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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Chemnitz: "The devil breaks wind before leaving the room"

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post ""Doom Has Come Upon Us All! Behold, Lutherans Emph...":

Ooh...I'm really scared now. (insert cutesy pic here) I have yet to see an arguement (sic) on here that proves (scripturally) that C&C is in error. It is all random rhetoric, hyperbole, speculation and lies. (insert another cutesy pic here with cutesy mis-spelled caption)

What a joke.


GJ - Chemnitz quoted an old proverb about an mephitic decree from the Council of Trent, "They say the devil always breaks wind before leaving the room."

The Change and Chicanery leaders wanted to strut around, leading people to and fro. They put their names out on the Internet, bragging on their websites, and filled the ether with their odious secret emails. But they howled when people began reading the truth about them.

With not a drop of martyr's blood in their own veins, Church and Chicanery leaders have been bleeding foundations dry to support false doctrine from Fuller and Willow Creek. St. Mark, Depere, the Mother Church of C and C, is a member of the Willow Creek Association. They are rolling in loot because they have the answers, so why do they need money? They should be giving, not taking.

St. Marcus hides the name Lutheran for its television show, which God has blessed with everything but money and sound doctrine. "I have been young and now am old, but I have never seen the righteous go hungry or his children begging for bread." That verse works the other way too. St. Marcus and St. Mark (the odd couple of C and C) beg for a reason.

If these congregations are so successful, as they crow, why are they so dependent on foundation grants and charity from the synod? VP Patterson should be ashamed to have his well established congregation begging the synod to pay for his vicars.

Everywhere I look, I see Church and Chicanery leaders with their hands out, looking for a hand-out. They are not givers but takers. They absorb vast amounts of Love Shack salary and benefits while driving the synod down financially and numerically - but in the name of growth! Even at Citibank, with $2 trillion in assets, that kind of growth gets a doofus fired.

If these C and C leaders (Doebler, Kelm, Parlow) know so much, as they claim, why do they need to crib their sermon material from false teachers? Like most plagiarists, their laziness (spiritual sloth) is exceeded only by their dunderhead assumptions.

We can find the originals of the sermons they copied from the Internet. We can find the same artwork. Worst of all, we can find the same doctrine.

I predict that some (not all) the congregations will leave WELS for the LCMS. They will make a big stink before they leave, as Chemnitz suggested.

Kieschnick eats up this stuff, loving women's ordination more than Church and Change.


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Chemnitz: "The devil breaks wind before leaving th...":

Hmmm....not much strutting going with you Mr. Ichabod, is there? What a putz....It's interesting, all of your arguments could actually be turned around on you and all the Ichabodians. Now that is food for thought. How many folks are in your parish again, Greg? Ooh. That's gonna leave a mark.


GJ - We broadcast to the world for free and make the files available to everyone. The exact number is no one's concern, certainly not mine. We have regular participants from one coast to another, and that astonishes me.

Some recent anonymous (what else?) claims have been:

1. No one reads Ichabod, except A. Nony Mouse on a daily basis. So do I generate the world map through secret software known only to me?
2. I invent positive comments and publish them myself. Sure, I also make up the names of Lutheran laymen who post. And I create the followers list on my own too.
3. Plus - "I don't believe this," and "You haven't proven that." The answer is - find another site, such as Oprah's or ELCA's, and find satisfaction there.

Thanks again, Mouse, for confirming that Ichabod is a thorn in your side.