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I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men; For kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty. For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour; Who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth. 1 Timothy 2:1-4

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Sunday, October 20, 2019

Eighteenth Sunday after Trinity, 2019

  Graphic by Norma A. Boeckler

The Eighteenth Sunday after Trinity, 2019

Pastor Gregory L. Jackson

The Hymn # 239                 Come Thou Almighty King                         
The Confession of Sins
The Absolution
The Introit p. 16
The Gloria Patri
The Kyrie p. 17
The Gloria in Excelsis
The Salutation and Collect p. 19
The Epistle and Gradual       
The Gospel              
Glory be to Thee, O Lord!
Praise be to Thee, O Christ!
The Nicene Creed             p. 22
The Sermon Hymn #269            O Lord Our Father                      

Love for God

The Preface p. 24
The Sanctus p. 26
The Lord's Prayer p. 27
The Words of Institution
The Agnus Dei p. 28
The Nunc Dimittis p. 29
The Benediction p. 31
The Hymn #651             Be Still My Soul    
In Our Prayers
  • Carl Roper and his wife Lynda.
  • The family of Norm Woehrle, who died last night - a WWII veteran and long-time friend of the Jacksons.
  • Pastor K and Doc Lito Cruz - dealing with diabetes.
  • Those looking for work and a better income.
  • Glen Kotten is visiting the Philippines this month. We met him at the Shraders. Pastor Shrader continues his battle with cancer. Pastor Shrader's congregation is in fellowship with us and the Bethany Philippine Mission - they are also contributing to the effort. Pastor Palangyos is baptizing two families this Sunday.
  • Large Print page 15 is available.
 Graphic by Norma A. Boeckler

KJV 1 Corinthians 1:4 I thank my God always on your behalf, for the grace of God which is given you by Jesus Christ; 5 That in every thing ye are enriched by him, in all utterance, and in all knowledge; 6 Even as the testimony of Christ was confirmed in you: 7 So that ye come behind in no gift; waiting for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ: 8 Who shall also confirm you unto the end, that ye may be blameless in the day of our Lord Jesus Christ. 9 God is faithful, by whom ye were called unto the fellowship of his Son Jesus Christ our Lord.

KJV Matthew 22:34 But when the Pharisees had heard that he had put the Sadducees to silence, they were gathered together. 35 Then one of them, which was a lawyer, asked him a question, tempting him, and saying, 36 Master, which is the great commandment in the law? 37 Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. 38 This is the first and great commandment. 39 And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. 40 On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets. 41 While the Pharisees were gathered together, Jesus asked them, 42 Saying, What think ye of Christ? whose son is he? They say unto him, The Son of David. 43 He saith unto them, How then doth David in spirit call him Lord, saying, 44 The LORD said unto my Lord, Sit thou on my right hand, till I make thine enemies thy footstool? 45 If David then call him Lord, how is he his son? 46 And no man was able to answer him a word, neither durst any man from that day forth ask him any more questions.

 Graphic based on Norma Boeckler's Art

Eighteenth Sunday After Trinity

Lord God, heavenly Father: We are poor, miserable sinners; we know Thy will, but cannot fulfill it because of the weakness of our flesh and blood, and because our enemy, the devil, will not leave us in peace. Therefore we beseech Thee, shed Thy Holy Spirit in our hearts, that, in steadfast faith, we may cling to Thy Son Jesus Christ, find comfort in His passion and death, believe the forgiveness of sin through Him, and in willing obedience to Thy will lead holy lives on earth, until by Thy grace, through a blessed death, we depart from this world of sorrow, and obtain eternal life, through Thy Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord, who liveth and reigneth with Thee and the Holy Ghost, one true God, world without end. Amen.

Background for the Gospel, Matthew 22, The Lord Said to My Lord

Some harbor the concept that one can debate every topic except religion, as if the college and professional champions are important and eternity is not. St. Paul wrote that "there must be divisions and heresies" to prove what is good. The debate between Jesus and the religious leaders was a significant feature of Jewish education and still is. The pupils challenge the rabbi and the rabbi asks them a question that would stump most people. 

We see that division throughout the Bible, the choice between good and evil, life and death. Many choose the easy path of getting along and following the trends of society. However, that has resulted in massive corruption and the abuse of the poorest of the poor, the weakest of the weak, the unborn. 

Not surprisingly, the image and name of Moloch, the pagan god for sacrificing children, has become popular, even as a name for software. The time is coming soon when light will overcome darkness or darkness will prevail in our country and around the world. These evils are global, Satanic, and paved with gold and debauchery.  

Those who know Jesus is the only-begotten Son of God will not hesitate to witness to His Name and His truth. Anyone who questions His divinity, His loving-kindness, and His gracious will should read the Gospel of John.

 Graphic by Norma A. Boeckler

Love for God

KJV Matthew 22:34 But when the Pharisees had heard that he had put the Sadducees to silence, they were gathered together. 35 Then one of them, which was a lawyer, asked him a question, tempting him, and saying, 36 Master, which is the great commandment in the law?

As wrote above, debates about the Scriptures are part of Jewish tradition and lore. One style is to have the audience ask three different questions and the rabbi asking the final question of the crowd. There is a story about this in The Joys of Yiddish. The rabbi has a driver take him around in a horse cart, so he can teach people in various locations (I think in Russia). After a long time of doing this, the driver says, "I know so much about our teaching that I could be the rabbi and you the driver of the horse-cart." They exchanged clothing and set off to a new location. Everything went fine at first and the fake rabbi did well. Then someone asked a very tough and complex question, which is part of the tradition, to stump the rabbi. The fake rabbi began sweating and trying to come up with an answer. He finally said, "The answer is so simple that even my lowly cart-driver can answer it," pointing to him.

The give and take of teaching, mostly gone today in all cultures, is part of genuine Judaism because of their respect for the Word of God. To understand the Bible, one must associate the Word of God directly with the will of God. They are not separate. Or, as we often say, "The Word is never without the Spirit, and the Spirit is never without the Word." (A. Hoenecke) To show how much people have corrupted this concept in their Calvinism, the latest edition of the Yale Divinity School magazine, Reflections, quoted a woman saying this, "For a long time there were few women allowed to study to be a pastor. Then all at once, the Holy Spirit blew open all the doors of the seminaries." (paraphrased)

This errant view of the Spirit is to say, "Whatever I like is from the Holy Spirit." It comes from Calvin's notion of the "sovereignty of God" meaning that the Spirit may or may not be present in the Word, in worship, in the Sacraments. This graduate liked what happened and therefore it came from the Spirit.

If the Word of God accomplishes His will, as we know it does, from Isaiah 55:8ff and dozens of other passages, then whatever is said in the Name of God is absolutely essential, powerful, and not to be treated like a child's toy, play with at times, left alone, or broken in a puerile rage.

One mark of apostasy is our age's fear of controversy about the Scriptures. Everyone must calm down and listen to the commands issued from the synodical politicians. Various people will step in, not to deal with the Word of God, but to punish anyone who raises real issues - "disturbing others." 

Our tiny Ohio Conference, WELS, was upset over the promotion of Church Growth throughout the synod and in our location. The pastors asked for a speaker to address this. They sent the Number One Fan of Church Growth, David Valleskey, to give a paper, which was about "spoiling the Egyptians," stealing all the wonderful insights of Fuller Seminary. Yes, he went to Fuller, as he admitted to Pastor David Koenig, but David denied it, scared white, when I asked him face-to-face.

We can see the question as hostile, because we know it was generally the case when leaders confronted Jesus. However, the tradition was good and we see how it elicits the truth from the Son of God. Conflict brings out the truth. No matter how we may stutter and stammer and not make a perfect case for God's Word, the slightest implication of honoring that Word can cause eruptions of anger and vindictive responses. That is when we know the Word has found the target, because the flak rises to greet us with determination.

36 Master, which is the great commandment in the law?
This is a superb question, because it involves asking the Lord of Creation what is the primary commandment in the Torah - all the teaching of God, which we now call the Old Testament. The New Testament was yet to be written.

One pastor wondered about how to return his relative from Judaism to Christianity. I said, "Tell him he is not a real Jew. A genuine Jew embraces Christianity and faith in Jesus because the Old Testament is full of Gospel Promises and cannot be understood apart from that knowledge. Isaiah 53 and Psalm 22 are direct prophesies of Jesus the Messiah. That is why Jews realize the truth and believe in Him."

Because the Holy Spirit is stingy with words, we have to take this question and the answer quite seriously and pay attention. Then we should also mull over it all week to make it fresh and lively in our minds and actions.

37 Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. 38 This is the first and great commandment.

God created Adam perfect so that he loved His Creator in this way. This is the ideal. 

Here the Prophets come now, and preach Christ, and say: One is coming who will give counsel how man may regain what he lost and again enter the state from which he fell, to which the Law points him. This is the other sermon that should and must be preached until the day of judgment, namely, the help from sin, death and satan, and restoration of our bodies and souls, so that we may come into the state that we love God and our neighbor from our hearts. This is to be done fully and perfectly in the future life, but here in this life it should be commenced.

8. For in the life beyond there will be no longer any faith, but perfect love, and all the Law demands we will do with our whole heart. Therefore we must now preach what we should become and should forever continue to be, namely, that we are to love God and our neighbor with our whole heart. This I will commence, says Christ, and complete, not alone as to my own person, but I will aid you to make a beginning, and to continue ever in it, until you come where you will also fulfill it perfectly.

Because Adam and Eve sinned, the created impulse to love God was lost. However. God moves us through the Gospel to realize how merciful and forgiving God is, that His power is chiefly known in showing mercy. In seeing how Christ died for our sins, we realize how great this divine love is. "We love Him because He first loved us."

Some of the wording in the sermon linked may seem harsh, but Luther was dealing with an age where the visible church said, "Just belong to us and that is your assurance of partial salvation. You will go to Purgatory for sure, but we can help you shorten that."

A vague connection to God is not loving Him with all our heart, soul, and mind. The more people have watered down the Word of God with entertainment and treats, the less people  care about worship. No one is helping them start this journey toward eternal life, which begins with the knowledge of our fallen nature.

My wife asked me how ministers could become atheists, as the author of Love Wins did. I could see it clearly, because the minister is awash in getting everything done and pleasing people so that there is no time for actual study of the Word. Shortcuts lead to even more of this. If gimmicks seem to work, the gimmicks are used until the entire operation is a farce. The Phoenix Community of Joy recognized  this, fired all the professional entertainers on the staff, and saw the membership collapse. It no longer exists. 

That has to be turned around by the minister and congregation so the Word of God is first and everything else is secondary or even unwelcome. No more Boy Scout Sunday, Girl Scout Sunday, Veterans Sunday, Masonic Lodge Sunday, and Bakery Sunday. Brunhilda will not sing "You Light Up My Life," even if she has 50 relatives who will come to hear her sing.

When the emphasis is on the Word, and the Word is trusted, Christ dwells in the hearts of people through faith. How can we be guided and moved in ways pleasing God if we do not have Christ dwelling within us through faith?

The purpose of having the Sabbath is to give people needed rest and to let them enjoy the Word of God so worship becomes the bread of life from heaven for all those who hunger for righteousness.

39 And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. 40 On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.

The second commandment is the created fruit of the Spirit. Because we love God, that love produces a desire to help our neighbor, even if we never meet that neighbor face-to-face. Thus missions were started all over the world by those who saw the need to provide the Gospel to others. Europe hated that for a long time. Stay here where you have a church and pastor. But people left for many reasons and often had not spiritual guide. So people like Loehe send real leaders to those locations and those areas thrived and became centers of the Gospel.

This also applies to those closest to us, though we also have that through the Internet. As I have written before, people in this area have helped with our dead battery to such a degree that they would not let me call AAA for help. "No, I am not leaving until your  car is running." And they did that for a stranger.

Call me biased by age, but I believed this long ago. People should honor and respect the oldest generation. There is much to learn. Fortunately, I am still younger than many and I still appreciate and enjoy the wisdom of those who have lived through WWII and have so much to offer. Asians simply revere age, and they show that in many different ways. The new wisdom is that people who tweet all day must know a lot because they always read the latest trivial, watch the latest funny videos, etc. Some of them even walk into ponds while doing so, a measure of their focus.

When Luther approaches a text, he often starts by saying. "This lesson teaches about two loves, love for God and love for our neighbor." His constant them, following Jesus, is that the two loves must go together. If we have no love for God, no desire to hear His Word, there will be no genuine love for others. If we imagine that we love God and show no love for our neighbor, then we must repent and ask ourselves if we really are sorry for our sins and receiving forgiveness through faith in the Savior. Because, if we are, then love and patience toward others is automatical.

 Altar Designed by Norma A. Boeckler

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Luther's Sermon on Jesus' Confrontation with the Religious Leaders,
Matthew 22:34-46



KJV Matthew 22:34 But when the Pharisees had heard that he had put the Sadducees to silence, they were gathered together. 35 Then one of them, which was a lawyer, asked him a question, tempting him, and saying, 36 Master, which is the great commandment in the law? 37 Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. 38 This is the first and great commandment. 39 And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. 40 On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets. 41 While the Pharisees were gathered together, Jesus asked them, 42 Saying, What think ye of Christ? whose son is he? They say unto him, The Son of David. 43 He saith unto them, How then doth David in spirit call him Lord, saying, 44 The LORD said unto my Lord, Sit thou on my right hand, till I make thine enemies thy footstool? 45 If David then call him Lord, how is he his son? 46 And no man was able to answer him a word, neither durst any man from that day forth ask him any more questions.

1. In this Gospel Christ answers the question the Pharisees put to him:

Which is the greatest commandment in the Law ? and in turn asks them the question: What think ye of the Christ, whose son is he ? Thus this Gospel presents to us that which we continually hear and should hear, so that these two sermons must continue to be preached in Christendom, namely: the first, the teaching of the Law or of the ten commandments, and the second, the doctrine concerning the grace of Christ. For if either of these fall it pulls the other with it; while on the other hand, wherever the one remains steadfast and is faithfully put into practice, it brings the other with it.

2. And God has ordained that these two themes shall be preached forever in the Christian Church, yea, they have always since the beginning of the world accompanied one another; they were given to our father Adam, while he was still in Paradise, and were later confirmed through Abraham, Moses and the Prophets.

For they are required by the needs of humanity, fallen as it is under the power of satan, so that we live and move in sin and are worthy of eternal death. Adam felt and lamented sin and its injuries; but later the sense of sin soon weakened and was disregarded, so that the heathen did not consider it sin although they indeed felt evil lust and desire in their bodies; but they imagined all that belonged to the character and nature of man. Yet they taught man should restrain such lust and desires and not allow them to go too far; but this nature in itself they did not condemn.

3. Therefore God gave this one simple teaching that reveals what man is, what he has been, and what he should again become. This is the doctrine of the Law, which Christ here cites: “Thou shalt love God with all thy heart, etc.” As if to say: Thus thou hast been, and thus thou shalt still be and become. In Paradise you were in possession of the treasure, and were thus created that you loved God with all your heart; this you have lost; but now you must again become as you were, or you will never enter the Kingdom of God. In like manner he speaks clearly and plainly in other places, Matthew 19:17: “If thou wouldst enter into life, keep the commandments.” Likewise, Luke 10:28: “This do and thou shalt live, etc.” This must in short be kept; and that we wish to dispute so much about it amounts to nothing, as if one might be saved without it, namely, without that which is called loving God with the whole heart and your neighbor as yourself. This divine law must be fulfilled by you as purely and completely as the angels in heaven fulfill it.

4. Therefore it is wrong and not to be allowed, as some in ancient times said and as some stupid spirits now say: Although you do not keep the commandment, and do not love God and your neighbor, yea, although you are even an adulterer, that makes no difference, if you only believe, then you will be saved. No, dear mortal, that amounts to nothing; you will never thus gain heaven; it must come to the point that you keep the commandments, and abide in love toward God and your neighbor. For there it stands briefly determined; “If thou wouldst enter into life, keep the commandments.” Again, to the Galatians, 5:19-21: “Now the works of the flesh are manifest, of which I forewarn you, even as I did forewarn you, that those who practice such things, shall not inherit the Kingdom of Heaven, etc.”

5. And Christ wishes this doctrine to be observed by the Christians so that they may know what they have been, what they are still lacking and what they should again become, that they continue not in the misery and filth in which they find themselves now; for if they do, they must be lost.

Christ speaks right out plainly in Matthew 5:17-18: “Think not that I came to destroy the Law or the Prophets; I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill. For verily I say unto you, the Law must be so taught and observed that not the smallest letter or one tittle of it shall in any wise pass away, till all things be accomplished.” Again, Christ says further in Matthew 12:36: “And I say unto you, that every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof on the day of judgment.” And St. Paul in Romans 8:4: “God sent his Son in the flesh that the righteousness, required by the Law, might be fulfilled in us.” And in Romans 3:31: “Do we then make the Law of none effect if we teach man is justified through faith, and not through works. That is far from us; nay, we establish the Law.” That is, for this very reason we teach faith, by which the law is fulfilled.

6. For this is indeed a glorious doctrine that teaches what we are to become; but that it may also be realized and not continue to be preached in vain, the other doctrine must be added, namely, how and through what means we may again return to our former state. We return when we hear what we lost in Paradise; when Adam lived in full love to God, and in pure love to his neighbor, and in perfect obedience without evil lust, and that had he remained thus we would still be so; but now, since through sin he fell from this command, we also lie in the same misery, full of sin and disobedience, under God’s wrath and curse, and fall from one sin to another, and the Law stands there, holds us guilty, urges and requires us to be pious and obedient to God.

7. What shall we then do here, since the Law continually commands and drives us, and we are powerless? For here my own conscience argues ever against me: Since I am to love God with my whole heart and my neighbor as myself, and I do not do it, I must therefore be condemned and God approves and confirms the sentence of condemnation. Who will counsel me in this instance? I do not know what to counsel you, says the Law; but it decrees and demands plainly that you be obedient.

Here the Prophets come now, and preach Christ, and say: One is coming who will give counsel how man may regain what he lost and again enter the state from which he fell, to which the Law points him. This is the other sermon that should and must be preached until the day of judgment, namely, the help from sin, death and satan, and restoration of our bodies and souls, so that we may come into the state that we love God and our neighbor from our hearts. This is to be done fully and perfectly in the future life, but here in this life it should be commenced.

8. For in the life beyond there will be no longer any faith, but perfect love, and all the Law demands we will do with our whole heart. Therefore we must now preach what we should become and should forever continue to be, namely, that we are to love God and our neighbor with our whole heart. This I will commence, says Christ, and complete, not alone as to my own person, but I will aid you to make a beginning, and to continue ever in it, until you come where you will also fulfill it perfectly.

9. Now this will come to pass thus. Since we are unable to keep the Law and it is impossible for the natural man to do so, Christ came and stepped between the Father and us, and prays for us: Beloved Father, be gracious unto them and forgive them their sins. I will take upon me their transgressions and bear them; I love thee with my whole heart, and in addition the entire human race, and this I will prove by shedding my blood for mankind. Moreover, I have fulfilled the Law and I did it for their welfare in order that they may partake of my fulfilling the Law and thereby come to grace.

10. Thus there is first given us through Christ the sense that we do not fulfill the Law and that sin is fully and completely forgiven: however, this is not bestowed in a way or to the end, that we in the future need not keep the Law, and may forever continue to sin, or that we should teach, if we have faith then we need no longer to love God and our neighbor. But there is bestowed upon us the sense that the fulfilling of the Law may now for the first time be successfully attempted and perfectly realized, and this is the eternal, fixed and unchangeable will of God. To this end it is necessary to preach grace, that man may find counsel and help to come to a perfect life.

11. But the help offered us is, that Christ prays the Father to forgive us our sins against this Law, and not to impute what we are still indebted. Then he promises also to give the Holy Spirit, by whose aid the heart begins to love God and to keep his commandments. For God is not gracious and merciful to sinners to the end that they might not keep his Law, nor that they should remain as they were before they received grace and mercy; but he condones and forgives both sin and death for the sake of Christ, who has fulfilled the whole Law in order thereby to make the heart sweet and through the Holy Spirit to kindle and move the heart to begin again to love from day to day more and more.

12. Thus begins in us not only love, but also truth, that is, a true character, as the Law requires; like St. John says in 1:17, that Christ is full of grace and truth, and through him grace and truth grow in us, which neither Moses nor the law can give us. For the Law is not abolished thus by grace, that the truth is to be overlooked, and that we should not love God; but through him we experience that we do not as perfectly keep the Law as we ought in the kingdom of forgiveness or of grace. But besides the Holy Spirit is given us, who kindles a new flame or fire in us, namely, love and desire to do God’s commandments. In the kingdom of grace this should begin and ever grow until the day of judgment, when it shall no longer be called grace or forgiveness, but pure truth and perfect obedience. In the meantime he continues to give, forgive, to bear and forbear, until we are laid in our graves.

13. Now if we thus continue in faith, that is, in what the Holy Spirit gives and forgives, in what he begins and ends, then the fire on the judgment day, by which the whole world is to be consumed, will cleanse and purify us, so that we will no longer need this giving and forgiving, as if there were something unclean and sinful in us, as there really is at present; we will certainly be as the brightness of the dear sun, without spot and defect, full of love, as Adam was at the beginning in Paradise.

Thus will it then be truly said, the Law is established and fulfilled, Romans 3:31. For it will then no longer blame and rebuke us; but the Law shall be considered satisfied, and the debt paid, even by ourselves; since all is now fulfilled, not through us, and yet by it we are freed and saved, so that we creep under Christ’s mantle and wings, that he makes satisfaction for us until we lie under the earth and then come again out of the grave with a beautiful, glorified body that will be nothing but holiness and purity, with a cleansed soul full of the love of God. Then we will no longer be in need of his mantle and of his prayers, but we will all be there perfect and complete, as we should be. Now, since I believe in him, my sins are forgiven and I am called a child of grace. And moreover, the truth also should arise in me, that is, a new righteous character, that shall continue until it perfects me; since Christ, the truth, has come, not to destroy the Law, but to establish it, not only in himself, which was done long ago. but in me and in all Christians.

14. These are the two doctrines that should accompany one another, since they belong together or the one is in the other, and they must always go together as long as we live here, by which the Law or God’s commandment may begin to work in Christians, so that the wicked, disobedient persons of the world may be restrained and punished. Since they will not fear and love God like Christians and believers, they are obliged to fear eternal fire, perdition and other punishments. Others, however, will be taught by it from what they have fallen and how sorely and fully they have inherited sin.

15. For when I compare my life with the Law I see and experience always the contrary of what the Law enjoins. I shall entrust to God my body and soul, and love him with my whole heart; yet, I would rather have a dollar in my chest than ten gods in my heart, and I am happier when I know how to make ten dollars, than when I hear the whole Gospel. Let a prince give a person a castle or several thousand dollars, what a jumping and rejoicing it creates! On the other hand, let a person be baptized or receive the communion which is a heavenly, eternal treasure, there is not one-tenth as much rejoicing. Thus we are by nature; there is none who so heartily rejoices over God’s gifts and grace as over money and earthly possessions; what does that mean but that we do not love God as we ought? For if we trusted and loved him, we would rejoice more that he gave us the sense of sight than if we possessed the whole world. And the word of consolation he speaks to me through the Gospel ought to give me higher joy than the favor, money, wealth and honor of the whole world. But that it is not so and ten thousand dollars can make people happier than all the grace and possessions of God, proves what kind of fruit we are, and what a distressing and horrible fall it is in which we lie. And yet we would not see nor realize it, if it were not revealed to us through the Law, and we would have to remain forever in it and be lost, if we were not again helped out of it through Christ. Therefore the Law and the Gospel are given to the end that we may learn to know both how guilty we are and to what we should again return.

16. This now is the Christian teaching and preaching, which, God be praised, we know and possess, and it is not necessary at present to develop it further, but only to offer the admonition that it be maintained in Christendom with all diligence. For satan has continually attacked it hard and strong from the beginning until the present, and gladly would he completely extinguish it and tread it under foot. For he cannot endure that the people continue in it and conduct themselves uprightly and he seeks a hundred thousand arts and wiles only to crush it. Therefore I so gladly preach it, as it is greatly needed; for until the present it has never been heard nor known in the Papacy.

17. For I myself was a learned doctor of theology and yet I never understood the ten commandments rightly. Yea, there were many highly celebrated doctors who did not know whether there were nine, ten or eleven commandments, and much less did we know the Gospel and Christ.

But the only thing that was taught and advocated was: Invoke the Virgin Mary and other saints as your mediators and intercessors; fast often and pray much; make pilgrimages, enter cloisters and become monks, or pay for the saying of many masses and like works. And thus we imagined when we did these things we had merited heaven.

18. That was the time of blindness when we knew nothing of God’s Word, but led ourselves and others into misery by our own idle talk and dreams.

And I was one of those who indeed bathed in this sweat or in this bath of anxiety. Therefore let us give heed that we may thoroughly grasp and retain this doctrine, if other fanatics and false spirits wish to attack it, so that we may be fore-armed and learn, while we have the time and the beloved sun again enlightens us, and buy while the market is at our door.

For it will come to this when once these lights, which God now gives, have departed, satan will not take a furlough until he raises up other fanatical spirits to do harm; as he has already commenced to do in many places during our generation. What will take place after we are gone?

19. Therefore learn, who can learn, and learn well, so that we may know, first the ten commandments, what we owe to God. For if we do not know this, then we know nothing and we will not inquire about Christ in the least. Just like we monks did who either held Christ to be an angry judge or despised him entirely in the face of our imaginary holiness. We fancied we were not in sin, which the ten commandments show and punish; but we had the natural light of reason and free will, and if we lived according to that, as much as we were able, then God would have to bestow upon us his grace, etc. But now, if we are to know Christ as our helper and Savior, then we must first know, out of what he can help us, not out of fire or water, or other bodily need and danger, but out of sin and the hatred of God. But whence do I know that I lie drowned in misery? From no other source than from the Law, that must show me what my loss and disease are, or I will never inquire for the physician and his help.

20. Thus we have both parts of the help of Christ: the one, that he must represent us over against God and be a cloak to cover our shame, as the one who takes upon himself our sins and disgrace; a cloak, I say, for us, as the one who takes our sins and shame upon himself, but before God a throne of grace in whom there is no sin or shame; but only virtue and honor. And like a hen he spreads out his wings against the buzzard, the devil with his sin and death, so that God for his sake forgives all, and to us he can do no harm. But on the condition that you only remain under these wings. For while you are under his mantle and protection and do not come out from under it, sin that is still in you must not be sin for the sake of him who covers you with his righteousness.

21. Then in the second place Christ does not only thus cover and protect us, but he will also nourish and feed us as the hen does her little chickens, that is, he gives us the Holy Spirit and strength, to begin to love God and to keep his commandments. And this shall continue to the last day when faith and this cloak of shame will cease, so that we will behold the Father without any medium or covering, and we ourselves stand before him, and there will be no longer any sin in us to be forgiven; but all will be again restored and brought back or perfected, as St. Paul says in Acts 3:21, purified and perfect, what satan from the beginning disturbed and ruined.

22. Now Christ wishes to teach this by his answer and the question, with which he in reply upbraided the Pharisees. As if he should say, you know nothing more than to speak of the Law, which teaches you that you should love God and your neighbor and yet you do not understand it; for you imagine you have fulfilled it, though you are still far from doing so. Just like the one in Matthew 19:20-21, who boasts he had kept all the commandments from his youth; but Christ says to him: “If thou wouldst be perfect, go sell that which thou hast, and give to the poor.” This is as much as to say: Whoever will love God aright and keep his commandments, must be able to sacrifice his possessions, body and life. Therefore another thing is necessary, Christ will say, for you to know, namely, that you know and possess the man called Christ, who helps us to the end that this doctrine of the Law may be established and perfected in you.

23. But what does it mean to know Christ aright? This the Pharisees and scribes do not know; for they do not consider him more than David’s son, that is, he who is to sit on David’s throne (as born from his flesh and blood) and is lord and king, also greater and mightier than David was, and yet only to be a temporal ruler to make his people the lords of the world and bring all heathen under his rule, etc. But that they should need him in their lost state, to help them out of sin and death, of that they knew nothing. Therefore the Holy Spirit must teach that he was not only David’s son, but also God’s Son, as was taught after his resurrection.

24. Now here Christ does not explain this, but he only broaches that David in <19B001> Psalm 110:1, called Christ his Lord: “How then,” he says, “doth David in the Spirit call him Lord?” It does not sound right and it is against nature for a father to call his son lord, and to be subject to him and serve him. Now David calls Christ his Lord, and a Lord, to whom Jehovah himself says: “Sit thou at my right hand until I make thine enemies thy footstool,” that is, be like me, acknowledge and worshipped as the right and true God; for it becometh none other to sit at his right hand; he is indeed so jealous that he allows no one aside from himself to sit equal to him, as he says in the prophesy of Isaiah 48:11, “My glory will I not give to another.” Since Jehovah now places Christ equal with himself, he must be more than all creatures. Therefore he proposes to them a great question, but lets them thus stick; for they did not understand it and it was not yet the time to make this known public. But the meaning is as our articles of faith teach us to believe; that Christ was both David’s true natural son of his blood and flesh and also David’s Lord, whom David himself must worship and hold as God. However it was impossible to make these statements harmonize, as it is still impossible for human reason, where the Holy Spirit does not reveal it, how the two should be at the same time in the one Christ, both that he was truly David’s seed and God’s Son by nature.

25. Now Christ propounded this question to teach it is not enough to have the Law which is the only thing that shows from what state we have fallen; but whoever will return again to it and become renewed, that Christ must do through a knowledge of him, who is indeed born of David and is his flesh and blood, but not born in sin, as David and all men are born, but had to be born without man of a drop of the pure blood of a virgin, sanctified by the Holy Spirit, that he was born a real and true man without any sin.

26. He is the only man that has been able to keep and fulfill the Law; like all other men by nature, and yet not in the same guilt, but reared without sin and God’s wrath. This one had to intercede in our behalf before God and be our right hand and protection, be to us what the hen is to her little chickens, in whom we have forgiveness of sins and deliverance from God’s anger and hell. And not only this, but he also gives us the Holy Ghost to follow him, and here begins to extinguish and slay sin, until we come to him and be like him without any sin and in perfect righteousness; for he was raised from the dead to the right hand of the Father to totally abolish sin, death and hell and bring us to the new eternal righteousness and eternal life. Amen.

Rest in Peace, Norm Woehrle, WWII Veteran, LST Hero, Faithful Lutheran, Warrior for the Truth

Today, Norm Woehrle, age 93, transitioned to eternal life. His wife Jean was at his side at the hospital, where he was being treated after a fall in their bathroom.

I will write more about Norm later. He was a kind, generous, and thoughtful man. When The ALC became obviously apostate at its center of teaching - Capital University and Seminary in Columbus,l Ohio That was where Lenski, Loy, and Leupold once taught - so he and Jean helped form a WELS mission and later joined another mission, Shepherd of Peace, where they were wonderful members.

Academic Truths Seldom Expressed -
Instead, We Get the Toy Balloon Effect

Many arguments are unedifying. They remind me of toy balloons filled with hot air and let loose.

  • They make some rude noises,
  • Fly around unpredictably, and
  • Quickly run out of energy.
One clue is the leading argument, a series of personal attacks followed by an equally weak series of straw man logical fallacies. The straw man fallacy flops by claiming, "You are saying..." and filling in the blank with nonsense. In contrast, a good argument offers a fair summary, often with quotations, and then uses evidence to refute the opponents' position.

Has anyone seen an article or book promoting Objective Justification which lays out the arguments for Justification by Faith as expressed in the Scriptures and Lutheran Reformation? No, they communicate the attitude that there is only one position, which was always there. As WELS claims, the NIV finally has the wording Paul would have used if he were a better writer - as in "all are justified." Paul was OJ - who knew?

Ignoring Academic Truths
The genius of current argumentation is ignoring academic truths and rushing ahead with their substitution for those truths, an effort to establish their opinions as the new canon, undeniable eternal truths.

I was thinking last night about academic truths ignored in various discussions. By academic, I mean a body of evidence that can be easily uncovered if there is a desire to do so, often by research or writing by well known leaders of the past.

Biblical Inerrancy
This was the universal belief of various Christian confessions, opposed only by small sects such as the Socianians and early Unitarians. This changed very slowly from the influence of Halle University Pietists who ushered in an era of rationalism at their school. British rationalists also contributed to this change, hailed by the modern New Testament scholars. Their heroes came mostly from rationalistic Halle.

The change in America began with attacks on the traditional New Testament text. The three frauds - Tischendorf, Westcott, and Hort - invented their own style of text, hailed as scientific. The vast majority of Christian leaders and scholars advocate this "scientific" text and refuse to use or name anything (KJV family) using the traditional text. If the actual text of the Old and New Testaments are voted upon by post-moderns, why take its meaning seriously. The same blunt instruments have been applied to the canon, the number of books in the Bible, with similar results.

When we read the history of science, the current authors fail to explain - their heroes and heroines believed God created the universe. That position is not allowed in any science curriculum or science department today. 

But that is also true at Concordia, St. Louis, where Creation is watered down and those who object are labeled slanderers. The confessional chameleon, Matt Harris, responded, "I believe, help Thou my unbelief." 

Justification by Faith
Apart from the sterile, mummified domains of Midwestern Lutheran sects, everyone else has known and taught that Justification by Faith was the foundation of the Lutheran Reformation. Zwingli's and Calvin's alleged improvements only show that they hitched a ride and tried to feign allegiance because the work and sacrifices had been made.

But lo, the heirs of the syphilitic bishop, Martin Stephan, continue to leverage their Easter absolution of the world against the Bible, Reformation, and Book of Concord. They only magnify their errors by picking one moment after another for their Objective Justification. When asked to prove their thesis, they run like cowards and cry like Brownies whose cookies were stolen.

Not everyone gets to know world famous Yale church historians like Roland Bainton and Jaroslav Pelikan, but the unenlightened could take a peek at the books and articles they published.

Remember that David Scaer sneered at Walter Maier and his family, though the patriarch earned a PhD in Semitics (Old Testament languages) and established a world-famous radio ministry. He did not fail his PhD thesis and come home to a G.E.D. (good enough degree) from Concordia, St. Louis. Perhaps one should pay some attention to the scholar-broadcaster instead of rehearsing grudges like Waldo Werning in his last book. They are hilariously similar in tone and doctrinal confusion, Scaer's and Werning's.

Avoid Sectarian Thinking
True scholars avoid sectarian thinking, but the rebels get punished - even in science.

The problem with religious sects is that the opinions of one become the canonized truths of the entire group, an effect enhanced by the outrage of relatives and descendants.

A scholar is not someone with a PhD. That is an American obsession. The word "scholar" comes from the Greek word for leisure, because their scholars did not have degrees but original thoughts and creations. 

The clergy, from MDivs on down to DMins from Fuller, are the least likely to be scholars. The interested laity are the most likely to study the Word of God, the Book of Concord, and faithful books, without being tied down to the political opinions of the seminary faculty.

The Lutheran clergy are have already taken their denominations down the road to Perdition. There is no essential difference between the OJ of ELCA and the OJ of WELS-ELS-LCMS-OLCC-CLC (sic). Their Church Growth was learned at the same schools, like Fuller,Trinity Divinity, and Willow Creek. Take the photo quiz below and ask, "Which synod is superior to the other?"

 Future ELCA pastor Anders Nelson danced at the Luther Seminary chapel, the hoots and applause of his friends in the recording.

WELS Keynote speaker at the Leadership Conference not only had a cross-dressing congregational picnic, but they still post all the photos.

 Mueller's former congregation should stir memories of SP Schroeder sending out a letter with Joel Hochmuth about ELCA's recognition of gay ordination and marriage.

Friday, October 18, 2019

Impeachment Failures

The House of Representatives has the power to impeach the President and other officials. Johnson and Clinton were impeached by the House but not convicted by the Senate. Nixon resigned before  he could be impeached.

The House has voted on three resolutions to impeach President Trump, special resolutions as I understand it. All three have been colossal failures with wide margins voting no. That suggests that the mood to impeach comes only from relatively few, not the massive margin needed to impeach.

Zach Engleman Officially Graduated from Grand Canyon University's Seminary

 Perryville, Missouri Pilgrimage - Anita Engleman, moi, Christina Jackson, Zach Engleman. Above, CFW Walther.

October 17th was Zach's official graduation day, earning  the Master of Divinity degree from Grand Canyon University. The question was how to earn the degree while working; the so-called Lutheran seminaries are not Lutheran. Zach completed the degree, which included some local classes in Phoenix, and earned the Professional Engineer designation at the same time. Online degrees from GCU take a lot of work, and many of my students fall to make it through the classes I teach, because of the daily demands of study and writing.

Zach kept up with the blog and we had many long, scheduled conversations about Lutheran doctrine. We talked about what was happening in seminary education. I learned a lot from those discussions, the biggest shock being how Calvinism is taking over Baptist congregations.

Congratulations and God's blessings to Zach.

From Zach:
It was a long program and I feel like I was in a completely different situation when I began the program.  Different city, different job and different perspective back then.  The ordeal was definitely worth the effort.  God’s Word changes us, not only day by day, but year after year.  There is always more to receive from that which is God-breathed.  It was an excellent education to be able to witness the fads and the “best” of modern Calvinism in a classroom (online and residency) setting and then compare that to faithful, Lutheran doctrine.

I greatly appreciate all of the direction and encouragement you gave along the way.

37 Then saith he unto his disciples, The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few;

38 Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth labourers into his harvest.

Thank you.


 The Perryville Pilgrims were given a guided tour of the LCMS Holy Land by Debbie Gahan, my Moline classmate and bandmate, former mayor of the city.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

LutherQuislings' Didies Are All Bunched Up - But Still No Scriptural Exegesis

"I want my OJ, straight up, full strength!"

Start of sarcasm:
GJ has no use for Lutheran theologians. Take a deep dive with Luther, Melanchthon, Flacius, Heshusius, Brenz, Andreae, Chemnitz, Westphal, Musculus, Gallus, Chytraeus, Selnecker, Kirchner, Gerhard, Calov, Quenstedt, etc. and he will plug his ears and say, "Na, na, na, I can't heeeeear you!"

In fact, GJ doesn't have any use for any orthodox Lutheran teaching, jettisoning it all in favor of his own musings. This was the Wauwatosa method. "Lutheran theology is soooooo boring," they said. "All those big words and categories are confusing. Can't we just selectively read the Bible? Who cares what all those dead guys, y'know, actually said and confessed?"

End of quotation, but there is much more.

Full Name:Steve Schmidt
Last Logged In:October 17, 2019
Registered:March 27, 2017
Total Posts:791
Status:Advanced Member
Positions Held (elder, pastor, layman, teacher, etc.):Layman


GJ - I always enjoy hearing from my fan club at the Hive. I noticed the current Christian News is equally frantic in propping up their OJ and CFW Walther, BA.

I thought the LCMS, Matt the Fatt, and Paul the Plagiarist banned people from addressing doctrinal and practical issues if they did not have a call to do so. Few if any howled about Missouri's Midwestern papalism. Perhaps the OJ Enthusiasts have a universal absolution for pretending to know theology or Scriptural exegesis.

Our little group has published more Luther volumes (11-0) than LQ, so they should be ashamed of their presumptions.

This is a cover for their fear of exegesis. They cannot deal with Genesis 15:6 and Romans 4. They should confess their fears and stop publishing falsehoods with no basis in fact.

Book list - 32 titles.

Young and Old Alike - The Truth Matters

 William Blake's illustration - Christian meets Evangelist, Pilgrim's Progress.

My birthday paralleled the retirement of Yale professor Harold Bloom. He retired from teaching four days before he died, at the age of 89. That is the ideal retirement age for me, 89.

Dividing US citizens into two groups, I consider the younger population below 40 years of age and the older population above 40.

Those who are younger should build a foundation of knowledge that will inform them and influence others over the years. Those who are older should direct people toward the path of truth, because there are absolute truths.

There is no substitute for reading. That should always include printed books, but fortunately we can also supplement with all kinds of free or low-cost ebooks.

Areas of Study for the Younger Group

  • The Bible as the Word of God - too many commentaries are no better than the broadcast news, full of opinions with no relationship to the data. The Scriptures are the only revelation of God, and they present a unified, harmonious truth, revealed by the Holy Spirit through many humans. As one pope said, the Bible is like the Savior, having a divine and a human nature, but without error.
  • Creation - too few know - from observation - the basics of plants, animals, planets, the moon, and the stars. Our generation undoubtedly knows the least about nature, the most about digital games.
  • Literature and music - we can know or enjoy all of it, but God moved people to create the best works of all time. But now, people gush over comic book movies and canned cacophony.
  • Latin and Greek teachers killed interest in their subject matter, but medicine, science, languages, theology, philosophy, literature, law, math, engineering, music, and theater all originate in the golden age of Athens and spread through Rome. "Rome had the drains, but Greece had the brains."
  • American and world history. Required courses keep these two areas alive, though their teachers do their best to mummify them. The genius of the U.S. Constitution comes from the British Catholic/Protestant struggles and its rulers. America became free while Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire was being published - a naughty but fascinating study that informed our Founders, who were trained in Latin and Greek. The U. S. Constitution reflects where Rome and Britain went wrong.
 If you do not know what this Blake illustration means, you should read Pilgrim's Progress again - or for the first time.

The Older Group

Opportunities to share and promote the truth are endless.
  1. Anyone can teach through blogging, writing, lecturing - whether it is done informally or through established structures.
  2. I thought some should learn New Testament Greek, so I began teaching the subject through videos on Ustream. One pastor began teaching his son NT Greek. The page is - Bethany Lutheran Easy NT Greek.
  3. There are many outlets through publishing, small organizations that reach several thousand people.
  4. Conversation can be so much more than trivia, though trivia is fun. It is possible that the oldest members of denominations are the only ones keeping some of the clergy anchored in the Word.
I was going to erase this post after working on it yesterday. But someone I do not know wished me Happy Birthday on FB and said she enjoyed my scholarship - very encouraging.

 Lenski's publisher - the ALC - thought so little of him that they let the copyright lapse, so many more can enjoy his labors today. We published the pdfs for free.

From WELS Pastor Mark Walters - 10 Years Ago - Threats from Canada, eh?

WELS Pastor Mark Walters, from Abiding Word, Ottawa, Canada:


Thanks for the stimulating conversation.  Would you be willing to help promote confessional Lutheranism in Ottawa by posting our website on your blog…I hope you have some nice cartoons for me.

I also pray that you discover grace…not intellectually but that it melts your heart to breathe the love of the Gospel of Christ,



[December 8, 2009]


GJ - The following is an email from Pastor Mark Walters, pictured above. I phoned him in case the email was fraudulent. He called back a few days later and confirmed that he sent it, that he meant to shut down Ichabod. "I am going to contact some people in the States and see what can be done. You are harming the Kingdom."


Subject: Let me know one thing (December 2, 2009)

Greg Jackson:

My name is Mark Walters. I think I went to school with your son, Marty.

I am a pastor in the WELS and serving at Abiding Word Lutheran Church in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

I am a VERY supportive brother of Jeff Gunn, Ski, Tim Glende, and many others that you seem to enjoy trashing.

How do I get my picture on your website so that I can join your toxic hall of fame?????????

I’m very sad that you spend your time putting up such a legalistic, judgemental (sic) website, without knowing the true facts about things.

I will do everything in my power to shut you down because you are destructive to the kingdom.

Please contact me soon.


Mark Walters


GJ - Walters had no problem with his friend Ski going to Groeschel, Stanley, Beeson, etc for training. "Name one false doctrine from Groeschel," he demanded. I said, "Everything."

He tried the "spoiling the Egyptians" argument on me, not using those words but the concept. He claimed - Christians need other Christians and they can use their discernment, which he found somewhere in Paul. He did not seem to connect with Matthew 7, 1 Timothy 4, or 2 Timothy 4.


-----Original Message-----
From: Gregory L. Jackson
Sent: Tuesday, December 08, 2009 11:33 AM
Subject: Your wish has been granted

Were you at the latest Church and Change conference? Or previous ones?

This is my regular email account.

In Christ,

Greg Jackson, PhD


Not at the last one…at previous ones.



"God: Never Get Too Big For Him." Ben Carson

Pastor Mark Walters

1575 Belcourt Blvd.

Orleans, ON K1C 1M3

Phone: 613-824-2524

Fax: 613-824-2905


Michael Schottey has left a new comment on your post "WELS Pastor Mark Walters Threatens To Shut Down Ic...":

"Supporting brother of Jeff Gunn, Ski....etc"

That means he went to school with the whole group.

Mark Walters--WLS Class of '97
James "Ski" Skorzewski--Class of '98
Tim Glende--Class of '98

Its hard to disagree with someone when you sat next to them in class or drove them back from the bar late one night. At least, its hard when you don't have a backbone.

The reverse Ad Hominem support system of classmates is a ridiculous system. The guy is he must be doing things the right way. Then you base all arguments on the guy's sterling character.

"Supportive Brother" just means these men were in COS together.

Rev. Mark Bitter on "Spoiling the Egyptians:" "While the Lord was telling Moses exactly how he wanted to be worshiped, the Israelites were worshiping like the Egyptians did."

He then went on a 10 minute binge against churches who want to use praise songs instead of psalms.

It was easy to see the classmates who were grinning and those squirming in their seats.

This was all at Evangelism Day...somewhere down the hall "Ski" was torturing minds. I skipped Kelm's key note for my own sanity.


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "WELS Pastor Mark Walters Threatens To Shut Down Ic...":

It's just noon and you took out 2 minor trolls and now they send in the "Creeker Errand Boy" from Ontario.
Pretty good and it's just noon.

More cow bell puhleez, Pastor Jackson

I'm ROFL, keep slingin that sword
Blogging and Scholarship what a combo, only a REAL Lutheran could pull that off!

--The LCMS Church Lady


mjleyrer has left a new comment on your post "WELS Pastor Mark Walters Threatens To Shut Down Ic...":

Nothing like empty, unexecutable threats to get your morning going eh Jacko?

If someone did shut you down I would be upset because if there's one thing that I care about as much as the church it Constitutional Liberties. This would definitely be an infringement of one.

I don't even think he could file libel against you if he wanted to. Maybe he could.

See Jacko, even the guys who don't agree with you want you stay up and running. Because if you went away, who would I have to argue with?


GJ - I was shocked, shocked to find out Rev. Mark was a regular at Church and Chicanery conferences. And he links to Time of Generic Grace.

He confuses satire with slander. The funny Photoshops seem to rile him more than is healthy for someone so brittle and humorless. I tried to point out the long history of satirical cartoons, going back the the 19th century at least. But Mark is slow to listen, quick to talk, quick to anger.

My suggestion is that he go to court in Ottawa and get an injunction banning anyone in Ontario from reading Ichabod. That would be fair, eh?

Muslims in Canada went after Mark Steyn. Perhaps Mark is taking lessons.


Michael Schottey has left a new comment on your post "WELS Pastor Mark Walters Threatens To Shut Down Ic...":

OF COURSE Rev. Mark is a regular at C&C events. If my church offered to pay my way to a drinking date with my buddies, I'd take the money too!

I love when he asked about Groeschel...that quote needs to be sent, verbatim to every and all of his superiors from the Mission counselors to President Schroeder.

If this man can't test the spirits of a yahoo like Groeschel, I can't believe he is a fit expositor of God's word.


Michael Schottey has left a new comment on your post "WELS Pastor Mark Walters Threatens To Shut Down Ic...":


Speaking of logical fallacies...I didn't say he would be a bad preacher because he is trying to "shut down Ichabod."

I said I couldn't imagine a fit expositor of God's word who can't find fault with Craig Groeschel's filth pile that is

If someone wasn't paying attention in class while Professors Fredrich and Schmidt were talking about the dangers of false teachers, how much else did they miss?


Pastor Jackons (sic),

What are your shortcomings?

Chairman Bob


GJ - I can spell. I can tell you are probably from UW Madison, perhaps a victim of Willow Creek Chapel.


I. J. Reilly has left a new comment on your post "WELS Pastor Mark Walters Threatens To Shut Down Ic...":


I don't think your comments would convince Anders. I went to the web page he advertised on this blog and it is apparently the work of a group who believe that the real teachings of Jesus were corrupted by the church and "The Apostate Paul." (Wow, someone besides GJ knows how to compose insulting nicknames that reduces an opponent to a stereotype.) I don't think he'd find much creedence (sic) in your quotes from Romans, Titus, Galatians, and Ephesians. Noble effort, though.


GJ - How delicious it must be, to post anonymous, gratuitous comments and be able to brag to fellow sots, "Look at what I published!" With enough comments posted, a semblance of proper spelling may emerge. No, wait, it hasn't so far.


JR has left a new comment on your post "WELS Pastor Mark Walters Threatens To Shut Down Ic...":

Wow, I'm on holiday for a few days, and look what happens when I return! Trolls abound, Jews enter the fray, and Canadian pastors threaten to turn out the lights. Ichabod is the place to be!

Mr. Leyrer, I gotta give it up to you. You took a beating, but you hung in there. Great last comment, by the way. Those were my sentiments exactly! +1 for you.

Mr. Schottey, how has your outspokenness affected your standing in WELS? I'd love to "come out," but I am wary of the backlash. I'm interested in hearing what has happened to you.


GJ - Total freedom of expression in WELS: real diversity. Not to worry.


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "WELS Pastor Mark Walters Threatens To Shut Down Ic...":

GJ, all theological arguments aside, "judgmental" is in fact the proper Canadian spelling of the word. To poke fun at a pastor in Canada for using correct Canadian spelling is either intentional mean-spiritedness I'll wow the Americans who are ignorant of Canadian spelling rules) or just ignorance of Canadian spelling on your part. If one posts from the US on a British website, one is not expected to use the affectation of British spelling.


GJ - I love the patronizing tone of these anonymous comments. Notice how one little (sic) can rustle their chicken feathers. That little Latin word means "thus" - not "this person is an idiot." Mark is not Johnny Canuck. is he? He had the benefit of 8 years of WELS higher education, in America. I am not sure if he is returning to the Motherland or just spending a few years in exile for threatening someone else. They have some good anger management classes in Ottawa, eh?

Here's a a conveniently located one for Mark -
Anger & Emotions Management Institute,
421 Gilmour Street, Ottawa, ON K2P 0R5, Canada
(613) 231-2051‎.

My wife and I earned degrees in Canada, so we spent a few enjoyable years there. The Canadians are great people. We have many relatives there, so we know how to say Chooseday, ask for serviettes (not napkins), and smile when offered biscuits (cookies). We learned to plug our lamps into the hydro when we sat on our chesterfield. We know about British/Canadian spelling, favouring the extra vowel, in Saviour or aluminium. Spelling is our speciality.

I relish the moments when some humorless Chicanery starts lecturing in stealth mode.