Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Anticipated Budget Shortfall Widens.
WELS Members Evacuate

WELS created an odd juxtaposition with the two headlines listed above, from their Together email

Congregation Mission Offerings (CMO)—given by congregations for the synod's collective ministry—were $3.76 million for the quarter, down nearly 14 percent from the same quarter last year. Some of the difference may be due to the timing of Easter, which occurred in March last year. Foundation grants and gifts from individuals are also down dramatically.

As one person told me, "No matter what has been cut lately, they have to go back and cut even more the next week."

The part I marked in lavender is especially telling. As I predicted, extra money from the wealthy and their foundations is drying up. If the trends continue, the story will be worse in a year.

Times are tough, even in Texas. I imagine that future safaris will be limited to the wild animal farm in Lubbock, or the local petting zoo.