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Monday, July 16, 2018

The Cardinal Has Spoken...On SpenerQuest.
Anonymous Libel Is Prohibited - And Also Very Expensive

 Even Cardinals consult their lawyers.

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Pastor Cascione (Cardinal)
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Posted on Monday, July 16, 2018 - 4:44 pm:   Edit Post Delete Post Print Post

Dear Luther Quest Participants:
It is important that we follow the guidelines.
Rude name calling will not be tolerated on this board. This open forum permits the free exchange of ideas. The purpose of this board is to promote Lutheran dialogue. Many people, including myself, have a long standing scriptural disagreement with Greg Jackson on the Doctrine of Objective Justification. It permeates his entire thought process. If forgiveness did not exist before faith, there would be nothing to believe in and no reason to convert to Christianity. What should we say, "Be a Christian and we have a big surprise for you?"

However, rudeness and name calling on this board will not be tolerated. Further outbursts will be result in expulsion from this board.

Signed: The owner who just paid another $179.00 to keep this board online.


GJ - I am giving them 30 days to publish an apology. Since they are addicted to grace, according to their stance, that should be no problem. Or, am I right in saying the UOJ Salesmen are Antinomian?

Jack Cardinal Cascione cannot bring himself to say Justification by Faith, but he does feel compelled to mock the Chief Article of Christianity.

Nor can he avoid the temptation of judging my thoughts and motivations.

Another Ft. Wayne conference on the Confessions!

Dragons and a Few Lizards Slain - Now Sending Out Luther's Sermons and
Gems Mined from Luther's Sermons

 The Enthusiasts are sending more readers this way.
Here is my bio, which they posted.

I put off a number of things while finishing Luther's Sermons. New ones appeared at the same time, from medicine costs to other matters, all neatly entangled. Last Monday featured $500 stolen from my account, which I had to retrieve - and did.

I even had to decode the Amazon author's page for sending out titles at my cost. They do not assume a nine volume set is going to be listed.

Here is the short version on ordering Luther's Sermons and the Gems.

The 8 Volume Luther's Sermons are by default in black and white, which allows them to be priced at $5 each, without shipping and taxes.

The Gems Mined from Luther's Sermons (from all 8 volumes) is in color, because it is smaller: $10 without shipping and taxes.

Together, the cost is $70 at my cost, including the shipping and taxes: 8 volumes of Sermons, the complete Lenker set, plus some of the best quotations from each volume.

Kindle E-Books - most of the Kindle Sermons are 99 cents now. I am working with the finishing editor to keep those prices down to the lowest possible level. I thought I could get them to zero, but I am not sure. There will be a unified file of all 8 plus the Gems, God willing - free. All other books I publish, past and future, will be priced the same way on Kindle - the lowest possible.

My purpose is to distribute traditional Lutheran material as inexpensively as possible. Neglect of Luther is simply shameful today. The results are clear, from Fuller adoration to pilgrimages to Willow Creek to worshiping with Andy the Apostate Babtist. Didn't see that coming? Look at his daddy's marital record and discipleship under Dave (nee Paul) Y. Cho.

From Rev. Long via the Lutheran Library Publishing Ministry

Long's statement is true to Luther's sermons.
"The closer to Luther, the better the theologian." That is why we have so-called Lutherans repudiating him, which makes them bitter theologians all. They are only fighting over their Thrivent scraps now.

From Rev. Long:
(1) How often I have heard Sunday-school teachers talk about the Pharisee as though he were a mean, low man. I have heard ministers of the Gospel hold up the Pharisee as if he were the lowest of the low. No wonder that the people are misled in understanding the Scriptures. You take all the argument away from Jesus, if that were true. The real truth is that the scribes and Pharisees were considered the best people that lived on God's earth in the days of Christ. Who were the scribes? Why, they were the men of God who copied the Old Testament for the people; they were the men who interpreted God's Word, and read it in the synagogues; they were the people who taught theology; they were the people to whom every one looked for advice in the things that pertained to sacred things. And who were the Pharisees? When I study the history of the Pharisee closely, I discover that he got his name from the enemy and did not give it to himself. The Pharisees were a people who dated back to the Babylonian captivity and became national in reputation between the second and first centuries before Christ; they were a people who had the utmost respect and love for God's holy law, written and oral; they were a people who were so far above the average in their piety that the enemy looked at them, and said, "Look at the separatists" – and that is the very meaning of the word Pharisee; they were a people who felt that they were too noble and too good to associate with the low trash of the country; they were a people who were educated and had no use for ignorance, and tried their best to lift the people up to their own level; they were the people who were orthodox, in opposition to the Sadducees, who were infidelic, who did not believe in the resurrection of the body, what we would call in this day agnostic. The Pharisee did believe in the resurrection of the dead; he did believe in the holy angels; he did believe in a Judgment Day to come. They were the preservers of God's holy law, and the only reason that the Lord Jesus Christ called them hypocrites, was because they did not live according to the spirit of the law, as much as they did according to the oral form handed down by tradition, for in many respects the law of Jesus Himself commends the thing the Pharisee did, and the real truth is that Paul himself, one of the greatest of all men, was a student of Gamaliel, the Pharisee, and he called himself the Pharisee of Pharisees. Let us therefore not lose the argument that the Lord Jesus Christ gives us in this lesson today. He says this, "I am now talking to you, My disciples, in the presence of people known as the scribes and Pharisees; a people that are looked up to as the best people on God's earth, and I want to tell you, my dear friends, that this thing is true, that they are the best people on God's earth, as far as human righteousness is concerned; nevertheless, unless you have a righteousness that will exceed the righteousness of the best people that today are living, you cannot enter into the kingdom of heaven." There is a force in that argument that every man should take home to himself.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

SpenerQuest Proves - "Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but whoever hates correction is stupid." (NIV)

 Acolite John

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Dave Schumacher (Lex)
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Posted on Sunday, July 15, 2018 - 8:47 am:   Edit Post Delete Post Print Post

"That the human race is truly redeemed and reconciled with God through Christ.."

That IS objective justification. No more, no less.
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Dave Schumacher (Lex)
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Posted on Sunday, July 15, 2018 - 8:54 am:   Edit Post Delete Post Print Post

Because Christ redeemed the world, the world is reconciled to God. The world could not be reconciled to God if the world of sinners had not been forgiven by God.
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Rick Strickert (Carlvehse)
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Posted on Sunday, July 15, 2018 - 9:36 am:   Edit Post Delete Post Print Post

Well, now Lufauxabod is asserting that Luther Quest incurs legal liability for suppo

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Dave Schumacher (Lex)
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Posted on Sunday, July 15, 2018 - 9:54 am:   Edit Post Delete Post Print Post

Why would anyone think that that is nuts?
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AcolyteJohn (Acolyte)
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Posted on Sunday, July 15, 2018 - 4:06 pm:   Edit Post Delete Post Print Post

Is anyone else amused by the high irony (not to mention hypocricy) of a man whose entire blog site is filled with libel getting his nose bent out of joint and claiming "libel"? Pot meet kettle. :-) LOL.


GJ - One reader suggested Proverbs 12:1 for the SpenerQuest cell group. I used the NIV because it was written for a very low level of reading comprehension.

I pointed out they were quoting the Book of Concord and reading Ichabod (hourly!) - a good start.

I already talked to my attorney.