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Thursday, March 22, 2018

The Leaders of WELS, LCMS, ELS, CLC (sic) & Steadfast Lutherans, LutherQuest, and Christian News Are All Modernists - ELCA Too, Of Course.
Their Rationalism Arrived via Calvinism/Pietism

Apostasy Reigns Supreme
The 3-26-2018 issue of Christian News is another debacle of doctrinal apostasy. There must be a contest to see which group is the most hypocritical.

Notice the graphic above. The first step was taken many decades ago. The Lutherans foolishly went along with Nida's dynamic equivalence and the paraphrased modernistic Bible translations. The RSV was the first big production. That epitome of Calvinism comes in two flavors now - the NIV and the ESV, both available for the new WELS catechism. Save. Me. A. Copy.

The promotion of crypto-Universalism began with Walther, a college graduate weak in Biblical languages but strong in sex abuse enabling. Since this entire faction placed the Waltherian UOJ theses above the Bible, they rejected the infallibility, clarity, and efficacy of the Word.

What dominates ELCA and all the supposedly conservative, "confessional," and "orthodox" sects today? Universal Objective Justification. What are the results?

Published 2000. So who thought it was best to get into bed
with ELCA? 

The conservatives abhor what ELCA has done since 2009, but they have their own gay Book of Concord now. Kolb-Wengert honors the seminary professor who established the 2009 change in ELCA's position on marriage and ordination - Timothy Wengert.

 Satan's upside-down star and emblem on a rainbow -
that is the result of four years at WELS' Martin Luther College.

The LCMS seminary professors do not want to be associated with them there backwoods hicks that still believe in Creation, so they are now patiently explaining what the "scholars" say about the Bible. Oh, do go on. Their problem is - the Bible is still efficacious and clear, so their philosophizing to please ELCA and the intellectualoids at State U. is a waste of time. We still believe.

Through UOJ they have rejected the Gospel and want instead to promote their mainline apostasy as the heart and soul of the Reformation. Too bad they could not hide their disgust with Luther and their ignorance of Melanchthon.

The best WELS and Missouri could do with the Reformation's 500th - to offer a few crass trinkets that would embarrass a confessing atheist, who might exclaim, "You say you like Luther and Melanchthon? I do not want to be your friend, at that rate."

 Mr. and Mrs. Prospect, have you considered our bar ministry?

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