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Monday, July 5, 2010

McCain - The Spare Bedroom Blogger and Otten Politcal Pal - Cites Roman Catholic Teacher

From the WELS Facebook discussion thread:

Paul T. McCain Just a note to those who may not be aware of this fact.

Mr. Jackson is not a Lutheran pastor. He used to be, but wound up being removed and/or leaving several Lutheran church bodies, including the WELS and the smaller CLC.

He is not a Lutheran either. He teaches false doctrine on the doctrine of justification.

A thorough refutation of Mr. Jackson's false doctrine can be found at the blog site of Dr. Jack Kilcrease. Read the post linked and then read around for follow up posts. Dr. Kilcrease has, quite completely, demolished Mr. Jackson's assertions about justification.


GJ - McCain forgot to mention a few things in his toxic, deceitful rant, which he posted before on the same thread:

His boss, Al Barry, was a member of four different synods. Barry studied at Bethany in Mankato (ELS), at a basement seminary in Minneapolis (orthodox something or other), but vicared in WELS, and landed in the LCMS. McCain told me he and Barry were ready to leave for the ELS if Barry had lost the election.

McCain has never been a full-time parish pastor. His first call in Iowa was spent campaigning for Barry to unseat Ralph Bohlmann. As soon as Barry won, McCain left congregational work. Nevertheless, he postures as a pastor and poses as one for his photos.

To win for Barry, McCain worked with Herman Otten to leak all of Barry's materials early. Both of them bragged about it to me, but both denied it publicly. That is called lying. That means we never know exactly where McCain stands on anything. He should be friends with Otten, because they are both politicians, both UOJ supporters, and both CG promoters when it suits them.

McCain's career under Kieschnick has not been pleasant, but he has avoided a congregational call - with 600 vacanies! McCain was very briefly in charge of the Concordia Hagiography Institute. He was supposedly the head of Concordia Publishing, but that was always tenuous. He is not the big boss now, but an editor and promoter. I noticed him promoting his books on the WELS thread. If he worked for Thrivent, he would probably try to sell them policies on their doctrinal discussion board.

McCain has come out as a big-time supporter of the UOJ fallacy. His doctrinal pal is Jack Kilcrease, formerly ELCA, nominally LCMS (I think). Kilcrease teaches at a Roman Catholic college, so he is an expert on Lutheran doctrine.

Meanwhile, McCain is acting tough with Al Benke on the ALPB discussion forum. McCain swore off on ALPB, but he is back to show how tough he really is. However, he and Barry did nothing when they had a chance. In fact, for nine years McCain and Barry let apostasy flourish and Church Growth grow. McCain got very hostile when I said Barry was weak on CG.

I teach online so I am aware of all the blogging McCain does. That seems to be all he does. I am impressed. He wants to be dismissive but why is he so worried about someone so insignificant as he portrays me?

Tonight I will be providing a traditional Lutheran worship service - no hail Mary's for the McCain crowd - and teaching the Gospel of Mark. I do this every Sunday and add Advent/Lent services as well. I provided a service for Ascension Day, too. I have members around the US. Our technical expert says that thousands have used the saved files of our services and adult studies.

McCain should sow the Word rather than deceit. I do not understand his obsessive animus. It is not becoming a Man of the Cloth.

KJV Galatians 6:8 For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting.


bruce-church ( has left a new comment on your post "McCain - The Spare Bedroom Blogger and Otten Polit...":

McCain overreaches just as UOJ fanatics historically have, saying that Dr. Jackson's position on justification is not Lutheran, and is false doctrine. One UOJer and Lutheran pastor told me, because I believe what Luther believed on justification and dismissed UOJ as a newfangled doctrine, that I had "left the truth." Ha!


GJ - McCain does not have a resume (academic or pastoral) to back up his claims as an expert. Relying on Kilcrease at Aquinas (!) does not add to Paul's credibility - or Jack's. When Jack becomes Father Jack, will Paul express shock and dismay, as he did with EO Priest Fenton?

A common theme in the recent string of UOJ hissy-fits is the lack of argumentation. For instance, Paul needs to say, "I believe in the whole world being forgiven but Greg supports justification by faith. I agree with Knapp, but Greg agrees with Luther. I pledge my troth to the Brief Statement, but Greg sticks with the Formula of Concord."

Clarity has never been Paul's strongpoint. "Error loves ambiguities."


Brett Meyer has left a new comment on your post "McCain - The Spare Bedroom Blogger and Otten Polit...":

McCain's promotion of Kilcrease is advantageous.

McCain points to the Kilcrease blog discussion on UOJ as a refutation of Justification by faith alone and the doctrine of Election as clearly taught in Scripture and purely expounded in the Lutheran Confessions.

Read through the discussion and note how man's reason dominates the UOJ doctrine taught and defended by Kilcrease and McCain. How many times do they declare, "we must then assume" or "stop quoting Scripture and start talking conceptualities."

To clarify McCain's obsession one only needs to see where they claim I made a critical error in my confession and then McCain blames Pastor Jackson for what I said. How absurd and pathetic.


LPC has left a new comment on your post "McCain - The Spare Bedroom Blogger and Otten Polit...":

What gives McCain the right to say that Pr Jackson is not a pastor? McCain does not have a visible congregation himself so why does he still call himself Reverend?

If as I seem to think McCain's standard of being a pastor is that one must have a visible congregation then McCain is disqualified by his own standard. This is hypocrisy.



GJ - The congregation is visible from time to time. Members come to church and participate. I also plan to visit when possible. McCain makes me laugh when he has to say "Mr." too. That sounds like he is hung up about his lack of theological education.

This is where you can find the WELS discussion group and McCain Book Nook.