, suffer from jealousy, because they cannot bear honest and true teachers. They want to be the whole show and want to put up with no one next to them. And they are immeasurably envious, as peacocks are. Finally, they have a raucous and unpleasant voice, that is, their doctrine is bitter and sad for afflicted and godly minds; for it casts consciences down more than it lifts them up and strengthens them."
What Luther Says, An Anthology, 3 vols., ed., Ewald Plass, St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 1959, II, p. 642.