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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Library Liquidation Sale - First Set - Alison Weir on Henry VIII, Wives, Children, Court

I am going to list sections of my library for sale, because most people will not want to order boxes of books at a time. If the link is still up, the books are still available. I will keep the links on the upper left hand corner of the blog page.

The first set is one of my favorites, but it looks brand new. I am a fanatic for proper care of books. So all my new books are still new and only a few are beaten up by previous owners.

Leather books by Easton are well crafted and built to last forever. This Alison Weir set is one of their most attractive, bound in black, red, and gold on the covers and gold-leafed on the edges, with a silk marker in each one.

Volume I - The Six Wives of Henry VIII. Our Lutheran history is related to Ann Bolyn's influence on Henry, and the flight of Protestants to America stems from the Protestant/Catholic division in his own household.

Volume II - The Children of Henry VIII. The birth and death of Henry's children changed the empire. Edward rules as a Protestant and died very young. Bloody Mary ruled as a persecuting Roman Catholic, and also died rather young.

Volume III - The Life of Elizabeth I. Elizabeth ruled forever as a moderate Protestant, shaped by the execution of her mother and her first lover. The pope defended her, saying "She only rules one island and only part of that, yet all of Europe is afraid of her." She could ream out a foreign ambassador in perfect Latin. She supported the real Shakespeare, the Earl of Oxford, and defeated the Spanish Armada.

Volume IV - Henry VIII, The King and His Court. Henry changed during his rule, from being a foolish, spendthrift, athletic and handsome young man to being a disgusting, bloated, but successful king.

A lot of historians are boring, unable to give up a single note-card or trivial fact. Weir has combined fascinating details with a dramatic narrative in each book. Anyone interested in royalty, English history, or the influence of the Tudor Monarchs will love this readable set.

Price - $50 plus shipping.

Contact -

Note - this set has been requested. The link will be removed once the sale is final. Look for more listings soon.