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Monday, December 22, 2008

Ichabod Names Names in the Emergent Church

Church and Change, Emergent Church view of Scriptures.

Leonard Sweet, sweetheart of Church and Change, is one of the first names to pop up in The Emergent Church.

I listened to the videos posted below, where The Emergent Church leaders talk. Finkelstein is right - they are blabbing Process Theology, which is a way of talking about religion without believing in anything.

The Emergent Church is a natural outgrowth, as in cancer, of the Church Growth Movement. If you are ever forced to listen to ELCA leaders, you will find them talking just the way the Emergent guys do. This stuff was erupting in the 1960s and becoming institutionalized in the 1970s.

Some other Emergent leaders are: Richard Foster, Tony Jones, Brennan Manning, Brian McLaren.

For those of you who just starting reading Ichabod - Leonard Sweet was to be the keynote speaker for WELS Church and Change. The lagomorphs of the ministerium finally objected to something and the conference was canceled. Gurgel claimed there was no Church and Change anymore. Oh no. They just registered their next conference via, with a Church Growth guy in charge of technology. They got bumped from the official synod website, but now they have hired Babtist Ed Stetzer to be their next keynote speaker. Stetzer, below, is the wide-body version of Sweet.

Babtist Ed Stetzer, has "two master's degrees" (not really) and two doctorates (oh please, another lie) but he cannot spell. Look at the chart below, which is copyrighted, so I will be sued if I spell discipleship as dicipleship!