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Monday, February 14, 2011

Caution! Caution! - Ignore the Clear Justification by Faith Quotations in the Dog Notes.
Line Up, Sausages, In Alphabetical Order.

"Sorry. I printed dog notes with justification by faith in them.
I put a caution in each one. That should do it.
Are you going to believe Brug or your lying eyes?"

There is a God has left a new comment on your post "Dog Notes from The Sausage Factory (Mequon, WELS)":

Note p. 357, from The Order of Salvation:

Quenstedt: The essence of imputation is a real assessment, which absolves the sinning man who believes in Christ [Caution: this could be misleading] from all his sins before the divine tribunal and actually ascribes to him in a judicial way the righteousness of Christ.


There is a God has left a new comment on your post "Caution! Caution! - Ignore the Clear Justification...":

You want others? Here's two more:


Gerhard: "Since the remission of sins has its foundation in Christ's righteousness on account of which, when it is laid hold of by faith, [Caution!] God receives us into grace, forgives our sins, and, in turn, when these sins have been remitted, imputes to us the righteousness of Christ;


Baier: In other words all we have in mind is that the imputation of righteousness and of faith itself as the basis for justification (Caution!) is prior to that forensic act of justification by which men are absolved from the guilt of their sins, because when we are asked, ―Why does God justify men?‖ we answer, for the reason given previously, ―Because God imputes to man the righteousness or merit of Christ which he apprehends by faith, or because he judges that it belongs to this man in such a way that because of it he is absolved from the guilt of his sins‖ (Compendium, part III, chap. V, par. 11d, p 457).


GJ - I do not know who There Is a God might be, but he or she found this in the Dog Notes, Order of Salvation. I thought the cautions were a bit of sarcasm from There Is, but no - that is the exact quotation, including the caution.

I know some of the current students at Mequon. I saw some of them playing on the floor at the Free home. I held another one at Ft. Wayne. I hope they wake up to the UOJ swindle.


LutherRocks has left a new comment on your post "Caution! Caution! - Ignore the Clear Justification...":

Laity are encouraged not to split hairs over this...and yet this forensic justification that the synods attribute as 'objective' is in fact subjective. In other words there is no justification aside from faith alone...


GJ - I know what you are saying Joe, but we should not kelm the dishonest and misleading terms Objective Justification and Subjective Justification. One cannot find the terms OJ and SJ in Luther, the Book of Concord, or the Post-Concord orthodox writers. The terms come from the English translation of the Halle University (Pietistic) dogmatics book by Georg Christian Knapp. I will publish more on this in a moment.