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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ichabod Is Interactive, But Other Blogs Are Stalinistic

WELS Pastor Tim Glende plagiarizes Craig Groeschel, with the blessing of DP Englebrecht.
Meanwhile, the Intrepids (sic) beat the drum for UOJ,
the doctrinal foundation for Glende, Ski, Parlow, Kelm.

Almost all blogs control what is published on them. They even neuter the information they provide.

For instance, the Intrepid (sic) blog does not allow many comments against UOJ but gushes in favor of UOJ. The blog would have been far more interesting if they had published who thrashed them for criticizing UOJ in the first place. We all know Manthey did, but they enjoyed several days of being given the Left Boot of Admonition, administered with gusto and persistence. We want names and details.

Meanwhile, readership has zoomed over the letter about plagiarism, abuse, and false doctrine.

I was kind enough to copy Rick's post against me, which is what makes Ichabod so fun. Notice that he did not mention my name or link the nefarious blog post. Just to make sure everyone knew who it was, he stated that I was "not WELS." For those who are not of the Wisconsin sect, that means "not human."

I am debating people, quoting people, naming names. I let them speak by linking them and copying their anointed words, because those anointed words have a way of being erased in the middle of the night. I let almost all comments come through, unless they are shamelessly promoting their own stuff.

I would have let anonymous comments go on, except I was getting spammed to a fare-thee-well. But people know they can send a comment and get it posted all through the day.

WELS Church Lady wondered what happened when I was a couple of hours late. I explained to her that I had to get groceries, run the dog, etc.

The extra comments, which often make great posts, give dimension and depth to Ichabod. Each layman has valuable perspective and insights. I believe we all benefit from debating the doctrinal topics in the open. Walther recommended it. The Lutheran Reformation practiced it, following what the Apostle Paul wrote.

KJV 1 Corinthians 11:18 For first of all, when ye come together in the church, I hear that there be divisions among you; and I partly believe it. 19 For there must be also heresies among you, that they which are approved may be made manifest among you.

But now, everyone wants control. The Intrepids (sic) had to go directly against the spirit and substance of the Formula of Concord. I have quoted this passage many times, but I will explain it this time as well, since the lunkheads do not comprehend what is sitting on their shelves, gathering dust.

The Closing of the Formula of Concord

We have no intention of yielding aught of the eternal, immutable truth of God for the sake of temporal peace, tranquility, and unity (which, moreover, is not in our power to do).

We will not surrender a single point of the eternal and unchangeable truth of God's Word, simply to achieve outward peace, harmony, and unity. We do not even have the power to do that.

This is Luther's call to never back down on a single point of God's teaching, revealed by the Holy Spirit, without error or contradiction, clearly and plainly set forth for all people to grasp. Since it is God's Word and not man's, no mortal is given the power to change, alter, supplant, pervert, or adulterate the Oracles of God.

Nor would such peace and unity, since it is devised against the truth and for its suppression, have any permanency.

Creating a false peace and unity, since it is based on deception and suppression, cannot last.

Formulas of compromise, aimed at two opposing interpretations at once, cannot create anything more than a sham peace and a fake unity, since God's Kingdom is never advanced through falsehood, deception, lies, and dissimulation.

Still less are we inclined to adorn and conceal a corruption of the pure doctrine and manifest, condemned errors.

We are even more opposed to hide false doctrine (like Groeschel's) and deny there are obvious, previously condemned doctrinal errors.

As Luther taught, we are even more against prettying up false doctrine or hiding a known doctrinal error from view, as if either one accomplished something good for the Kingdom of God.

But we entertain heartfelt pleasure and love for, and are on our part sincerely inclined and anxious to advance, that unity according to our utmost power, by which His glory remains to God uninjured, nothing of the divine truth of the Holy Gospel is surrendered, no room is given to the least error, poor sinners are brought to true, genuine repentance, raised up by faith, confirmed in new obedience, and thus justified and eternally saved alone through the sole merit of Christ."

The unity we seek and love, the unity we strive to achieve with all our power, is the one where God's glory is never diminished, God's divine truth is never denied, no error is tolerated, and poor sinners are brought to repentance, both contrition for their transgressions and trust in the Gospel, so they are raised up by faith, strengthened in the New Man's obedience, in such a way declared justified by faith through the merit of Jesus Christ alone.

Those who speak of salvation would best accomplish the divine work of the Word by adhering to its purity, giving God the glory. When people hear the pure Word of God and receive the visible Word of the Sacraments, they are contrite, filled with trust in the Gospel of Christ, justified by faith, and given a new life of following Jesus in love.

Source of the italicized words:
(Closing of Formula of Concord, Triglotta. p. 1095) Francis Pieper, The Difference Between Orthodox And Heterodox Churches, and Supplement, Coos Bay, Oregon: St. Paul's Lutheran Church, 1981, p. 65. Tappert, p. 632. Heiser, p. 294. FC SD XI, #94-96.


rlschultz has left a new comment on your post "Ichabod Is Interactive, But Other Blogs Are Stalin...":

"Formulas of compromise, aimed at two opposing interpretations at once, cannot create anything more than a sham peace and a fake unity, since God's Kingdom is never advanced through falsehood, deception, lies, and dissimulation."

Falsehood, deception, lies, and dissimulation are the modus operandi of Church and Change, the hidden enthusiasts, the plagiarists, and the active promoters of UOJ. Employing our ministerial use of reason, we can surmise that they are not advancing God's kingdom.


GJ - WELS is run by and for Church and Change. The Missouri Synod is run by and for UsFirst. The apostates wreck congregations and prove to be stingy givers, so they expect the faithful to fund them - and the faithful do.