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Friday, July 24, 2009

Spoiling the Egyptians:
Valleskey's Excuse
For Promoting False Doctrine

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "The Sound of One Hand Clapping":

Our pastor uses that term "Spoil the Egyptians".

What does that actually mean?

Does that mean take from non-churched to support the churched?

I am too embarrassed to ask my pastor, but it sure doesn't sound very nice....


GJ - This looks like a soft lob, so I can hit a homer. Glad you asked, for whatever reason.

Valleskey feigned doing an analysis of the Church Growth Movement, which he took as an opportunity to gush about the undying fad. He chose to name Larry Crabb (a favorite at Fuller Seminary) and Crabb's use of the term "spoiling the Egyptians." Apparently the phrase is as old as Augustine, but I doubt whether Augustine figured much in Valleskey's education.

Valleskey and the rest of the Shrinkers use the term to excuse their wholesale borrowing of false doctrine from Fuller, Willow Creek, Mars Hill, Granger, Northpoint Crypto-Babtist, and the rest of the Enthusiasts.

As the introduction to the History of Pietism says, the Crypto-Calvinists tried to hide their allegiance to the Swiss Reformer. Now all hiding is gone.

Church and Change is devoted to spoiling the Egyptians.

I pointed out to Valleskey, in front of the Ohio pastors, that the Israelites took the gold and precious jewels of the Egyptians, not their garbage. Valleskey was not happy.