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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Finkelstein on Process Theology, Stetzer, and WELS

Freddy likes the film Moby Dick.

Freddy Finkelstein has left a new comment on your post "Team Patterson - Mark Down This Conference in Your...":

"We wrongly think of God as static rather than dynamic and moving."

This entire paragraph smacks of the modern heresy of Process Theology, a movement with fond devotion among liberal Baptists (such as the Rev. Dr. Greg Boyd of the General "Babtist" Convention) and some Pentecostals that I know. It is the man-made theology of a changing god, producing a theology requiring man to pine and strive for spiritual renewal -- for continuous rediscovery of a god gone stale. In the end, it begs the question of whether God can be known at all, given that His only Special Revelation, by which He authoritatively reveals Himself and His Gospel to us, is long since obsolete.

God changes, according to the Process theologians among the liberal Babtists (like Ed Stetzer, supposedly), and so does the Church, according to our own WELS Church Growthers. Granting, in all charitableness, that Church & Change Church Growthers in the WELS are only Pollyanna Rubes, who in their Evangelical zeal have only the best intentions at heart, the question is, what do they really know about the theological challenges facing the Babtists? How much of the CG Babtist rhetoric they absorb is influenced by heresy completely unforeseen and unpredicted by them in their Lutheran "boredom," given their wholesome Lutheran training? How prepared are they to recognize damnable heresy cloaked in the garb of progressive, exciting, pop-church evangelical methodology? What, in their wide-eyed zeal, in their Confessional dismissivenes, have they assimilated from Babtists struggling from their own obscure theological challenges? After all, they deliberately choose the moniker "Change." Given their questionable associations, what, truly, is their inspiration?

This is not spouting, this is serious business. The methods of C&C Church Growthers in the WELS are an attack on Lutheran Doctrine via innovative practices -- whether they know it or not.

Rev. Jackson, I don't know if you hear it much at all, but I will state my appreciation for your blog, your journalism, your Lutheran "idealism" (for lack of a better term at this late hour), and your persistence. Freddy Finkelstein


GJ - Here is an interesting note from Brother Stetzer, on his blog:

"Ed Stetzer, Ph.D., is Missiologist at NAMB, an overeater, occasionally loses his temper, is often unsure of who He is in Christ, and has a thought life that could use some work. "

The blind lead the blind, and make them pay dearly for it.

Thanks Freddy, whoever you are.