Monday, December 28, 2009

Will Patterson Campaign for DP by Bragging about Rock and Roll Church?

At this address:

There is a map, too, but I got tired of fussing with the graphics. Look it up on Google Maps. The websty would be a lot more interesting, but Kudu Don Patterson forced it down to one page so he could run for DP without too many more pratfalls. Ichabod's fault. Sorry folks. I can link y'all to about 100 other identical Schwaermer sites. Seriously.

3300 E Palm Valley Blvd
Round Rock, TX 78665
Phone 512-470-2133

Sunday Worship Gathering: 10 am

Thursday, December 24, 6:30pm
Christmas Eve Service of Song and Hope  <==A few days ago!

Sunday, December 27, 10am
Service of Bible Lessons and Christmas Carols  <==Yesterday! They need a grant, please. Ask Joe to stop blogging and help with the giant one-page websty. Updating takes so long.