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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Heroes of the CopyCat

Here is a series using the graphic seen at St. Mark, Depere. Maybe this church borrowed the St. Mark graphic and added Hebrews 11 to it. Or--St. Mark erased the Hebrews 11!

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This is also at Vista del Sol Baptist Church, on iTunes:

Heroes #4 - The Work Of Faith Vista del Sol Baptist Church 6/24/2007 “Noah … trusted God. When he heard God’s warning about the future, Noah believed him even though there was no sign of a flood … wasting no time, he built the ark and saved his family. Noah’s belief in God was in direct contrast to disbelief of the rest Free
Heroes #3 - The Choices Of The Faith Vista del Sol Baptist Church 6/17/2007 Moses was one of the greatest men of faith in the Old Testament. He was a man who learned how to resolve the basic issues of life, and as a result he became one of the HEROES of the faith. Don’t miss the lessons you can learn as Walter teaches on the li Free
Heroes #2 - Faith For Life's Journey Vista del Sol Baptist Church 6/10/2007 Walter will continue the HEROES message series with a talk on Abraham whose life demonstrates what living by faith really means. Free
Heroes #1 - An Unlikely Hero Vista del Sol Baptist Church 6/3/2007 Jesus is the ultimate HERO but in His divine design for your life, he also has placed the power and potential within you to be a HERO. As we study heroes from Hebrews 11 you will learn how to live out His purpose for your life. Free

OK, I am not TV savvy - I never watch the main networks. I finally saw an ad for the NBC series, Heroes. That is the source of the graphic. I imagine one church added Hebrews 11 and St. Mark erased it (Ichabodophobia?). It is typical of the Reformed to seek attention by aping popular entertainment. As the goat said when eating a can of movie film, "I liked the book better."

St. Mark has a reputation for borrowing material, so I wonder if more than the graphic got copied from those non-Lutheran congregations.

PS - I am not sure that Rock and Roll produced the original series of sermons, since I found the graphic elsewhere. I have not tracked down the wording used, but I have enough to do without listening to a Church From Scratch. I did notice Radloff preaching one of the sermons at Christ the Rock. He produced the Mission Counselor Newsletter for The Love Shack. That was an upgrade (or downgrade) of TELL, the new version an absolute pangyric to the Church Growth Movement. More than TELL? Yes, even worse.