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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Church and Money Changers Sell You the Shovel To Dig Your Own Grave

Ex-Sp Gurgle and Patterson should conduct a synod-wide workshop on stewardship,
with the freewill offering going to hunt kudu deer and zebras.

rlschultz has left a new comment on your post "July Page Views For Ichabod":

It still astonishes me how so many look up to the Church and Money Changers. What is worse is that anyone would pay them to tell you how to dig your own grave. In fact, you even have to buy the shovel from them. Presently, many of them are running scared. With a minimum of 37,000 page views on Ichabod just last month, their gig may soon be up. Because of their laziness, few of them could work in the real world. Our teenage daughter just started her first job in the real world. She has already commented about eight hour work days. She will learn persistence just by going to work every day. It is not hard work to oppose the Church Shrinkers. The Holy Spirit working through the Word does the work. Luther commented that sometimes, it will take 20 years to see results. Opposing the Shrinkers may get you funny looks. That is a small price to pay for defending the faith. In this case, the opposite to the Church and Money Changers laziness may be having just one Luther moment and staying with it.