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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Confession of Faith

bored has left a new comment on your post "NNIV Traducers - Bored Asks a Question":

Thank you Dr. Jackson: very enlightening. I think that the idea of 'utterance' is very helpful in understanding the gravitas of words coming from the mouth of Jesus, and how when we hear True Preaching the Word is going out with the same gravitas.

When Paul writes "with the mouth confession is made unto salvation" in verse 10 of the same chapter is he talking about the same thing?

Why is Confession of the faith specifically linked to salvation? Because the power of the Word in a true confession? Luther says about verse 10 "Faith which leads to righteousness does not attain to the goal of righteousness, namely salvation, unless it culminates in confession" (Commentary on Romans)

Previously I thought Paul was reiterating the same thought in the two halves of verse 10, but now, after reading Luther I'm little unsure.

I guess I never heard the bit about Confession before. Why is salvation dependent on my confessing of the faith? Am I missing something here?


GJ - People say they believe in such and such, but that is not their confession of faith. For example, a Mormon will say, "We believe in the Trinity." That sounds good. So I ask him, "Do you believe the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are separate gods?" A Mormon missionary will say, "Yes." That is his confession of faith.

Paul and Luther are saying - one's true faith, not just a mirage put up to fit in with the crowd of the moment.

Another example is justification by faith and the Means of Grace. All the UOJ Enthusiasts will say they believe in justification by faith, but when pressed, they begin with justification without faith. Next they say there is only one justification. Quoting Mischke or another illiterate, Jay Webber says, "They are two sides of the same coin.'" So justification is a coin with an obverse side.

The same is true of the Means of Grace. Pastors tack that term onto a discussion, but they really focus on universal absolution, which obviates justification by faith. So they say "Means of Grace" but do not really mean it.

The text on not making the act of confession the cause of salvation, which seems to be your concern.

The Apostle is making faith, forgiveness, and salvation quite clear. Becoming a Christian is quite simple. Abiding in Christ (John 15:1-15) is quite a task, because of so many attacks against the Gospel, against the believer, and against our weak and sinful flesh.

ELCA Departures Foreshadow the End of the Syn Conference

Based on published reports, the only votes taking place today are all second votes at these churches:

St John Lutheran Church, Boyden, IA
Trinity Lutheran Church, Concord, NC
St Jacob's Lutheran Church, Glenville, PA
Bethel Lutheran Church, Scanlon, MN

That's not to say that there might not be other votes taking place today. There probably are. Those are just the four that have been reported in advance as being scheduled for today.
St. John, Boyden, Iowa passed its 2nd vote today (Sun July 31) 81-24, 77%.  They voted to go NALC.  That makes them the 23rd NALC congregation in Iowa.

NNIV Traducers - Bored Asks a Question

bored has left a new comment on your post "Calling Doug Lindee. Calling Father Rydecki. You'v...":

Thank you Brett,

Have you read Romans 10:17 in the NNIV? "17 Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word about Christ."

"About Christ" in exchange for the previous translation "of Christ"? I don't know Greek, maybe "about" is a proper translation. But the change in meaning sure seems to support what I think about the NNIV translators. They don't believe in a word-by-word verbal inspiration, but a conceptual inspiration. God gave us a Scripture that, ya know, changes with the spirit of the ages. Because "the word of Christ" is sooooo unintelligible in today's English.

If the Greek word in question can be translated either as "about" or "of", fine. Or maybe it's unclear how the word should be translated. But in my perspective (as a total language novice, dare I say idiot) I would expect that a translator would refer to the Gospel of John (which I understand to be very simple Greek) for cues. " ...and the word was God..." is a definition of God that could indicate to the translator the proper way to translate other passages referring to God and his relation to the Word. "Of" supports the belief in the Efficacy of the Word. "About" does not.

I'm probably embarrassing myself here when I'm talking about translation of ancient languages, but it seems like the NNIV translators saw an opportunity to dilute the meaning of Scripture...and hit a homerun.

Please expound and expand on this, Dr. Jackson


GJ - There are two main Means of Grace chapters in the Bible - Isaiah 55 and Romans 10. The NNIV traducers are like their earlier counterparts, oblivious to the efficacy of the Word in the Means of Grace. I definitely include the LCMS and WELS participants in this farce. McCain is a born-again NIV critic, but I never heard a peep out of him in the many years he has been at CPH. At least, he did not say anything against the CPH NIV line until he had a new Bible to sell - the ESV.

Non-Lutherans and anti-Lutherans cannot grasp the efficacy of the Word because they divorce the Holy Spirit from the Visible Word (the Sacraments) and the invisible Word of teaching and preaching.

NNIV's Romans 10:17 is bad English, even by their low standards.

This is the Jackson Literal Translation:

Therefore faith by hearing, but hearing from the utterance of God.

Jackson Living Translation:

Therefore faith comes from preaching (the Word heard in preaching, based on Luther, Gal 3:2 and 3:5), and preaching from the utterance of God.

LUO Galatians 3:2 Das will ich allein von euch lernen: Habt ihr den Geist empfangen durch des Gesetzes
Werke oder durch die Predigt vom Glauben (preaching of faith, akoe) ?

See Luke 9:45 for people reacting to the utterance of Jesus, the previous verse. The KJV calls it "that saying."

Luke 20:26 is another example of Jesus' divine utterance.

Acts 11:17 is another utterance, translated as Word of the Lord.

Lenski says of rema - utterance -

In the very first place it was ῥῆμα, “utterance,” that fell from Christ’s lips; but it is not like mere human utterances which are soon dissipated and gone, it is living and acts as the medium for producing this ἀκοή that is made to resound in men’s ears, this glad news heard far and wide. In v. 8 Paul said that “we are preaching the utterance of the faith.” He retains the same word “utterance” but now adds the fact that it is Christ’s own, and that the apostles are preaching it as the one mighty medium for the message they make men hear. The article is absent because the quality is stressed; it is “utterance” spoken by the lips.
Lenski, R. C. H.: The Interpretation of St. Paul's Espistle to the Romans. Columbus, Ohio : Lutheran Book Concern, 1936, S. 668.
[Lenski is weak on UOJ.]

Romans 10:17 is therefore one of the most powerful verses in the Bible. Faith comes from hearing the preached Word of God. Some place too much emphasis on the act of hearing, but this is saying in a very condensed way that the act of preaching-hearing generates faith since the Holy Spirit always works through the Word.

So, in one verse, Paul says preaching is the instrument of faith, and that rests on the solemn utterances of Christ, the Son of God.

Luther exemplified this verse in trusting all the beneficial aspects of the Gospel--and the cross--to preaching. He did not entertain, give advice about time management, or help people find more friends.

The answer is to use the English version of Luther's Bible - the King James.


LPC has left a new comment on your post "Calling Doug Lindee. Calling Father Rydecki. You'v...":


You have the right not to stand with them. If these people will only move because there are people behind them, then what is this but another political posturing.

Politicians are like that, they look at what the survey says and they position themselves where the crowd is heading, now is this becoming of ministers?

These people are too far from Ichabodians. Ichabodians have stood and have been maligned and been called names because of their anti-UOJ stance. Ichabodians have stood where they are not because there are so many people in that position, but because it is right and it is Biblical and Confessional.



Brett Meyer has left a new comment on your post "Calling Doug Lindee. Calling Father Rydecki. You'v...":

Just look at the personal confession of the men and women who translated the NNIV:

Not one of them has an official confession that does not pervert the Word of God. Not one of them hold a quia subscription to the BOC. And yet this is the translation the (W)ELS has chosen.

I laughed at a restraint sign that now seems to fit the convention discussion on the NNIV to a T. It said, "No senior citizen discounts. You've had twice as long to get the money." Likewise the apostate manipulation board, (W)ELS TEC, had 18 months to review and make a recommendation. Many of the laity had only a few months and they were able to determine that, in the NNIV, God's Word had been subjected to the dull blade of an enemy of Christ in order to produce such a rancid translation. Yet the TEC could only dismiss the errors of the NNIV, magnify any improvements over the equally deficient NIV '84 and attempt to manipulate, through the New Age Hegelian Consensus process, the decisions of the delegates. Instead of complimenting the TEC on the time they wasted on the NNIV there should have been a public lashing for their apostasy, incompetence and trickery. Uuugh! Wendland is the president of the (W)ELS seminary no less!


LPC has left a new comment on your post "Calling Doug Lindee. Calling Father Rydecki. You'v...":

Yes Brett,

I have the books of this man in my shelves. Moo had Lutheran ancestry but who really could not get a clue what Lutheranism taught and he never bothered checking.

These are generic evangelicals. They are both Arminian and Calvinist backgrounds but guess what unites them; they are united in the believe that the HS is not in the Sacraments.

In effect, no means of grace.

NIV is not a translation it is a paraphrase and I can say the same will be for NNIV. NIV is responsible for dumbing down Christians, requiring that the level of terminology be adopted for Year 8.

I know of old people who never finished high school, yet they are more educated than the present generation. Why? Because they were not dumbed down.


Calling Doug Lindee. Calling Father Rydecki.
You've Got Mail

bored has left a new comment on your post "Intrepid Calls WELS Convention - Punk, Pass, and K...":

Daniel, Firstly nothing I wrote on Intrepid was ankle biting and I hope Fr. Rydecki or Lindee didn't interpret it that way. I also respect their refusal to publish anon comments.

I'm not going to put my name to group of people who confess to believe a false justification. I can hope the best about them--namely, that I hope the intrepids don't actually believe or teach UOJ; however, they have defended it and I hope they have been merely deceived into improper use of words, not into deceived into false belief.

I'll assume the best about each of them: That they truly believe JBFA. But I wouldn't "stand with them" or recommend them to anybody unless they recognize that UOJ is totally contrary to JBFA.

Either that or I want hear them affirm what the WELS states: That all people are righteous in God's sight due to a universal justification, apart from the means of grace. I'd be disappointed if they affirmed this, but at least we'd know where each of us stands.

I respect the Intrepids' efforts quite a lot, but if they ask for my signature I'm going to be pretty plain about what I think.

If anyone could direct Mr. Lindee and Fr. Rydecki to this comment I'd appreciate it. I think they stand to be a very strong positive Christian force in the WELS, but if they would succeed, the Intrepids need to repudiate UOJ and build their reform of the WELS on the solid Biblical doctrine of Justification by Faith Alone.

God only effects change in a man through the Means of Grace.

Marketing New Dogmas:
The Rapture and UOJ

AC V said...
UOJ has something in common with the rapture: "The rapture is a recent invention. Nobody had thought of what is now known as the rapture until about 1850," says Borg, canon theologian at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral in Portland, Oregon.


GJ - The Rapture has many putative fathers, but the Plymouth Brethren, a Pietistic group, probably did the most to promote the idea.

Garrison Keillor was raised a Plymouth Brethren, not a Lutheran. He knew he could get plenty of Lutheran laughs on his show in Minneapolis, but very few PB laughs. Lutherans did not discern the ruse because the Minnesota Lutherans were open about their Pietistic heritage. Any jokes about the gloom of PB membership fit their own experiences.

The Perryville-St. Louis gang began as a Pietistic cult under Bishop-for-Life Stephan and continued as a Pietistic cult under the Great Kidnapper and Thief, Bishop-for-Life C. F. W. Walther.

History records that CFW and his brother kidnapped their niece and nephew from their father's parsonage, hid them from police, and spirited them away to America, where they died. CFW left for America early, to escape arrest warrants from the police. Lawyers Marbach and Vehse helped the brothers in the crime. So did CFW's future mother-in-law.

Doing or Teaching:
Luther Emphasized the Word

NPH once offered these for sale in a supplemental catalog, along with clerical robes for women pastors.

From time to time, people debate what they should do.

Luther emphasized teaching the Word of God and accepting the consequences. The "Lutheran" Church bodies owe their philosophies to Pietism, so they argue which one is purer or better. They all despise the Word.

Holy Mother Sect would love to have people debate whether Time of Grace should be WELS or Missouri or ELCA or United Methodist. The more people engage in peripheral discussions, the less they deal with the real issues.

The CLC (sic) will debate membership in the American Legion while their leaders promote Roman Catholicism and anything else that suits their weirdest pastors.

UOJ Mission Work

UOJ is the reason WELS' Northwestern College served as the womb for Seminex, the AELC, and ELCA radicalism.

Daniel Baker has left a new comment on your post "Why Evangelize a Forgiven, Absolved, Saved World?":

The WELS response is:

We do mission work to tell the people who don't know they are not guilty that they are in fact not guilty and don't have to work themselves to heaven. If someone does not know they are not guilty, they are rejecting their not guilty status and their disbelief will send them to hell. Only unbelief damns, not actual sin. This is the official party line.


GJ -

Good summary - To which I add:

If you question Justification Without Faith, WELS will excommunicate you without any additional discussion, without following Matthew 18. If you question any practice of the sect, WELS will excommunicate you.

A Time of Disgrace:
"We Keep You Alive To Serve This Ship"

2138 has left a new comment on your post "Convention Summary: Church and Change Shuts Out Op...":

I only caught the end of the discussion re. the Time of Grace memorial online, but I heard no dissenting votes; if there were any, they were few and quiet. The chairman of the committee that combined the two memorials into one quipped with relief that the difficult memorial was now done, which caused a nervous ripple of laughter among the delegates.

I guess we'll have to wait til the October COP meeting to once again hear that all the WELS is united in doctrine, and that the SEW district is "working to resolve things" with TOG, just in time for all of us to hold hands and celebrate "Walking Together" Sunday. Maybe instead of showing the WELS Connection after the service, we can view the new TOG episode so we can weep bitterly, rend our garments, and repent of our sin of questioning doctrine in WELS...


GJ - The WELS convention reminded me of the running joke on a Facebook page. The sentiment is supposedly the motto of a galley, rowed by slaves - "We keep you alive to serve this ship."

Adding Words to the Holy Word:
As Practiced by Holy Word UOJ Church, Austin

Brett Meyer has left a new comment on your post "WELS Discussion Overwhelmingly Against NNIV. Trans...":

AC V correctly posted this issue with the 2011 NIV earlier:

NNIV Romans 3:23,24:

23 for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, 24 and all are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus.

Italicized "all" is not in the original Greek. Yet the "ad fontes" WELS endorses the NNIV. In fact, the committee commending the NNIV to the synod in convention this summer highlights these verses as an improvement of the NIV.

(W)ELS Pastor Patterson will welcome this perversion of God's Word, having just excommunicated Joe and Lisa Krohn for holding to Justification by faith alone to the exclusion of forgiveness and righteousness declared by God to those without faith. They've taught the false gospel of UOJ for years, Kuske having adulterated Luther's Catechism in order to insert the anti-Christian doctrine into the section on Justification. Now they have a chance to officially use a Bible that finally teaches the doctrine.

Are they kidding?!? At least concerning the central doctrine of Justification a person could read the KJV, or even the troubled '84 NIV, and only come away, by the gracious work of the Holy Spirit, with Justification by faith in Christ alone. The KJV and NIV required the manipulated explanation of a trained UOJ false teacher to hear and believe in the false gospel. Now a small child will come away with Justification before and without faith on his own - no further Scriptural manipulation required.

Posting these verses again because they ought to ring in the ears of the Lutheran laity, clergy and synod officials.

Revelation 22:18-19, "For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book: And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book."


GJ - UOJ is a plague, a cancer.

Shameless Self-Promotion

Garrett has left a new comment on your post "Bach":

Well, Pastor GJ, if you like JS Bach performed in multitrack, you really ought to check out my YouTube channel. I've done Michael Praetorius, as well.

Here ends my shameless self-plug.


GJ -

I am happy to link good music videos. Any more from our readers?

H.M.S. Leakin' Lena Runs
Flank Speed into Trouble

Holy Mother Synod (HMS) Leakin' Lena is running full speed into the shoals,
but trusty Mark Jeske will serve as the faithful lookout,
lest false doctrine beguile.

The Sixth Sunday after Trinity, 2011

By Norma Boeckler

The Sixth Sunday after Trinity, 2011

Pastor Gregory L. Jackson

Bethany Lutheran Church, 10 AM Central Time

The Hymn # 387:1-4 by Luther, 3:41
The Confession of Sins
The Absolution
The Introit p. 16
The Gloria Patri
The Kyrie p. 17
The Gloria in Excelsis
The Salutation and Collect p. 19
The Epistle and Gradual
The Gospel
Glory be to Thee, O Lord!
Praise be to Thee, O Christ!
The Nicene Creed p. 22
The Sermon Hymn # 370 3:11

Righteousness of Faith or Pharisees

The Communion Hymn # 307 Draw Nigh 3:72
The Preface p. 24
The Sanctus p. 26
The Lord's Prayer p. 27
The Words of Institution
The Agnus Dei p. 28
The Nunc Dimittis p. 29
The Benediction p. 31
The Hymn # 209 Who is This 3:33

Sixth Sunday After Trinity
Lord God, heavenly Father, we confess that we are poor, wretched sinners, and that there is no good in us, our hearts, flesh and blood being so corrupted by sin, that we never in this life can be without sinful lust and concupiscence; therefore we beseech Thee, dear Father, forgive us these sins, and let Thy Holy Spirit so cleanse our hearts that we may desire and love Thy word, abide by it, and thus by Thy grace be forever saved; through our Lord Jesus Christ, Thy Son, who liveth and reigneth with Thee and the Holy Ghost, one true God, world without end. Amen.

KJV Romans 6:3 Know ye not, that so many of us as were baptized into Jesus Christ were baptized into his death? 4 Therefore we are buried with him by baptism into death: that like as Christ was raised up from the dead by the glory of the Father, even so we also should walk in newness of life. 5 For if we have been planted together in the likeness of his death, we shall be also in the likeness of his resurrection: 6 Knowing this, that our old man is crucified with him, that the body of sin might be destroyed, that henceforth we should not serve sin. 7 For he that is dead is freed from sin. 8 Now if we be dead with Christ, we believe that we shall also live with him: 9 Knowing that Christ being raised from the dead dieth no more; death hath no more dominion over him. 10 For in that he died, he died unto sin once: but in that he liveth, he liveth unto God. 11 Likewise reckon ye also yourselves to be dead indeed unto sin, but alive unto God through Jesus Christ our Lord.

KJV Matthew 5:20 For I say unto you, That except your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, ye shall in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven. 21 Ye have heard that it was said by them of old time, Thou shalt not kill; and whosoever shall kill shall be in danger of the judgment: 22 But I say unto you, That whosoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment: and whosoever shall say to his brother, Raca, shall be in danger of the council: but whosoever shall say, Thou fool, shall be in danger of hell fire. 23 Therefore if thou bring thy gift to the altar, and there rememberest that thy brother hath ought against thee; 24 Leave there thy gift before the altar, and go thy way; first be reconciled to thy brother, and then come and offer thy gift. 25 Agree with thine adversary quickly, whiles thou art in the way with him; lest at any time the adversary deliver thee to the judge, and the judge deliver thee to the officer, and thou be cast into prison. 26 Verily I say unto thee, Thou shalt by no means come out thence, till thou hast paid the uttermost farthing.

Righteousness of Faith or Pharisees

This is one of those lessons where the law salesmen can go on and on, and they often do. My main experience of this took place at Hybel’s Willow Creek Community Church in a Chicago suburb. We had trouble finding it, and a gas station nearby did not know it was a stone’s throw away. One reason was – the building does not look like a church at all, more like a mall. More importantly, no crosses mark the outside of the church in any way (sign, roof). No crosses were found in the worship area. “Woe to me if I preach not Christ crucified.”

Normally I would not have bothered with Willow Creek, but I felt obliged to go there. The Wisconsin Synod and Missouri Synod were both sending their pastors to Willow Creek to be trained in how to be better pastors. All the denominations do. So much to learn!

Hybels gave the message – not a sermon. He used this text. He began with a good section on the Law but never left the Law. Instead he continued with the Law of Pietism. He complained that not enough people were coming to the Wednesday night service, where they had “communion.” He said, “That is where we really worship.” He also bragged about a professional football player who vacuumed the carpets. Everyone had to have a menial servant role.

They also had a dizzying multi-media presentation on all the ways people could volunteer at Willow Creek. The rationale for all the activity is that people who help out also finance the church and attend services. There are statistics for creating busy-work for people to keep them happy and supporting the parish.

Needless to say, since this was a Seeker Service (imitated by WELS and Missouri, aka Emergent Church, like The CORE, Latte Lutheran, CrossWalk, and many others), there was not a real worship service to observe. There was no real hymn singing by the huge crowd there. They were passive observers. LI was with us, so he listened to Bach later to get over the bad experience.

When he criticized Willow Creek in a Northwestern College class, the professor said, “Have you ever been there?” (As if one must be physically present to offer an opinion on something widely discussed in the press!) LI said, “Yes, recently.” The professor changed the subject immediately.

Like Hybels, many are tempted to move from the righteousness of the Pharisees to the righteousness of Pietism, some system of works performed by man. Creating a man-made atonement based on works has been the life-blood of all false religion. The legal answer is quite popular and will never go away, because our default attitude is earning righteousness.

Matthew 5:20 For I say unto you, That except your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, ye shall in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven.

The trouble with exceeding the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees is this – they really had that system perfected. They were pious and observant of all the commandments, traditions, and unwritten rules. The modern Pietists (TV religious leaders and many clergy) are hedonists who put on a show when they have to. When they are with their select group, the never-tell buddies, they are quite different.

The question for all the Law people is how to be even more observant of the Law. Do they double-tithe mint?

One of them main themes of the Sermon on the Mount is the impossibility of man to claim perfection through the Law, since the Teaching (Torah) of God includes both the outward act and the inward motivation.

So Jesus gave examples from various stages of anger. Each one is greater than the next one, although the terms seem confusing. These are legal differences from that time, similar to manslaughter (causing a death carelessly) versus murder (causing a death on purpose) and special circumstance (lying in wait, carefully planning the murder).

21 Ye have heard that it was said by them of old time, Thou shalt not kill; and whosoever shall kill shall be in danger of the judgment: 22 But I say unto you, That whosoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment: and whosoever shall say to his brother, Raca, shall be in danger of the council: but whosoever shall say, Thou fool, shall be in danger of hell fire.

Thus Jesus takes up the sins of the heart against the Fifth Commandment, namely anger and its most common manifestation of calling ugly epithets. 1 John 3:15 shows us what Jesus has in mind: “Whosoever hateth his brother is a murderer; and ye know that no murderer hath eternal life abiding in him.” The usual exegesis regards this word of Jesus as a presentation of three sins and three penalties, the second being graver than the first, and the third graver than the second: for anger alone, the judgment of the court; for calling an ugly name in anger (“Raca!”), the court of the Sanhedrin; and for an angry curse (“Thou fool!”), hell-fire. But Jesus cannot have either such distinctions in the sins or in the penalties in mind. What about other sins such as to strike a person in anger, to wound him, finally also to kill him? What greater penalty could be inflicted beyond hell-fire? In v. 21 “the judgment” is evidently that of a civil court, remanding the murderer for execution. To what graver penalty could the Sanhedrin remand? What court of law could possibly try a case of anger, to which no expression had been given, and order execution for anger? And who would think that the great Sanhedrin would try a man for angrily calling an ugly name? The first two mentioned are civil courts, yet Jesus is evidently not repeating the folly of the scribes and Pharisees by making this commandment a mere civil law. What court could send a man to hell? These questions are not answered by the usual exegesis. No mention is made of the fact that in God’s sight anger is equal to murder and makes us worthy of hell.
Zahn is correct. Jesus is satirizing the casuistic method of the scribes and Pharisees. They would make such distinctions in transgressions, and these distinctions would turn out a farce when it came to designating the penalties. Since anger is equal to murder in God’s sight, the angry man would have to be executed by a civil court—if this commandment is to be considered in the superficial manner of the scribes and Pharisees. Well, then the man who uttered the angry epithet would have to be taken to a still higher court, say the Sanhedrin, which, however, could do no more than the lower court. If the angry epithet should be a trifle different, well, then hell-fire might be decreed. But by whom? There was no court higher than the Sanhedrin. According to this casuistry, what would be left for the crimes of striking, wounding, and actual killing? The purpose of this satire is to demolish the entire Jewish treatment of this commandment as a mere civil law. Civil courts cannot possibly consider the infractions that start in the heart and break out in ugly names. That is why the scribes and Pharisees omitted all these infractions and never instructed the people regarding them. They even taught as though Moses himself did no more for the ancients to whom, at God’s command, he gave the law. Against this gross perversion Jesus hurls his satire. By saying that anger is equal to murder and worthy of the death penalty and an angry epithet likewise Jesus shows how God judges these sins; and when for a similar epithet he decrees hell-fire, he shows that in the judgment of God hell is the penalty for all these sins, beginning with anger and on through to murder.
Lenski, R. C. H.: The Interpretation of St. Matthew's Gospel. Minneapolis, MN. : Augsburg Publishing House, 1961, S. 218.

Luther has a funny example of this after discussing how all people are guilty under this description of wrath.

Here is man’s prayer, paraphrased, “O Lord. My neighbor has said things to dishonor me. And he has done some damage to my property. Therefore I am very angry and would cheerfully have him killed for this.”

The world is full of rage and revenge. We see the effects of it everywhere, especially in the visible church. Luther’s point is this – We have ways to address wrongs done to us. The government has the sword and the justice system to take care of those who do wrong.

That may not satisfy us. However, we do not have the right to get even and create our own system of justice. That violates God’s laws, because the soldiers and police and courts are there to accomplish this (without wrath) – fairly and evenly.

As he says, if they fail in their duty, as we see it, we do not have the liberty to set aside God’s universal justice for our petty claims.

Thus when I had a boy breaking into our home, stealing things, and engaging in petty vandalism, I phoned the police. They investigated and the damage grew. More things happened. There was not much I could do legally - without a lot of expense. I talked to law enforcement people who told me that the boy would be in deep trouble soon, because starting young is a very bad sign.
Vengeance and retribution is in God’s hands, not ours. We cannot take over from God and have harmony in this world.

Luther said, “Our petty complaints cannot be allowed to overturn God’s universal justice.”

Wrath in the Visible Church
This Gospel lesson was not recorded for unbelievers, who pay no attention to it. The spirit of revenge is a constant and is highly respected. It was explained in the movie “The Sting”, when con men rob the mobster. “If I let these con men rob me, and my associates find out, I will have to kill all my associates, or they will kill me for being a weakling.”

I kept explaining to my wife Chris during the English history movies, the ruler had to be aggressive and unforgiving of all foes--even a brilliant young woman like Lady Jane Grey. Otherwise, the frailest opponent became a rallying point for all the opposing forces in the kingdom or across the Channel.

The visible church is always engaged in hurting people in various ways. The extremes are the abusive cults, which do this in the Name of Christ. Sometimes they are abusive entities within a larger organization. I know of famous cases in all denominations, each one beyond belief.

The practice of hurting people does not excuse it in any way whatsoever. Unfortunately, the worst offenders are the most respected or feared clergy for being able to get their way. Some do it by being bullies. Others accomplish what they want by being toadies.

Rome and Constantinople parted ways, on one occasion, when one leader pinned a note of excommunication on the other’s robe, in the back. When the note was read, the pinned leader responded with his own excommunication. Eventually the tension between the two caused the fall of Constantinople and all of Europe was then under the threat of Muslim invasion.

Our Wrath
Jesus is teaching us that we must be different from the scribes and Pharisees, from all unbelievers, who gladly help their friends and never stop getting even with their opponents.

We cannot do this through works or by an act of will. The Gospel alone gives us the power to resist the temptation to be angry and vengeful. As Luther wrote in one sermon on this text, no harsh words are excused, even if we feel wronged. Violence is not the way the Christian faith is advanced.

Nevertheless, there are many who think they are doing God a favor by driving people out of the church, by excommunicating them, by shunning them, by heaping all kinds of verbal abuse on them.

The reason why big synodical meetings are so dull is this – they have endless unwritten rules about who must be honored and absolved for anything done and said. No one can question these rules. Getting excited about doctrinal error is a terrible sin. Thus the First Table of the Ten Commandments is set aside for the unwritten rules of man.

According to the Scriptures, which is a sin – attacking the Word of God, or questioning the institution?

Clearly it is a sin against the Holy Spirit to divorce the divine power of the Godhead from His Word, to say that man is required. Blasphemy is the worst sin of all, sinning against the majesty of God. Yet clergy and professors blaspheme in print and are rewarded for it, even after being challenged about their errors. They steal sermons from others and lie about, yet their superiors are ready to jump to their defense. “Lots of ministers are copying sermons today.”

There is no better job description on a clergy resume today than “heretic.”

Luther’s approach was simple – teach the Word and apply the Word, then accept the consequences. When people do not accept the consequences or fear the consequences, they water down the Word and change the revelation of God to fit the times and the leaders. For a short period of material security they give up the eternal peace that comes from the pure Gospel. Sometimes they hedge and modify so much that they ease themselves into the realms of atheism, having a hatred for the faith they once professed. God knows. Perhaps no one else saw it coming, but God did.

The wrath of man soon follows the application of the Word, because Satan cannot bear the true Gospel anywhere. If it takes root, he immediately begins to persecute it. Often the majority will side with their Father Below and drive out orthodoxy. That has happened many times before, without the name Lutheran attached to it.

When orthodoxy is driven from one location, it arrives in another. If God is indeed all powerful, as the Word teaches, this cannot happen without His permission. God allowed John Bunyan to publish most of his work from prison rather than from a denomination’s headquarters. But can anyone even read the bilge from a denomination’s headquarters?

Calming Our Wrath
The Gospel calms our wrath, because we do not have the power to do so. If that seems in doubt, consider what has provoked anger in the last month or so. Many times it is the least little thing, often a misunderstanding. Many causes are within us, because we are tired, hungry, sick, or in pain.

The Gospel leaven does its work. When we recognize how faith lays hold of the righteousness of Christ, works fall to the wayside. “He said this to me” is no longer something we need to have exact payment for, because all our similar sins are paid through the Atonement and forgiven through faith.

I content that all this universal absolution nonsense from the UOJ Pietists has caused enormous spiritual and emotional harm to people. First they are forgiven without faith, then they are excommunicated for questioning the teachings of man. The Bereans were praised for searching the Scriptures, but that is forgotten.

Because the Gospel creates and sustains faith, God is at work whenever the Means of Grace are applied, taught, extolled, practiced. Eternal life springs up in the midst of death, and no one can predict how this will happen, how people will become believers and love Him who first loved us.


"In this epistle lesson Paul gives Christians instruction concerning the Christian life on earth, and connects with it the hope of the future and eternal life, in view of which they have been baptized and become Christians. He makes of our earthly life a death--a grave--with the understanding, however, that henceforth the risen man and the newness of life should be found in us."
Sermons of Martin Luther, 8 vols., ed., John Lenker, Grand Rapids: Baker Book House, 1983, VIII, p. 141. Rom. 6:3-11.
"He [Paul] says: It is not the intention of the Gospel to teach sin or to allow it; it teaches the very opposite--how we may escape from sin and from he awful wrath of God which it incurs. Escape is not effected by any doings of our own, but by the fact that God, out of pure grace, forgives us our sins for His
Son's sake; for God finds in us nothing but sin and condemnation."
Sermons of Martin Luther, VIII, p. 142. Rom. 6:3-11.

"Paul does not teach that grace is acquired through sin, nor that sin brings grace; he says quite the opposite--that 'the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men,' Romans 1:18. But because the sins of men which are taken away are so grievous and numerous, the grace which drowns and destroys them must be mighty and abundant also. Where there is a great thirst, a great draft is needed to quench it. Where there is a mighty conflagration, powerful streams of water are necessary to extinguish it...But these facts do not give us authority to say:...Let us injure ourselves and make ourselves ill that medicine may do us more good. Still less does it follow that we may heap us and multiply sins for the purpose of receiving more abundance grace."
Sermons of Martin Luther, 8 vols.,VIII, p. 142f. Romans 6:3-11; Romans 1:18

"On the other hand, we are outwardly oppressed with the cross and sufferings, and with the persecution and torments of the world and the devil, as with the weight of heavy stone upon us, subduing our old sinful nature and checking us against antagonizing the Spirit and committing other sins."
Sermons of Martin Luther, VIII, p. 145. Romans 6:6.

"But the fact is, all Christian doctrines and works, all Christian living, is briefly, clearly and completely comprehended in these two principles, faith and love. They place man as a medium between God and his neighbor, to receive from above and distribute below. thus the Christian becomes a vessel, or rather a channel, through which the fountain of divine blessings continuously flows to other individuals."
Sermons of Martin Luther, VIII, p. 145. Rom. 6:3-11.

"But if you possess faith, your heart cannot do otherwise than laugh for joy in God, and grow free, confident and courageous. For how can the heart remain sorrowful and dejected when it entertains no doubt of God's kindness to it, and of his attitude as a good friend with whom it may unreservedly and freely enjoy all things? Such joy and pleasure must follow faith; if they are not ours, certainly something is wrong with our faith."
Sermons of Martin Luther, VI, p. 146. Titus 3:4-8

"Your first desire will be that all men may obtain the same knowledge of divine grace. Hence your love will not be restrained from serving all to the fullest extent, preaching and proclaiming the divine truth wherever possible, and rejection all doctrine and life not in harmony with this teaching. But take
note, the devil and the world, unwilling that their devices be rejected, cannot endure the knowledge of what you do. They will oppose you with everything great, learned, wealthy and powerful, and represent you as a heretic and insane."
Sermons of Martin Luther, VI, p. 147. Titus 3:4-8

"Since the Word of God is this weapon [sword], it behooves us to make use of it at all times and to this end become acquainted with it both by means of public preaching and by earnest Bible study at home. Cursory reading must be supplemented by careful memorizing of proof-texts and strong passages. Only in this way shall we be able to make the proper use of the Word of God as a true weapon of offense at all times."
Paul E. Kretzmann, Popular Commentary of the New Testament, 2 vols., St. Louis: CPH, II, p. 292. Ephesians 6:17.

"The reference [the Votum] is simply to a disposition to trust and love God sincerely, and a willingness of heart and mind to serve God and man to the utmost. The devil seeks to prevent this state by terror, by revealing death and by every sort of misfortune; and by setting up human devices to induce the heart to seek comfort and help in its own counsels and in man. Thus led astray, the heart falls from trust in God to a dependence upon itself."
Sermons of Martin Luther, VI, p. 111. Philippians 4:7.

"Take heed, then, to embrace the message of these words presenting the love and kindness of God to all men. Daily exercise your faith therein, entertaining no doubt of God's love and kindness toward you, and you shall realize His blessings. Then you may with perfect confidence ask what you will, what your heart desires, and whatever is necessary for the good of yourself and your fellow-men. But if you do not so believe, it were far better you had never heard the message. For by unbelief you make false these precious, comforting, gracious words. You conduct yourself as if you regarded them untrue, which attitude is extreme dishonor to God; no more enormous sin could be committed."
Sermons of Martin Luther, VI, p. 146. Titus 3:4-8.

"Good works are to be performed without any thought of merit, simply for the benefit of one's neighbor and for the honor of God; until the body, too, shall be released from sin, death and hell."
Sermons of Martin Luther, VI, p. 151. Titus 3:4-8

"This is the situation with him: the greater his external restraint from evil, the greater his inward hatred of him who restrains. His character is in the scales; when one side goes up, the other goes down. While outward sin decreases, inward sin increases. We know from experience that those youths most strictly reared are, when given liberty, more wicked than young men less rigidly brought up. So impossible it is to improve human nature with commandments and punishments; something else is necessary."
Sermons of Martin Luther, VI, p. 268. Gal. 3:23-29

"Why do so many people in our country fall in with the preachers of fanatical sects? Because these sects spread the glamor of great sanctity about themselves. Alas! man regards the works of God as trifling, but esteems the works of men highly. That is nothing but one of the sad results of man's fall
into sin."
C. F. W. Walther, The Proper Distinction between Law and Gospel, St. Louis: CPH, 1928, p. 372.

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Jetski, aka John Jeske, aka Jumpin' Jack
aka Jester

This bus runs on NIV fuel and is driven with Enthusiasm.

bruce-church ( has left a new comment on your post "Convention Summary: Church and Change Shuts Out Op...":

Mequon Prof. Jetski was one of the translators for the first NIV translation. So no doubt C&C has a big attachment to the NIV. Also, C&G wants to fend off the idea that the Jetski clan doesn't have the Sidam Touch where everything they touch goes heretical. See links below:

Sidam Touch:

The opposite of The Midas Touch, which turns everything to gold, The Sidam Touch breaks and or ruins everything.

Jeski Jetski:

Jeske participation NIV translation,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=104ae468c6e9bd24&biw=1111&bih=829&pf=p&pdl=500

WELS Irreformable

bruce-church ( has left a new comment on your post "Mark and Avoid Jeske Memorial Explores the Outer L...":

The WELS is irreformable, as the MLC homoerotic video incident attests. SP Schroeder even went to bat for the offenders saying it was a spoof on gaydom, probably due to reasons of extended family nepotism. If someone complains about anything, whatever is abusive will be explained away as being harmless, and the complainer will be summarily booted out of the WELS, or semi-shunned, where he might as well have been booted out.


GJ - The convention should not have shocked the Intrepids. SP Schroeder showed his colors when he failed to nix the Martin Luther College homosexual video and forced Herman Otten to print a retraction, even an apology, for printing the truth about the debacle.

The video was taped and shown at Martin Luther College, their School of Ministry. The participants proudly uploaded it to YouTube for everyone to see. When a reaction set in, started by comments and a link from a WELS layman, the students began whining at Wisconsin Lutheran College, the twin-sister of MLC in promoting Church Growth Enthusiasm. The students offered to forgive me for posting the truth about their plagiarism. They "did not know" the original video was gay, they claimed--in print--in the WLC student paper. Yes, I got a copy of their lies, in black and white.

They did not know the original was gayer than lavender tights? They should be kicked out for being bad liars, since lying is simply a sport in WELS.

SP Schroeder trotted out a new excuse for Christian News. Now these poor innocent WELSian lambs--who previously knew not gaity when they saw men from Fire Island (a gay resort) prancing around on a Miley Cyrus video--were deliberately mocking homosexuals.So they did know what they were doing, and that made it just fine in Schroeder's eyes - and in Otten's!

The video can be seen on YouTube and on their precious Facebook page, where they brag about it.

I suggest being careful about Googling the topic. Copies of the MLC version got around and began showing up on websites overly fond of Judy Garland and Liberace.

Why Evangelize a Forgiven, Absolved, Saved World?

AC V has left a new comment on your post "Brett Meyer Reveals Why the Commissars Love, Love,...":

Rev. Charles Westra of the Board for Home Missions just said at the WELS convention: "when Christ died on the cross he declared the world 'not guilty' of sin."

My question to you Rev. Westra: Why do mission work, if the world has been declared 'not guilty."

UOJ is indeed foundational to WELS philosophy of ministry.

Spam Filter Misdirection

Comments went into the spam filter for email, so a quiet night was really quite active. I will check to make sure all comments are posted.

No one was excommunicated. In fact, I welcome comments from opponents as well as friends.

Problem Solved

I never discussed using Christian Worship, knowing how the Liberal Book of Weirdness promised so much and delivered so little. Recently I had to listen to "This Is the Feast" and could not get over the monotony of the song. I have been using The Lutheran Hymnal since 1987.

Pope Paul the Unlearned has discovered the one-year (historic) lectionary lately. I have used that non-stop since 1987. The Gospels and Epistles match the Lenker set of Luther's sermons. Those with the newer set of Luther's sermons have the house sermons included, so even more material is available.

Now that the entire Lutheran enterprise is using the Roman Catholic three-year cycle, some are admitting that it may not be a good idea.

I was stuck with the NIV in WELS, because it was universal in all their publications. However, LI kept reminding me of the poor quality of the NIV, which he heard about in classes at Northwestern College (RIP). Someone got me started on the KJV on the computer at Trinity in Bridgeton, about 1992, and I have used it since.

Here is a good solution for the Lutheran sects, mini-sects, and micro-mini sects:

  1. Study the origin of the Tyndale-King James Version of the Bible and Luther's direction connection with it.

  2. Adopt the KJV franchise as the main Bible for all purposes.

  3. If the flesh is weak, pick one modern KJV for general use.

In a Bible study or catechism class, various translation philosophies simply add to confusion. Does the typical pastor really know how the ESV, NIV, and Beck differ in their approach? He or she could call it the Babel Class.

They do not clarify anything.  The modern KJVs use the original (1800s version) as their model, so they are all quite similar. Some people are allergic to thee and thou. I cannot change that. But those slight changes make little difference in a group when all have the same original model as their basis.  The boneheads in charge of these decisions should be driven out of town and pelted with dog manure, as our Confessions state. They have two glaring faults:

1. They have no grasp of the English language, only synod politics.
2. They do not comprehend Biblical, Lutheran doctrine.

Crucial Endorsement for Time of Grace:
Leading Lutheran District President.
So There! Sour Pusses

According to his own narrative, Missouri DP Al Benke invited himself to the
Yankee Stadium all-religious religious service.
He was temporarily suspended by Missouri.
Dan Preus refused to deal with it, so Wally Schulz wrote the report suspending Benke.
Schulz was canned and Benke was restored.
A few LCMS pastors started ELDONA as a result.

DP Al Benke:
My understanding of Time of Grace as an urban outreach venture was colored some by standing in that revolving restaurant at the top of the Hyatt in Milwaukee with Mark Jeske as he pointed out where the church and ministries were located and what they do in terms of school and neighborhood mission.  But, having received and read the Time of Grace Magazine this week, it is also plainly a ministry of teaching.  And I found the teaching in the magazine to be straightforward-ly Lutheran.  I don't know who the concerned folks are in WELS, but the teaching I read on Baptism was all about, well, grace. 

WELS Intrepids, post-convention.

My own view would be that from the Missouri perspective Mark Jeske and Time of Grace would be a great vessel to bring about closer cooperation between the two denominations not only in extrenals but in teaching.  Mission-oriented, urban, word and deed, and highly visible.  Along with promoting the necessity of the 10 year Koinonia process in Missouri, I am going to spend some of my energy promoting the inextricable connections between confessional and missional in Missouri.  Mark Jeske - contemporary worship forms and all - is a great example in my opinion of that inextricable connection.  Their plan is to have a new Time of Grace station in LA, which again I think is fantastic.  Multi-site outreach shepherded in this way is another appropriate and necessary part of the missional/confessional intersection.  This site, alpb, is dramatically to almost completely unrepresented when it comes to the missional (no, I don't like the word either) or large church perspective.  In that regard, the alpb is pretty much homogeneous and on the Missouri side of the dialog is missing a ton of highly energized practitioners, some of them doing work like that of Mark Jeske.

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Intrepid Calls WELS Convention -
Punk, Pass, and Kick

Pastor Spencersaid...
I recommend we save ourselves a whole bunch of key-strokes in the future when talking about this pathetic convention. From now on I'm going to refer to it simply as "WELS PPK," or just plain "ppk." That stands, of course, for "Punk, Pass, and Kick." They punted on all difficult decisions, passed just about everything else, and kicked the confessionals who signed the first Time of Grace Memorial in the teeth.

In my humble opinion.

Pastor Spencer


Hey Mister Lindee,

I guess I wasn't even thinking about a corporate act. I wrote "we" meaning individuals. I think that is where the real power lies because it's in the hearts of individuals where the Holy Spirit works. I think we each need to be talking to our grannies and our 8th graders, although in the process certainly referring them to Intrepid any anyone else with viable and honest analysis of the NNIV.

I think an incorporation and wonton advertisement of IL is a very good idea, but if we each rely on the internet and use it as an excuse not to have hard conversations with our own people nothing will change.

I for one am not looking forward to having this conversation with some of my family because they are the sort that will go along with the WELS regardless of anything. They will be uncomfortable with the idea of a rift between WELS people and the conversation will get turned aside a dozen times to avoid the necessity of making a judgement call that will invariably alienate them from someone in our family.

How many other deeply-rooted WELS folks will be forced to make judgement calls--picking sides and perhaps, (as it will in my family) cause BIG TIME family division? I suppose that quite a number of families are in that same position.

You see why I might not post my name with comments like this? Christian discernment is already going to cause familial problems and it won't help reading about it on the internet. I hope IL admin will post this unsigned comment--and I promise to sign my name in the future.

But I'm sure everybody here can sympathize. The WELS is close-knit and we 're all going to have to make difficult calls. A great battle to fight is one against the NIV 2011, but it's got to start with our own families.


LutherRocks said... 
The NNIV is a great rallying point...however that is not the root cause. The problem is a willingness to compromise for the sake of union and mission...but soon enough all will be compromised away and WELS will be standing on sand... because after all...all this discussing of doctrine gets in the way of saving souls.



AP said...
I'm just going to first say the obvious thing here: If the translation WELS adopts needs a disclaimer insert (an entire booklet!) warning readers of the various false teachings or errors it promotes then maybe--just maybe--we ought not to adopt it in the first place. Honestly, how many people are even going to buy the NIV 2011 if the first thing they need to do is read about how full of errors it is!

I just heard Professor Wendland say during this morning's discussion that the committee believes that there is no better translation option than the NIV 2011. How can they possibly have come to this conclusion when the thing needs a booklet (not a sheet of paper but a booklet) to explain its shortcomings?

It at least appears that this decision is going to be put off for a while. In any case, the most powerful way to make one's voice heard on the matter is by voting with your dollars. A major drop in NPH sales will get someone's attention. Before anyone gets the wrong idea here, I am not calling for a 1765-like organized boycott. I am, again, just stating the obvious I think.

Dr. Aaron Palmer

Dr. Palmer


Let us ask ourselves what Luther might think of a translation that needed an addendum to warn readers of error. Am I wrong to suppose he'd say: "Well, go fix the errors before you publish it, ya morons!"?

If the WELS (or any church) feels the need to write an 'warning of errors' for the Holy Scriptures aren't they placing upon Scripture something extra needed for proper understanding of it? The Errata booklet would be nothing less than a key to Scripture. And THAT necessitates the question: Is the NNIV safe to read without the extra pamphlet? Probably not, If the errata pamphlet-writers truly feel, in good faith, the need to write the pamphlet.

So if you can't safely read the Bible without also knowing and studying the pamphlet, how is the pamphlet any less than Scripture? If the Bible and its list of warnings are inseparable, how is that not disregarding the warning in Rev 22:18?

Fair question, I think. I'd be curious to know what someone in favor of the pamphlet idea would say.

David Kreuter

Kicking the NNIV Decision Down the Road
Is Part of the Plan To Adopt It

California wrote about WELS kicking NNIV down the road.

WELSians need to remember that "consensus building" does not mean seriously considering objections to an agenda already determined, in this case acceptance of NNIV.

In the parlance of the dialectic operational in WELS these days, consensus building is a process to discuss - so objections and reasons for objections can be identified in order to facilitate circumventing objections. If some absolute objections or resistance can't be circumvented or disarmed, the "refusniks" will be isolated and eventually eliminated one way or the other "down the road". That's how the PPBS, Management by Objectives, Dialectic works, folks.

It may have been better had the the convention voted to dive in and adopt the NNIV July 2011, for it would have avoided what will snare many, disillusion others, and cause gradual pain and dissension until the process arrives at the predetermined "consensus" allowing what the translation committee recommended in the first place. Those who can't accept NNIV could find it more clearly obvious that they need to depart, which a remnant will end up doing anyway. But the body of WELLS will find it difficult, for they have sat in the pews for a generation softened up with NIV which should never have been accepted. The original "KJV has to go" agenda prevailed, and NIV was as good as any to accomplish that, warts and all. Now it doesn't really matter to the change agents what replaces NIV, just as long as it isn't KJV.


GJ - Several long-term WELS members have noticed that their pastors and good friends from the sect have switched positions over the years, adjusting to Holy Mother Synod's flip from one side to another.

The King James Version is only one example, but the key one, as California has often stated. WELS got rid of her for disagreeing and raising issues. They excommunicated her for doing what they said members must do - go to the individual and write letters. Does that sound familiar? Texas? Appleton? Anyone? Anyone?

At one point, someone wrote me, the Sausage Factory students were graduating with a hatred of the King James, which is really the English version of Luther's Bible. Just as Luther's Bible established the hallmarks of the German language, so Tyndale's established English (with some help from the Earl of Oxford, aka Shakespeare). The literary achievement of both Bibles is itself a tribute to the literary abilities of both men, truly God's chosen instruments for the task, even though others helped and advanced the efforts.

Although Pope Paul the Unlearned dislikes the NNIV and questions its adoption in WELS, I heard no objections from his massive desk at CPH. His recent post cast aspersions on the New KJV (which the ELS likes) without giving reasons beyond "the text." I doubt whether McCain understands the text issues. The text fantasies of Tischendorf, Wescott and Hort are the foundation for the flight from the best translation, giving people warrant for Anything Goes Bibles.

I read Jester's tirade against the New KJV. John Jeske (aka Jumpin' Jack) was in bed with the NIV from the start, so it is not shocking to find Tom and Mark in the same unionistic frame of mind, just as David Valleskey's father reared him in unionism.

Language is everything in conveying the Word of God. Lenski often discusses the importance of understanding each word in the original, so the WELSian elite are quick to denounce Lenski.

Contemporary Bible Twisters Adopt Mascot:
WELS Finds Problems But Loves It Anyway

Critics dog Moo.

Endorsements from Church and Change Mentors

Smoke and Mirrors


Brett Meyer said...
Read the bios of the individuals who translated the 2011 NIV.

The translators of the NNIV would form a veritable Medusa of false teaching and enthusiasm based on their confession and background. Is it any wonder that the NNIV furthers the Baptist, RCC, Reformed, Pharisaical, Feminist and New Age religious agenda which the apostates in the Lutheran Synods are lusting after?


LCMS Women's Ordination Advocate Endorses WELS NNIV Position

Marie Meyer is Pastor Herman Otten's sister.
She is consistent in her statements.

ALPB Online Discussion Forum


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Re: WELS 2011 Convention 7/25-7/29
« Reply #74 on: Today at 10:25:50 AM »
The Translation Evaluation Committee made the best use of the time available to them and did spend the most time working with the NIV2011. Gender inclusive language was a concern to the committee. However the truth regarding male and female roles is clearly taught in NIV2011; it is not a feminist translation.

The above reflects a perspective lacking in the attitude of some LCMS particpants on this Forum toward the NIV2011.

Marie Meyer


Brett Meyer has left a new comment on your post "Contemporary Bible Twisters Adopt Mascot: WELS Fin...":

Read the bios of the individuals who translated the 2011 NIV.

The translators of the NNIV would form a veritable Medusa of false teaching and enthusiasm based on their confession and background. Is it any wonder that the NNIV furthers the Baptist, RCC, Reformed, Pharisaical, Feminist and New Age religious agenda which the apostates in the Lutheran Synods are lusting after?

More Mush from the Wimps -
WELS Kicks the NNIV Can Down the Road

From the Pickled Pietists of Pewaukee:

Delegates adopted three resolutions Thursday, July 28, that set the stage for choosing a Bible translation that WELS can use in its publications.

The first resolution thanked the five-person Translation Evaluation Committee (TEC), which has been evaluating the New International Version 2011 and other alternatives for the past year. President Mark Schroeder put the committee together in 2010 because the NIV 1984, the translation currently used in WELS publications, will not be available for use in the near future.

The resolution also asked that the TEC continues to function to educate the synod on the translation principles and to help build a consensus on which translation to use for synod publications.

Rev. Paul Wendland, TEC chairman, says that the committee is already planning a symposium on the topic in November and looking into other ways to keep the conversations going. “I’m really looking forward to a symposium to be held in Mequon where we can hear from all different perspectives,” says Wendland. “Maybe as we talk together all in the same room we can come to a greater consensus.”

Another resolution asked that a task force be appointed to study the feasibility of producing a confessional Lutheran translation and/or study Bible for whatever translation was selected. [GJ - Hahaha. Put Wendland in charge. He will hire Moo.]

The last resolution recommended that the TEC produce a “Final Report” that incorporates input it receives from ongoing evaluation and that the district conventions choose a translation via ballot next summer. The resolution calls for a two-thirds majority vote of delegates at the district conventions; otherwise the decision will be made at the 2013 synod convention or in a special single-issue convention next summer.

The TEC recommended in its report to the convention that the NIV 2011 could be used with a high degree of confidence by our church body. “It’s a translation that is rendered in good, contemporary English. It is very familiar to our people—it won’t involve a large change that would be disruptive. Ninety-seven percent of the words in the new NIV are exactly the same as the old NIV,” says Wendland. “We are concerned about different points, but as we compare them with the other versions we’ve looked at out there we don’t see any other version that takes care of all those problems without adding more of their own.”

Others, however, expressed concern over the TEC’s recommendation of the NIV 2011. Delegate Rev. Paul Naumann from Good Shepherd, Benton Harbor, Mich., says that no translation is perfect, but that he feels the NIV 2011 overuses gender-inclusive language and over interprets messianic prophecies. “In my opinion and the opinion of several others it is the overall weight of objectionable passages that make us prefer to consider another option,” he says.

Naumann was happy that the resolutions give the synod more time to continue this discussion. “I didn’t want us to make a hasty decision,” he says “We need to take the time to do the necessary study and make an informed decision. I think the resolution provides for that.”

“We knew coming in that people wanted to have more time because a consensus in our church body just hasn’t been reached,” Wendland says. “So we need to work really hard looking at other versions as well, making sure that we’ve been able to do as much due diligence to them as we have had time to do on the NIV 2011.”


GJ - Naumann's father was the SP who got Church Growth started in WELS.

This reminds me of the nursing journal I found at Yale Medical School when I was working there. The practical suggestion was, "Ask the patient if he wants his enema before or after dinner." That gives him a choice and makes him happy to be in charge.

So WELS asks, "Do you want to approve the NNIV now or at the district conventions?"

I tried this approach with bathtime, when LI was a toddler. "Do you want your bath now or later?" LI said, "Neither!"

Wendland is happy - it's in the bag.

Naumann can boast he is a confessonal Lutheran leader when he is actually a recessional Lutheran, leading the sheep out to the slaughter.


Brett Meyer has left a new comment on your post "Contemporary Bible Twisters Adopt Mascot: WELS Fin...":

Read the bios of the individuals who translated the 2011 NIV.

The translators of the NNIV would form a veritable Medusa of false teaching and enthusiasm based on their confession and background. Is it any wonder that the NNIV furthers the Baptist, RCC, Reformed, Pharisaical, Feminist and New Age religious agenda which the apostates in the Lutheran Synods are lusting after?

Took the Test, Diagnosis Needed for Treatment

Cover one eye. Which cat is clearer than the other? OK, cover the other eye. Cat one or cat two?

One optician tested my eyes recently and found a potential for glaucoma. She suggested more testing.

As most people know, untreated glaucoma leads to blindness. Those little pumps in the eye keep up a precise pressure. If the pressure is too high for a period of time, vision is destroyed. The onset is subtle.

Family history matters, and my father had glaucoma.

The Lutheran sect approach is to avoid testing at all costs. If someone offers a correct diagnosis, or even asks for more testing, that individual is run out of town (figuratively and literally) and attacked in every possible way.

I went to the one of the best eye clinics in the area. I knew it was a classy place, because the posted dress code was - Wear shoes.

I did not want to hear bad news, but I thought going blind would limit the damage I do to UOJ, so I took the tests. I am fine for now, but will need annual testing.

The Lutheran sects have been promoting falsehood for decades. Everyone knows it but few survivors want to deal openly with it. Without a proper diagnosis, additional blindness will follow.

WELS Has Leaders - All Bad.
Remove Them All.
Publishing News

The younger WELS discussion, below, illustrates what a waste of time and money the WELS convention was.

Publishing news:

Luther versus the UOJ Pietistists: Justification by Faith will be revised in the near future.

The Story of Jesus in Pictures is being readied for publication in due time. I will have a revision done today.

I am working on a murder mystery for the future. A novel can be a good platform for promoting a perspective, so I decided to try my hand at that. I am mentioning the because people push me along once I admit I am going to write something. Pardon the pun, but there is no deadline established.

The Changers will be relieved, but I am not letting up on them. If I can shed some light on what is happening, I will, but more of the posts will be about doctrine rather than Lutheran leaders feathering their nests by promoting apostasy.

Losing by Winning:
Younger WELS Members Not Fooled

Mark Jeske has moved full-time to Time of Grace,
meaning he is too precious to waste his time in pastoral work.

Discussion on Facebook
I used to contribute to Time of Grace Ministry on a regular basis, but quit doing so. The issue that bothered me was that Jeske preached one message to one group of people and another message to another group of people and elevated people of known moral flaws to high status. The law and gospel are meant for all and his occasional scripture-poor messages undermined his normally good ones. I wrote to Pastor Jeske about this and did not receive adequate responses. The later controversy over Jeske's involvement with LCMS raised still more questions for me. I get the impression that Jeske has a tendency to push the envelope, to stretch his Christian freedom a little too far.
Scott Barefoot
My own personal story of "dissapointment" with Pastor Jeske (not that it is one of biblical importance) was last winter when he was one of the "Key Note Speakers" at the WELS College Rally (I attended as a work shop speaker). He got up there and basically showed a "sales pitch" for his Time of Grace T.V. Program. After his talk, he said "Sorry, I have to run... but, please feel free to talk to my staff...".
I just thought that was really, really BAD form. Here he was, invited to be a "Key Note Speaker" at a college rally, and gives a "sales pitch" before pawning everyone off on his "staff". If anything, I personally, think his ego just needs to be "taken down a few notches".
I think his ability to share God's Word with "The Masses" via a syndicated television program is a great one. I just (personally) question his motives, at times.
That reminded me of an incident where a friend and I felt duped into attending a short seminar put on by lay people associated with Time of Grace. The invitation was a short, vague statement indicating that we would be learning evangelism techniques. It turned out to be a recruiting pitch to join Time of Grace. It more notably spoke to all of the great things that Pastor Jeske does, but said little of the the gospel message and the work of the Holy Spirit.
No problem, Scott!

(In the interest of full disclosure, I'm a signatory to the first memorial [2011-06U] so obviously I support it.)

To the points that Scott and Gregg have made: I was also present at the 2010 College Rally this past December (Scott and I were both workshop presenters). I was absolutely not impressed with the Time of Grace video Pastor Jeske showed--not only was it pure self-promotion, it wasn't even self-promotion aimed at the right audience (WELS college students)! He was clearly recycling a past fundraising video and passing that off as his "keynote speech"! Even worse, as Gregg notes above, there was not even a word of the Gospel, or the action of the Holy Spirit, and none of the "success stories" of people that ToG had supposedly reached mentioned any involvement with churches of any denomination (let alone WELS/ELS churches). They were all basically stories revolving around "Pastor Jeske inspired me to improve my life". It was very works-oriented and very Jeske-focused.

(If I am misconstruing the video--and I don't think I am--I would welcome a link or a transcript.)