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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Nunes Dare Call It Treason

From the LCMS to Lutheran World Relief


July 2, 2009

Worship, Bible Study Leaders for ELCA Churchwide Assembly Named

+ Aug. 22: The Rev. John A. Nunes, president and chief executive officer,
Lutheran World Relief, Baltimore

The murder of an helpless woman and the subsequent cover-up.

Henstenberg was a member of Nunes' LCMS congregation. After the murder, Nunes left the congregation, joined ELCA, and became head of the Wheatridge Foundation (liberal Lutheran).

Interview with John Nunes

Nunes - Top Ten Books for the Globally Enlightened


GJ - These articles show what it takes to get ahead in the Lutheran Church. Nunes was the pastor of a church where the organist, Eric Henstenberg, murdered a defenseless woman and slandered her to justify himself. That same organist, recommended by Nunes, was involved in the worship planning for the upcoming LCMS convention. Instead of being sacked and left in limbo, Nunes was promoted to a posh foundation job and promoted again to head the Lutheran World Relief organization.

Was the LCMS upset about Nunes leaving for ELCA? Not at all. The flattering article about the top ten books was written by: "Travis Scholl, 35, is managing editor of theological publications at Concordia Seminary. A graduate of Yale Divinity School (MDiv), he is an ordained Lutheran minister. Despite some time away, he and his wife are native St. Louisans, as is the child they are now raising."