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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Canon Law in WELS - Pretend Not To Be Naming Names.
The Truth?
WELS Is Nasty, Nasty, Nasty

"But WELS is perfect. Or it was, until YOU showed up."

The Intrepids are listing wacky worship bulletins and practices in WELS and ELCA - just about the same:
  1. Entertainment services.
  2. Women pastors.
  3. Drink coffee during the service.

They do not name the congregations or pastors, because that would be "naming names" and impolite, according to WELS Canon Law, Volume CCLXVII, Part II, Page 5834, subsection 14. Be sure to read footnote #43, which excuses all the DPs and Church and Changers from this law.

As the Lund family pointed out, verbatim quotations are easily matched with the congregation and pastor. Previously, when the Intrepids mentioned a certain pastor who copied and pasted from Swindoll and called it his own work, they did not name the pastor and parish in Appleton (of all places!). I named the plagiarist, so the Intrepids mentioned that a certain blog (no name) gave away the identity. The final result was the pastor apologized and the offensive material was removed. Google is ultra-fast, so anyone can search for this material and find it. Notice where super-politeness has gotten the victims of all this false doctrine - nowhere.

I came from a town where I could walk from one end to another, go uptown and downtown, knowing all kinds of pleasant people who knew my family from teaching and business. People in Moline belonged to many different denominations and several major ethnic groups: Swedes, Belgians, Germans. They were uniformly polite. Unfortunately, the Wisconsin sect enjoys a well-earned reputation for bullying, sadism, nastiness, and routine eye-poking for the fun of it. Their so-called outreach reflects this self-centeredness.
  • Location - create a fancy-schmancy parish near other WELS parishes to pull members away. That is being done at The CORE, Latte Lutheran, the Indianapolis spikey hair place, Love's Park, and other places.

  • Content - fashion a Groeschel outlet, where every Schwaermer fad is copied and promoted as something new.

  • The Wisconsin sect is self-destructing because the new plan, started by Norm Berg, will turn whatever remains into a bad copy of the Evangelical Covenant sect. This approach was already used in South Lyons, Michigan, in the stealth mission started with the blessings of DP Robert Mueller and VP Paul Kuske. Some of the WELS pastors involved were: Rick Miller, Mark Freier, Kelly Voigt. WELS gushed over them until they left the ministry. The non-Lutheran minister at Crossroads (cute name? - another Schwaermer fad) made a point of thanking them.

    Crossroads started out, saying, "Bored with worship?" Etc. etc.

    No one ever denounced the chuckleheads who got that going. When Kuske and Mueller did the same thing, the same way, with Pilgrim Community Church and two Shrinker divorcees, the plan flopped again. Nobody said nothing.

    Here is how it works. Lying plagiarists are constantly promoted and praised, and the DPs cover for them in every way possible. For example, I told DP Buchholz how all the Shrinkers were being brought into the WELS preps and colleges, to be lionized and offered up as good examples. He blanched and denied it. A WELS college student again confirmed for me that the visiting heroes were the ones identified as certified Shrinkers from Church and Change.

    Meanwhile, anyone with any brains and a sense of Lutheran doctrine is treated as something stuck to the bottom of their jackboots, after a long walk through a busy pasture.

    If a parish is bankrupted and eviscerated by a Shrinker, nothing is said, even in the face of obvious evidence. As Tabor proved, a pastor could father a bastard in his own parish and get another call in WELS. That kind of synod leadership led to the murder of Tabor's long-suffering wife and a felonious coverup.

    However, a healthy parish with sound doctrine is invisible, unless gratuitous remarks need to be said. I learned in WELS that "Page 5 and 15 parish!" is the worst kind of insult, the ultimate put-down, because that meant the congregation used the liturgy instead of making up new stuff (copied from Schwaermer) each week.

    WELS, like Missouri and the Little Sect, is training its members to be E. Covenant or E. Free in the next generation, unless they see the implications of justification without faith. If they really study the topic and convince themselves that UOJ is ancient, revealed wisdom, they will become ELCA members or Unitarians, depending on whether they are high church or low church.

    The synods are spending millions of offering dollars to do this. Gospel outreach is Schwaermer plagiarism.

    If this bothers you, write a letter. But do not name names.

    If you are thinking about a specific example, it is a violation of WELS Canon Law to mention this if you have not gone to the parson first.

    And if you do go to the false teacher, it is a violation of the Eighth Commandment to identify false doctrine and compare it to sound doctrine.

    And if you survive having your brains bashed in by the pastor, the circuit pastor, and the Doctrinal Pussycat, complaining about your treatment will only prove you do not belong in the sect. You should leave if you do not like it.

    Do not publicize this, because everything is a top secret, unless the officials have something to say about how you followed the wrong procedure, how you are just loaded with personal defects.