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Monday, January 11, 2010

Collegian Computer and Internet Quiz

Colleges should certify their students before allowing them to use computers and the Internet. Below is a sample quiz, with the answers, to make it easier to pass.

1. Once a video is uploaded to YouTube, anyone can copy it and save it. True or False?
True - the software for copying is provided on YouTube.

2. There are many video hosting sites. True or False?
True - There are many hosting sites. YouTube and Vimeo are two of them. Anyone can access them.

3. If an image is used on the Net, Google will index it for searches. True or False?
True - Google will label the image and make it available to everyone.

4. Links last forever on the Internet. True or False?
True - The more a link is copied on Internet pages, the more Google will move it to the top of the search.

5. I can control where links to my photos, videos, and web pages are posted. True, False, or Dude?
Dude? - What are you thinking? Stuff is copied in a second and no one controls the Internet.

5. A blog can be hidden by omitting the link. True or False?
False - The blog is still published on the Net. Google may find it or may still have the information. Anyone with the original link can find it.

6. Material can be removed from the Internet by erasing it. True, False, or Not Exactly?
Not exactly - There are services that provide copies of earlier material published to the Internet.

7. Facebook pages are private. True or False?
False - They are webpages used by many different companies. How do you think ads appear based on your unique information?

8. Facebook photos are private. True, False, or Gotta Be Kidding?
Gotta Be Kidding - Facebook photos are available to all friends, or to friends of friends, or to everyone. Even if they are restricted to friends, that can be a large and leaky list.

9. Using Google is stalking. True, False, or Take Your Meds?
Take Your Meds - Everyone uses search engines to find out published information. That includes photos and messages that will end chances for that choice job. The words "publish" and "public" are closely related. MySpace is even more open than Facebook.