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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Wisconsin Lutheran College Paper Defends "Party in the MLC" Video On Its Front Page! - As Wise As Doves, As Innocent As Serpents

The Wisconsin Lutheran College (WELS when raising funds) student newspaper, "The Sword," ran a Front Page! editorial / story on the MLC video, quoted in part:

But once the video left the context of the MLC campus, it came under unforeseen criticism from some who failed to see the humor in the video.

The most pronounced critic of the video was independent Lutheran pastor and blogger Gregory Jackson. Posts from Jackson, as well as comments left by the blog's readers, labeled the actions of the MLC students featured in the video unbecoming to future WELS pastors and teachers.

These claims were based on the video from which the creators of "Party in the MLC" took their inspiration--a previous YouTube video known as "Party in the FIP." Set to the tune of "Party in the USA" by Miley Cyrus, "Party in the FIP" shows a group of men performing choreographed routines on a beach while lip-synching the lyrics of the song."

"Party in the MLC" is a parody of the video, using the same soundtrack and many of the same routines.

The controversy over MLC students parodying "Party in the FIP" is derived from the lifestyle associated with "the FIP."

But makers of the "Party in the MLC" agree with other viewers that none of the actions in the "Party in the FIP" video would be considered blatant homosexuality. They also admit no previous knowledge of the reputation of Fire Island Pines. Ben Reichel, MLC student and video contributor, revealed, "We didn't find out until two or three days after we posted it that that's what it stood for. After we learned that we were kind of taken aback."

After learning of the offense caused by the video, the students decided to remove the video "out of Christian love" for those who found the video inappropriate. The decision to remove the video was a personal decision made by the creators of the video.

Reichel stated, "We all got together as a group --the guys who were in the video--and we realized that this caused way too much commotion and way too much negativity, and we all decided together that we were going to take it down."

After meeting amongst (sic) themselves, the students sought the advice of college administration. Reichel continued, "We went and talked to the administration here at MLC--the president and vice-president--and we got their thoughts on it too. But we knew before we even talked to them that we were going to take it down."

Matt Rothe, classmate of Reichel and video contributor, along with the rest of the students involved with the video, are ready to put "Party in the MLC" and the attention it has received in the past; "The group of guys who made this video only wished for good to come out of this video, and I must express firmly we wish for no more negative attention from it."


GJ - The WLC student newspaper has a lot of facts wrong. They did not make any effort to seek clarification. They are now drawing even more attention to the video and revealing that the students were not at all repentant, just resentful they got caught.

First of all, a WELS layman was furious over the video, which was posted on You Tube for all the world to see. Many people provide information to this blog so the rest of Lutherdom can see it. This layman was unable to watch more than a minute of it. I posted the video so people could see for themselves, as he wished.

The MLC students jumped in to defend the video right away, and now WLC has joined them. Their defense is to attack me, but the video stands on its own as a dubious production, whether I like it or not.

The defense of the video was so ridiculous that I did a little more research and found the original, "Party in the FIP." They knew what they were copying, and they acknowledged it rather quietly in the notes. Apparently the original went viral right away, thanks to various homosexual websites.

College students know how to use Google. Where else would they copy their homework from? Kelm, Parlow, and Limmer have shown that slavish copying is a good career move in WELS. To plead ignorance about Fire Island Pines is a bit absurd. All of the sudden these guys just fell off the haywagon when they landed in Metropolitan New Ulm.

And they thought the FIP video was straight? They should be on SNL, in a skit about their lack of gaydar.

This is the WLC student paper claim, after conferring with the students:

"Party in the MLC" is a parody of the video, using the same soundtrack and many of the same routines.

The controversy over MLC students parodying "Party in the FIP" is derived from the lifestyle associated with "the FIP." defines parody as "A literary or artistic work that imitates the characteristic style of an author or a work for comic effect or ridicule." The students had no idea what the FIP video was all about and were "taken aback" when they learned. Once again, why did they parody what they knew nothing about? 

Why did they make the MLC version gayer than lavender hose, complete with a Michael Jackson move (only worse) in a public park? Cover stories should be a little more consistent to be convincing.

Like most WELS damage control operations, this one is full of contradictions. I also see the handiwork of various administrative officials, spinning the removal of the video as an act of love rather than repentance. After all, the only one who sinned was this humorless blogger and his dour readers. They want to quiet this down with a front page editorial?

When I found the additional information about the original video, which took me a few seconds on Google, I posted some of it on Ichabod. I did not post a lot of the links from Google because of the content of those sites. I needed eyebleach. So please, do not task our patience with how the students were "taken aback."

There is now a You Tube video posted - mourning the loss of the MLC version, again with LOL comments from MLC students. Another video copies both versions, supposedly: Party in the USA/ SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT/ FIP and MLC.

I have linked the FIP video here, in case someone wants to see what was copied by future WELS pastors and teachers. They can draw their own conclusions about the "WELS School of Ministry."

As I wrote before, Fuller Bivens and SP Schroeder both unloaded on the recent decisions of ELCA and The Episcopal Church USA, the two apostate groups enjoying a non-geographical merger.

Doubtless the parents would like to know more about the position of MLC and WLC. The schools seem to contradict what the leader of the synod has said. The editorial used the term "lifestyle." That speaks volumes about the attitude of Wisconsin Lutheran College, called "Our Valpo," the home of Church and Change.


rlschultz has left a new comment on your post "Wisconsin Lutheran College Paper Defends "Party in...":

This reminds me of the time when you, Pastor Jackson, submitted a picture and an article to Christian News. I think this was before Al Gore invented the Internet. The photo showed Ralph Bohlmann, Carl Mischke, and Herb Chilstrom all sitting together at the Snowbird conference. The principal of our LES said to me, "it's not what you think it is". Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?